$400/Month Apartment Tour in Da Nang, Vietnam: Near My Khe Beach!

Da Nang is a friendly coastal beach city in Vietnam. I got stuck here during the pandemic, and have been here for over 11 months now. 

I thought I’d show you guys my place that I’ve been staying at; it’s only $400/month. It’s got everything that I need, and it’s super close to the beach. I’ll take you for a little tour here and show you how it looks.


$400/Month Apartment

The main entrance is pretty standard and is a very common style for Vietnamese apartments. You got an entranceway with motorbike parking. 

Vietnamese apartments are interesting because they’re very narrow and usually long. It’s kind of the style of how the buildings are built, so it makes for kind of awkward layouts, but overall I really like this place.


$400/Month Apartment

It’s a very basic kitchen with only one stove, but I don’t really cook anyway, so it doesn’t make a big difference for me. It’s got a washing machine here, there’s never usually any clothing dryers in Vietnam and just a basic fridge microwave, and also a small island to eat from.

Living Area

$400/Month Apartment

The total size is about 500 square feet or 50 square meters. I have a nice workspace and a kitchen table, which I don’t really use too much. It’s also got a pretty basic couch and coffee table with a nice viewing area for the TV. 

It’s got a nice modern look to it, especially for Southeast Asian standards. Some of the apartments look kind of dated, but this place had good designers.


$400/Month Apartment

It’’s got a really nice comfortable king-sized bed and plenty of storage space. The designs are really nice, it’s actually quite modern, and in terms of quality, I’d say it matches up with a nice apartment in Canada even.


$400/Month Apartment

The bathroom has a nice modern look to it and nice overhead shower. Other than the weird frosted glass walls it’s pretty decent.  

Maid Service

This place gets a maid twice a week, and that’s all included in the 400 dollars a month. It’s a couple of hours that she saves every week for me that I can use towards working on my business or hanging out with my friends and just one less thing I have to worry about. 


A downside of this place though it doesn’t have a balcony or a patio which would have been nice. It also doesn’t have any rooftop access which a lot of the apartments here do.


My favourite part about this place is the location. The location is amazing, I’m in the heart of Da Nang right now,  it’s full of really nice restaurants bars and cafes and super close to the beach and the ocean and also the mountains too.


$400/Month Apartment

I live about an eight-minute walk from the nicest beach in Da Nang, called My Khe Beach. To the north there’s a really nice mountain called Son Tra Mountain. It’s got the giant buddha statue there, and you could go biking or ride your motorbike up there. 

This beach stretches about 30 or 40 kilometers down south to Hoi An, which is another big tourist hot spot here in Vietnam. There’s beach volleyball, which I play almost every day. The surf isn’t great; it’s definitely not up to Bali standards but there’s a few months out of the year where it’s decent and you can still catch some pretty good waves.

Value For Cost

$400/Month Apartment

Value: 10/10

The beach is so close, and one of the cleanest ones in Southeast Asia. For $400 a month it’s a really amazing deal to be able to live just steps away from the beach and have a maid come clean my room twice a week.

Before I came here, I was living in Vancouver. I was paying about $1,500 in rent, and it definitely didn’t come with a maid. The lifestyle here is incredible, it’s amazing to have this beach right here to unwind every day after work. I don’t spend too much time at home right now, and I spend most of my time a lot of time at cafes or co-working spaces.

I love it here so much I actually purchased the place here, which I’ll be moving into soon. It’s a lot bigger and nicer and it’s got a way better view and i’m super excited to move there.

Da Nang and Vietnam in general is going to be one of the fastest growing tourist hot spots in the world.

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