BlueChew Canada: How To Get Tablets Shipped From The US to Canada (May 2024)

BlueChew is a US-based telehealth provider that treats men with erectile dysfunction (ED). Studies show that around 52% of men experience ED at some point in their life.

The platform offers virtual doctors exams to determine your qualification. Then, you’ll be able to select from Tadalafil, Sildenafil, or Vardenafil and subscribe to a monthly mailing plan.

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of Canadians asking how to get BlueChew in Canada. Below, I’ll explain everything you need to know about BlueChew’s shipping policy and how to get your order sent to Canada from the US.

Does BlueChew Ship To Canada?

Does BlueChew Ship To Canada?

Unfortunately, like ULTA, BlueChew does not ship to Canada. Since the ED medications they offer are prescription drugs, the company isn’t allowed to prescribe medication to Canadians across the border.

However, if you get your prescription while in the US, then you can be approved as a member.

Then, you can have your monthly orders delivered to a US-based “virtual mailbox.” From here, you’ll be able to forward your package across the border to Canada.

BlueChew Canada: Is It Possible?

I’d like to be upfront and say that this isn’t the smartest idea. Since BlueChew is a prescription drug, you could face certain legal consequences if your package is intercepted by customs.

Of course, it’s not a narcotic or otherwise dangerous drug, but it is given out on a prescription basis, nonetheless.

If your package is intercepted, then you may be asked to present your prescription to the authorities to prove that you’re legally allowed to have the medication.

If you’re a Canadian resident, then you can simply visit your primary healthcare provider, undergo a quick exam, and get a prescription that you can fill locally.

If you’re looking for a more discreet and hassle-free experience, you can use a Canadian-based men’s telehealth provider such as Jack.

Going with a Canadian-based provider is not easier, but it’s also cheaper than having to pay package forwarding fees and waiting weeks for cross-border shipping.

How To Get BlueChew Shipped From The US To Canada: Step-by-Step

1.  Sign Up For A Package Forwarding Service In The US

If you’re set on getting your BlueChew order shipped to Canada, then I have good news for you. It is possible. You’ll just have to go through a few extra hoops and pay a little bit extra.

Assuming that you’re already a BlueChew member, here’s how to get BlueChew in Canada.

1. Sign Up For A Package Forwarding Service In The US

First, you’ll need to sign up for a package forwarding service. Package forwarding services are large warehouses that act as a type of middle ground for orders that are being shipped across the border.

Once you sign up for a package forwarding service, you’ll be given an account and a virtual mailbox address to go along with it.

You can then use this virtual mailbox to receive packages safely. These are especially helpful if you’re trying to purchase products from companies that don’t ship to Canada.

Not all companies offer to ship directly to Canada due to higher shipping costs, customer complaints, or contractual obligations that prevent them from selling their products in Canada.

They are more than happy to ship your order to a package forwarding service, though.

This prevents them from being responsible for your order and seeing where the package is really going.

If you’re looking for a good package forwarding service, I recommend checking out one of the following companies:

2. Get Your BlueChew Order Shipped To Your Virtual Mailbox

Now that you’ve got your virtual mailbox all set up, you’ll need to go into your BlueChew account and change your mailing address to reflect your virtual mailbox address.

From now on, your monthly BlueChew order will be sent directly to this address.

Once the package forwarder receives your package, it will be kept in a cool, dry location, so you don’t have to worry about the contents getting damaged or going bad.

3. Ship Your BlueChew Order To Canada

As soon as the package arrives at the package forwarding warehouse, you’ll be notified.

Depending on the forwarding service that you’re working with, you’ll usually have a certain amount of storage time before they start charging you extra.

Once the package arrives, you’ll be able to choose from several shipping options, depending on how quickly you want your order.

The package forwarding company will, of course, charge you extra for this (that’s how they make a profit).

FAQs About BlueChew Canada

To wrap everything up, I’ll take a couple of minutes to answer some of the top questions Canadians are asking about BlueChew shipping to Canada.

How Long Does It Take To Get My BlueChew In Canada?

If you’re using a package forwarding service to get your BlueChew shipped to Canada, then your order could take between two and four weeks to arrive.

First, you’ll have to wait for your order to be delivered from BlueChew to your virtual mailbox. Then, you’ll have to wait for your package forwarding service to mail your BlueChew order across the border to Canada.

International shipping across borders often takes longer than in-country shipping due to increased security checks and customs regulations.

Does BlueChew Ship Internationally?

BlueChew’s official stance is that they do not ship internationally. Telehealth laws and prescription medication requirements vary heavily from the US to other countries.

Because of this, they cannot prescribe prescription medication to those living in other countries or ship orders directly to members living in other countries.

How Is BlueChew Shipped?

BlueChew offers discreet shipping for all of its customers. All of your orders will arrive unmarked in a discreet box, so you don’t have to worry about nosy neighbors or awkward conversations.

Does BlueChew Ship Overnight?

BlueChew does offer overnight shipping (for a fee) to US-based addresses. Of course, as a Canadian resident, you’ll have to wait a bit longer for your package forwarding service to ship the order across the border.

However, taking advantage of BlueChew’s overnight shipping could help you get your package a few days earlier, compared to standard shipping.


BlueChew Canada

Since BlueChew is a medically regulated prescription, getting it in Canada can be a bit of a hassle. Perhaps, we’ll see a BlueChew Canada one day.

For now, there are several other online men’s health providers based out of Canada that provide a nearly identical service.

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