11 Top Ways To Get Free Beauty Samples in Canada for May 2024

Beauty is expensive. After buying makeup and skin and hair care products, you’re probably ready to cash in on some free samples.

Most Canadians spend about $256 on personal care items per year. While that isn’t staggering, it still adds up.

If you’re looking to cut that number down, here are ways to supplement your routine with free beauty samples in Canada.

How Can I Get Free Beauty Samples?

You can find free samples everywhere – from stores to online offers. You just might have to look around.

In addition to that, you can sign up for free trials for certain beauty boxes or exchange your honest opinion and review for samples.

Another popular method is completing surveys or questionnaires, which can score you loads of freebies.

Check out these top ways to get free goodies.

Top Places and Ways to Get Free Beauty Samples In Canada

1. Sephora


It’s hard to beat Sephora if you’re looking for beauty freebies. To start, the beauty retailer can help you find any product you need – whether it’s skincare, fragrances, or makeup.

Sephora includes two free samples with every order – a huge win for frequent shoppers and beauty enthusiasts. They regularly change the samples offered, so you can always find something new and fresh, even if you regularly purchase items.

In addition, if you walk into any store, you can get samples of almost any liquid product, even perfume. Most stores will also offer free makeup consultations or makeovers if you buy a set amount of product.

2. Canadian Free Stuff

Canadian Free Stuff doesn’t just offer beauty samples. Sure, they offer deals on makeup, perfume, and hand cream, but it doesn’t stop there. There are also freebies on household items, baby goods, kid’s stuff, and more.

The site regularly hosts contests and is visited by extreme couponers because it’s updated daily with the latest deals.

3. Canadian Savers

Canadian Savers Logo

Similar to Canadian Free Stuff, Canadian Savers offers free samples delivered straight to your home. Their website is updated daily, and you can get beauty, household, and pet samples as well as free food and drink.

The site is also home to loads of coupons and daily contests to win free stuff and gift cards.

4.  The Kit Club

The Kit Logo

Beauty, style, and cultural publication, The Kit makes it easy for its readers to try out the latest beauty must-haves with their Kit Club.

You can join the club to receive information on the latest trends and try all the new products first.

5.  Influenster

You can test and review a slew of beauty and healthcare products with Influenster. To start, you’ll have to download the app, fill out your profile, and link to your social media outlet.

To keep gaining new samples, you’ll have to stay active on social media and the app.

6.  Shoppers Drug Mart

You don’t have to go to a fancy makeup store to score free samples. At this popular Canadian drug store, customers can get three free samples anytime they order luxury beauty items.

In addition, stop in-store and ask the Beauty Boutique for any freebies – they’ll usually always give out samples of makeup or perfume. You could also score a free makeover depending on how much you spend.

7.  Home Tester Club

Home Tester Club Logo

Home Tester Club lets you try out new products in the comfort of your home. Then, you can write a product review based on your findings.

It’s a win-win. You get to try new products – maybe one that will turn into your fav. In return, your opinion can help thousands of prospective customers.

The site also hosts monthly giveaways and competitions.

8.  BzzAgent

With BzzAgent, you can get free samples in return for your product review. Once you make a profile on their website, you’ll get contacted if you’re a good fit for a campaign. After that, you’ll receive your samples in the mail. You’ll just need to try them out and decide how you feel about them.

BzzAgent helps consumers find real-life reviews of popular products. You can share your opinions and spread the word about products you love.

9. Aveda

Aveda Logo

Aveda offers a range of products – from hair and skin care to makeup and styling services. They also offer a wide range of men’s products.

The Aveda website is filled with free samples. To start, you can choose between a slew of cleansers or hair care items. You can also pick up one freebie for every $20 you spend.

Aveda also offers a complimentary mini facial or hair consultation.

10. Freeflys

freeflys logo

There are loads of free beauty samples available on Freeflys. Companies regularly send out samples to interested customers with the hope they’ll love the product and keep buying it.

Freeflys offer makeup, skin and hair care, perfume, and other personal beauty product samples. Their website is updated daily with different deals, and you just click the one you want to find out how to get it.

While most of the freebies won’t last long, there are some available in deluxe or full-sized versions.

11. Contact the Company

If you love a certain product, one of the best ways to get some freebies is to contact the company that makes it. Most companies have no problem rewarding their loyal customers with free products.

Check out their website for contact information and send an email. You might be surprised how reaching out can give you access to free samples.

Why Do Companies Bother With Free Samples?

Customers might feel like they’re getting the better end of the deal with a free sample, but this tried and true marketing scheme is often a boost for companies.

To start, free samples allow companies to reach out to customers that wouldn’t normally use their product, potentially making new sales.

In addition, samples often make customers look favourably at a company that gives away free stuff.

But while samples are used for advertising a new product or learning more about existing ones, it often leads to more sales, which is why it’s such a solid marketing strategy.

What About Beauty Boxes?

Beauty boxes are a great way to try new products each month. However, getting these makeup and skincare boxes delivered to your home will cost you a monthly fee.

Certain companies will send you the first box for free as long as you continue your subscription.

Babebox is one of those companies willing to send you the first box for free, as long as you don’t cancel before the second month. Check out their deals, pricing, and what’s in the kit here.


Free Beauty Samples In Canada

There are tons of ways to get free samples on beauty products – you just need to know where to look.

Whether you buy other items or agree to write a review, beauty samples let you try new products that could potentially become a part of your everyday routine.

If you love getting things for free – check out this article I wrote about cashing in when it’s your birthday.

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