How Much Do Teachers Make In Ontario? $50K, $80K, or $100K?

Not only do teachers have to deal with educating our youth, but during the pandemic, they had to figure out ways to keep students engaged while maintaining flexibility around ever-changing guidelines.

The Canadian Teachers Federation interviewed teachers regarding their experiences during the pandemic and found that over 97% of interviewees reported increased physical, mental, and emotional workloads.

The pandemic brought up questions regarding the adequacy of teacher pay. I decided to explore that and find out how much do teachers make in Ontario.

According to Statistics Canada, primary and secondary school teachers earn anywhere from $51,263 to $94,612, depending on their years on the job.

The Breakdown Between Experience and Pay

Like any other job, Canadian teachers just starting out will make well below a coworker that’s been at the school for 15 years.

Statistics Canada broke down the average salary per province based on teachers’ starting salary and the salary after 10 and 15 years. Here’s how it played out for Ontario.

 Starting Salary10 Years Experience15 Years Experience
Canadian Average$52,064$84,228$87,202

Although teachers in Ontario start a bit below the average Canadian salary, they will more than make up for it as their experience grows.

Factors Affecting Teacher Pay

How Much Do Teachers Make In Ontario

While experience plays a big role in how much teachers make, it isn’t the only factor. The Canadian Job Bank found that primary teachers in Ontario generally make less than secondary teachers. The median primary teacher wage is $43.96 compared to $47.74 for secondary teachers.

Additional Qualifications (AQs)

In addition, teachers can continue to obtain professional development certificates that could increase their wage-earning potential.

Such AQs include

  • Subjects you’re qualified to teach
  • Learn how to teach in the French language system.
  • Acquire skills to teach students with functional needs.


Where you teach depends on the range of your salary. In the example below, you’ll find wages for secondary teachers throughout Ontario, with averages of the low, median, and high pay of each location, as well as that of Ontario and Canada as a whole.

Teachers Hourly rate

You’ll notice that while the median and high rates don’t vary too much, the lower end, usually reserved for starting salaries and new teachers, can range from $25/hour to $40.24/hour. As a new worker or someone just starting out, a $15/hour difference can make or break you financially.

The bottom line is that location matters, and it’s important to research the cities you plan to teach in before applying for jobs.

Other Benefits Included In Pay

In Canada, teachers need to join a teachers’ association that will negotiate benefits in addition to the basic salary.

Of course, the benefits included as part of the overall compensation package will vary according to province and from school to school, but for the most part, here’s what’s usually included:

  • Dental Insurance
  • Short-term and long-term disability
  • Maternity leave
  • Life insurance
  • Supplemental medical insurance
  • Pension plan

How Does Canada Stack Up To the Rest of the World?

According to the most recent data from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Canada ranks third in teacher salaries from around the world. The data studied was for primary teachers with over 15 years of experience.

Primary TEachers

Canada’s focus on education, both on the amount of spending per pupil and the higher teacher salaries, accounts for adults with a higher percentage of bachelor’s degrees than on average.

The 2015 OCED report, where Canada was fourth in teacher salaries, stated the following.

“In Canada, the tertiary education system rests on a wide diversity of institutions and programs; a quarter of Canadians aged 25-64 attained a college diploma as their highest level of education, a proportion higher than in any other OECD country.”

Final Thoughts

How Much Do Teachers Make In Ontario

Canada’s teachers are among the top paid in the world. The average salary for teachers in Ontario ranges from $51,263 to $94,612, depending on experience.

While Canadian teacher salaries are pretty high, many look for other ways to supplement their income. One top way is through the Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) platform. Want to learn more about it? Check out my recent article on it here

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