Marble Financial Review 2024: Revitalizing Credit Scores

If you struggle with debt and low credit scores, digging yourself out of a tough financial situation is challenging.  

Marble Financial helps consumers that have financial hardships. They offer a platform that uses artificial intelligence to help its users make the best decisions regarding their fiscal health. MyMarble helps users improve their credit scores, pay off debt, and design budgets fit for their lifestyles.  

After researching this innovative product, I found that it’s a great resource to have if you’re looking to better yourself fiscally. Marble offers unique ways to educate yourself regarding various financial topics and set realistic goals for your future.  

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Our Verdict
Marble Financial Review

Marble Financial

Financial Platform Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Marble provides its users with a groundbreaking platform. Using AI to personalize recommendations based on your own data makes it feel like you have a financial advisor constantly by your side.

  • Uses AI technology and consumer data to help improve financial health
  • Easy to apply for a Fast Track loan if you already have a consumer proposal
  • Free financial material to help educate consumers
  • Advanced recommendations require a Premium subscription that costs $29.99
  • Fast Track loan interest rates are still high, starting at 18.99%

What Is Marble Financial?

Founded in 2016, Marble helps its customers rebuild their financial health. With platforms like MyMarble, the company aims to help marginalized clients plan and implement recommendations that will help improve their overall financial well-being.  

Marble uses artificial intelligence to make custom and unbiased recommendations regarding your finances. In essence, Marble acts like your own personal finance expert.

Marble Financial Features and Benefits

Marble Financial Features and Benefits

As the first company to implement such a strategy, you could call Marble Financial a pioneer in helping customers improve their fiscal health. However, they offer many unique benefits besides improving your credit score. Here’s what you should know.

MyMarble Platform

The MyMarble dashboard lets you pick your goal – whether it’s improving your credit, paying off debt, or starting a budget. From there, you can input your current data and receive personal recommendations based on your lifestyle and your finances.

MyMarble Platform

Access to MyMarble also includes  

  • Free credit score monitoring to watch your progress. Your credit scores are updated every 30 days. However, just signing up for MyMarble does not mean your credit score will increase. You will need to consistently pay off your already incurred debt to see a jump in your score.
  • Financial overviews are crucial to achieving success. You’ll get reports that show a breakdown of your income and expenses. You’ll also be able to compare it to the previous months to monitor progress or setbacks.
  • Where does all your money go every month? With MyMarble, you’ll have access to your spending trends and habits. This can make budgeting much easier.

Connect Your Bank and Other Financial Institutions

Connect Your Bank and Other Financial Institutions

To gauge your overall financial picture, you can connect your bank accounts, credit cards, and debts to the MyMarble dashboard. This way, everything is in one centralized place, and it’s easier for you to review your entire fiscal outlook.

Plus, having all that information in one place helps you to get better and more efficient recommendations for achieving your goals.

Free Courses

Marble Financial Review - Free Courses

Marble believes the way to achieve financial wellness is through knowledge. They offer free financial literacy courses with topics like credit, debt, and budgeting.

Pricing Options

The Community MyMarble plan is free to everyone and includes your monthly credit score, beginner recommendations, and budget analysis. In addition, you can access the free courses to improve your financial literacy.

Pricing Options

There’s also a Premium version of MyMarble, which costs $29.99 per month. With this package, you’ll receive advanced recommendations to help you pay down your debt and improve your credit score even faster.

Premium’s Point Deduction Technology

With the Premium package, you have access to the Point Deduction Technology. This allows you to target certain credit scores and budgeting options based on your current financial information. From there, you’ll receive recommendations on how to achieve these goals.

Premium’s Point Deduction Technology

Track Errors on Your Credit Report

With the Premium package, you’ll have access to your credit report on your dashboard. You can scan it for errors or omissions and immediately dispute it if the information is incorrect.

Marble Financial Fast Track Loans

Marble Financial Fast Track Loans

Fast track loans help you exit consumer proposal loans by financing your payments. Marble’s interest rates range from 18.99% to 24.99%, which seems quite high if you’re already struggling.

However, Marble claims these rates are lower than others which can go as high as 40%. In addition, Marble takes care of all the paperwork necessary when exiting your proposal.  

All your payments get immediately reported to the credit bureau, and when your entire consumer debt is paid off, your score should increase anywhere from 30 to 70 points.

Marble Financial’s Competitors

Marble’s platform is unique and the first of its kind. Because of that, the company doesn’t really have any direct competitors. There isn’t another institution out there that allows users to upload all their financial data and then have personalized recommendations generated based on their goals.  

Of course, there are other companies where customers can access their credit scores and even get low interest or balance transfer cards.

There’s no shortage of companies like Credit Karma, where you can monitor your score and even get tips on how to boost it. But it doesn’t offer all the additional services Marble does.  

There are other budgeting apps out there. Mint is one the most popular. It helps customers create monthly budgets and track their income and expenses. While it’s a good app on its own, it’s only a budgeting app and doesn’t offer all the other services Marble does.  

While Marble Financial is innovative, is it necessary? Most consumers struggling with credit scores probably can’t afford the $29.99 monthly fee needed to generate the most advanced recommendations.  

However, if you struggle to stay on a budget and track your income and expenses, it might be worth it to pay the fee. That personal advice might help keep you on the right path and motivate you to take better care of your financial health.

Consumer Reviews

Marble Financial’s website is full of glowing reviews from customers able to improve their credit scores and learn valuable spending habits.

Consumer Reviews

Elsewhere, there weren’t many negative reviews of the company. Instead, most reviewers were happy with the customer service and their helpful advice.

Consumer Reviews 1

The negative review I did find listed on the Better Business Bureau website contended that the company took months to follow up and didn’t offer any positive solutions.

Consumer Reviews 2

How To Sign Up

There are only a few steps needed to sign up with Marble Financial.

Step 1

Register with the MyMarble community on the Marble website. You’ll have to enter your name, email, and other personal information.

Step 2

Set a goal. Either for your credit score or your budget.

Step 3

Connect your bank accounts to your dashboard.

Step 4

Watch as your MyMarble account analyzes your income, expenses, and credit history. From there, you’ll receive recommendations on how to improve your credit and give you tips to manage your budget.

Is Marble Financial Legit?

Marble Financial is based in Vancouver and has been in business for over six years. The company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and has been accredited since 2019. The company is publicly traded on the Canadian Securities Exchange.


Who Can Use Marble Financial?

Marble is available for any resident that reached the age of majority. However, it is not available in Quebec.

Which Customers Are Best Suited for Marble?

Marble is great for customers looking to better their financial understanding. However, it’s targeted at consumers looking to increase their credit scores and reach their financial goals.

How Do You Apply for a Fast Track Loan?

To get a Fast Track Loan, you need to be involved in an ongoing consumer proposal. That is a legal debt consolidation process that’s administered by an officer of the court.

To apply, simply fill out the application on the company’s web portal or contact a customer service representative.

Final Thoughts

Marble Financial is an innovative platform that helps users improve their financial health, as well as their credit scores. In addition, customers can apply for Fast Track Loans or brush up on their financial literacy.  

With Marble’s AI-driven solution, it’s easy to stay on top of your finances and improve your fiscal health.

I think Marble is a solid option because of its personalized recommendations and ability to help you pay down debt, improve your credit, or stick to a budget.  

If you’re interested in giving it a shot and receiving personalized advice, try Marble Financial today.

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