The Ultimate Neo Secured Credit Card review 2024

The Neo Secured Credit Card is a versatile financial tool designed for individuals looking to either establish or rebuild their credit. It offers a low minimum deposit, no annual fees, and a unique opportunity to earn up to 5% cash back on purchases, making it an attractive option in the secured card market. As we explore its features, we’ll delve into the no annual fee benefit and the minimal deposit required to get the card, alongside the potential rewards that users can earn through their spending.

We also examine the different plans available with the Neo Card—Basic and Premium—and discuss their respective benefits and drawbacks to help you determine which might better suit your financial habits and goals. It’s important to note that the card only reports to TransUnion, which could influence the overall effectiveness of your credit-building efforts depending on your geographic location or the creditors’ bureau preferences.

Lastly, we’ll compare the Neo Secured Credit Card to other similar options available on the market, analyzing how it stacks up in terms of features, costs, and overall value. This comparative insight will aid those considering this card in making an informed decision, ensuring that it aligns with their financial strategies and credit improvement objectives.

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Who Should Consider the Neo Secured Credit Card?

In the realm of credit cards, the Neo Secured Credit Card emerges as a compelling choice, particularly for certain demographics seeking to either build or rebuild their credit history. Understanding whether this financial tool is right for you depends on your personal financial situation and your goals. Here’s a breakdown of who might find the Neo Secured Credit Card particularly advantageous:

1. Credit Newcomers

If you’re just stepping into the world of credit—perhaps you’re a young adult, a recent graduate, or someone who’s avoided credit until now—the Neo Secured Credit Card offers a welcoming platform. With no impact on credit score for applying and low entry requirements, it serves as an excellent first step toward establishing a respectable credit history.

2. Individuals Rebuilding Credit

Life can throw curveballs, leading to financial missteps that adversely affect your credit score. Whether it’s from past debts, bankruptcies, or late payments, those looking to repair their credit score will find the Neo Secured Credit Card a viable tool. The card’s structure helps you demonstrate responsible credit behavior to credit bureaus, albeit only to TransUnion.

3. Budget-Conscious Consumers

The allure of no annual fee cannot be overstated for individuals operating within a tight budget. Coupled with a minimal security deposit requirement of just $50, the card is accessible to a broader range of financial situations. It’s designed to be light on the wallet while still offering a route to better credit.

4. Rewards Enthusiasts

It’s rare to find a secured credit card that also rewards your spending. The Neo Secured Credit Card breaks the mold by offering up to 5% cash back on purchases. For those who enjoy the perks of earning while spending but are limited by their credit history, this card adds an extra layer of benefit.

5. Residents New to Canada

Newcomers often face significant hurdles in building a credit history in a new country. The Neo Secured Credit Card, with its straightforward application process and instant approval, represents a practical choice for immigrants who need to establish credit credentials in Canada swiftly.

6. Selective Credit Builders

Because the card primarily reports to TransUnion, it’s tailored for users who either prefer this bureau or don’t mind the limited reporting. It’s ideal if your future financial plans involve lenders or institutions that consider TransUnion reports.

In crafting your financial tools and strategies, choosing the right credit card is pivotal. For those in the categories outlined above, the Neo Secured Credit Card offers a mix of accessibility, rebuilding capability, and extra perks that are hard to find in other secured credit options. Consider your personal and financial circumstances to decide if this card aligns with your credit goals.

the Pros and Cons of The Neo Secured Credit Card

When choosing a credit card, understanding the benefits and drawbacks is crucial to making an informed decision. The Neo Secured Credit Card presents several appealing features for those looking to establish or mend their credit history, but it also has limitations that might not suit everyone’s needs. Let’s delve into the pros and cons of this unique financial product:

Pros of the Neo Secured Credit Card

1. No Annual Fee

One of the most significant advantages is the absence of an annual fee. This makes the Neo Secured Credit Card an economical choice, particularly for those just starting with credit cards or looking to reduce financial burdens while rebuilding credit.

2. Low Minimum Security Deposit

At just $50, the required security deposit is considerably lower than many other secured cards, making this card highly accessible. This low entry barrier is especially beneficial for individuals who may not have a large amount of cash available upfront.

3. Rewarding Cash Back Program

Unlike most secured credit cards that focus solely on building or repairing credit without additional perks, the Neo card offers up to 5% cash back on purchases. This feature allows cardholders to earn rewards while they work on improving their credit score, providing both immediate and long-term financial benefits.

4. Instant Approval

The process of getting approved for the Neo Secured Credit Card does not depend on your credit score. This aspect ensures that almost anyone can obtain the card and start building credit without the fear of rejection due to past financial missteps.

Cons of the Neo Secured Credit Card

1. Limited Credit Bureau Reporting

The Neo Secured Credit Card only reports to TransUnion, not to Equifax. This limited reporting could be a drawback for those aiming to build a comprehensive credit profile across multiple credit bureaus, as different lenders may check different reports.

2. High APR Range

The interest rates associated with the Neo card are on the higher side, which is typical of secured credit cards but can become a burden if balances are carried month-to-month. It’s advisable for cardholders to pay off their balance in full each month to avoid significant interest charges.

3. Cash Back Limits

While the cash back rewards are an attractive feature, there is a cap on how much cash back you can earn each month. After reaching this limit, the cash back rate drops to a lower percentage, which could diminish the rewards for high spenders.

4. Costs of a Premium Plan

For those opting into the premium plan at $4.99 CAD per month, the costs could potentially offset the benefits unless you are maximizing the higher cash back rates and additional features offered by the plan.

Welcome Bonuses and Reward Structures

In the world of secured credit cards, the Neo Secured Credit Card stands out not just for its accessibility and cost-efficiency but also for its enticing welcome bonuses and reward structures. If you’re pondering whether this card is right for you, a closer look at these features can help you make a more informed decision. Let’s dive into the details:

Welcome Bonus

One of the immediate attractions of the Neo Secured Credit Card is its compelling welcome offer:

  • Up to 15% Cash Back on First Purchases: New cardholders can earn a substantial 15% cash back on initial purchases with select Neo partners. This list includes major retailers like Amazon, Canadian Tire, Loblaws, and Netflix, which are accessible via the Neo app. This introductory bonus is particularly generous, considering the general market offerings and can significantly enhance your buying power while offering substantial savings on initial spends.

Reward Structure

The rewards program of the Neo Secured Credit Card is designed to be straightforward yet rewarding, distinguishing it from typical secured cards that offer minimal or no rewards. Here’s how cardholders can maximize their benefits:

  • Cash Back Tiers: Depending on where you shop, the card offers varying levels of cash back, reaching up to 5% on specific categories like dining and entertainment. This is a lucrative feature for those who frequent restaurants, cafes, or online streaming services.
  • Basic and Premium Plans: Neo offers two plans – a free basic plan and a premium plan that costs $4.99 CAD per month. While the basic plan is quite generous, the premium plan boosts cash back rates and adds exclusive perks.
    • Basic Plan: This plan ensures you never earn less than 0.5% cash back on all your purchases, with enhanced rates in selected categories such as 1% on gas and groceries.
    • Premium Plan: For a modest monthly fee, this plan elevates the cash back to 3% on gas and groceries and up to 6% on dining and entertainment. Moreover, it includes additional benefits like credit score monitoring and legal assistance, which are valuable extras for anyone looking to build or maintain financial health.
  • Spending Caps: It’s important to note that after spending $300 in any category within a month, your cash back rate will cap out. However, you will always earn a minimum of 0.5% cash back, ensuring that all purchases still contribute to some degree of earning.

Strategy for Maximizing Rewards

To make the most out of the Neo Secured Credit Card, plan your spending around the categories offering higher cash back rates, especially if you are subscribed to the premium plan. Keeping your spending within the optimal ranges will maximize returns without hitting the cap too early in the month. Moreover, leveraging the welcome bonus with strategic purchases at partner retailers can significantly boost your initial rewards.

Exploring the Plans: Basic vs. Premium for the Neo Secured Credit Card

When considering the Neo Secured Credit Card, one of the critical decisions involves choosing between the Basic and Premium plans. Each plan is designed to cater to different spending habits and financial goals, providing varied benefits and rewards. Here’s a detailed comparison to help you decide which might be the right fit for your wallet and lifestyle.

Basic Plan: Affordability Meets Efficiency

The Basic plan of the Neo Secured Credit Card is geared towards individuals who are new to credit cards or those who prefer a no-frills approach to credit building. Here’s what makes the Basic plan appealing:

  • Annual Fee: $0
  • Cash Back on Everyday Purchases: Earn up to 1% cash back on everyday categories like gas and groceries.
  • General Cash Back Rate: All other purchases earn a minimum of 0.5% cash back, ensuring you always get something back on your spending, no matter the category.
  • Inclusion: This plan includes basic features such as digital card access and real-time transaction notifications, aiding in straightforward financial management.

Premium Plan: Enhanced Rewards and Perks

For those who spend more across various categories or value additional features, the Premium plan ups the ante with higher cash back rates and exclusive benefits:

  • Monthly Fee: $4.99 CAD/month (first 3 months free as a trial)
  • Increased Cash Back: Earn 3% cash back on gas and groceries, and up to 6% on dining, including bars and cafes. These rates significantly surpass those of the Basic plan.
  • Additional Cash Back on Streaming, Ride Sharing, and Food Delivery: Users enjoy enhanced rates of 4% on these modern essentials, compared to 3% in the Basic plan.
  • Exclusive Partner Offers: Premium users access boosted exclusive offers through Neo partners.
  • Added Features: Beyond cash back, this plan includes perks like credit score monitoring, $2,500 group life insurance, and legal assistance. It’s also enriched with priority support, providing a more tailored customer service experience.

How to Choose Between Basic and Premium

Deciding between the Basic and Premium plans should align with your spending habits and financial needs:

  1. Evaluate Your Spending: If your monthly expenses heavily lean towards the increased cash back categories like gas, groceries, and dining, the Premium plan can offer more significant returns that offset the monthly fee.
  2. Consider Your Financial Priorities: If building credit is your sole goal and you prefer minimal costs, the Basic plan offers a robust platform without the extra fee. However, if additional perks like credit monitoring and insurance are appealing and justify the cost in your budget, the Premium plan could be advantageous.
  3. Trial and Error: Given that the Premium plan offers the first three months free, there’s an opportunity to trial these benefits without immediate commitment. This period can be crucial in assessing whether the higher cash back rates and extra features provide enough value for your specific financial scenario.

Additional Features of the Neo Secured Credit Card

The Neo Secured Credit Card isn’t just another tool for credit improvement; it brings a suite of additional features that enhance the user experience and offer more than just financial flexibility. Whether you’re enrolled in the Basic or Premium plan, these features ensure that the card is not only a credit-building instrument but also a lifestyle facilitator. Let’s explore these additional features that make the Neo Secured Credit Card stand out.

1. Real-Time Spending Notifications

Stay informed with instant notifications on your phone every time you make a transaction. This feature is essential for keeping track of spending, monitoring for fraudulent activity, and staying within budget. Real-time alerts provide peace of mind and help foster financial discipline, crucial for those rebuilding or establishing credit.

2. Digital Card Availability

In today’s digital age, having access to a digital version of your card is more than a convenience; it’s a necessity. The Neo Secured Credit Card offers a digital card that can be used for online purchases and added to mobile wallets for contactless payments. This feature not only adds a layer of security but also ensures that you can continue transacting even if your physical card is not immediately available.

3. Adjustable Credit Limits

As you build trust and demonstrate financial responsibility, there’s potential to increase your credit limit. This flexibility can be particularly beneficial for improving your credit score, as it can help maintain a lower credit utilization ratio—a key factor in credit calculations. The ability to adjust credit limits provides not just financial flexibility but also a pathway to better credit standing.

4. Insurance Coverage and Legal Assistance (Premium Plan)

For Premium plan members, the card includes significant additional benefits:

  • Purchase Protection: Offers protection for 90 days on purchases made with the card against theft or damage, providing additional security and confidence in your purchases.
  • Extended Warranty: Extends the manufacturer’s warranty by an additional year, which can be invaluable for electronics and high-ticket items.
  • $2,500 Group Life Insurance: Provides a measure of financial security to the cardholder’s beneficiaries in the event of the cardholder’s death, an uncommon feature in the realm of secured credit cards.
  • 24/7 Legal Assistance: Access to legal support can be a relief, especially in unforeseen circumstances where legal advice is required.

5. Priority Support

Nobody likes waiting on hold, especially when it comes to financial queries or concerns. Premium users benefit from priority customer support, ensuring that issues and questions are addressed promptly and with a higher level of service.

Neo Secured Credit Card vs. Other Secured Credit Options

For those navigating the secured credit card market, choosing the right card can significantly impact your credit-building journey. The Neo Secured Credit Card, with its unique features and benefits, stands as a strong contender. However, how does it stack up against other popular secured credit cards like the Home Trust Secured Visa and the Capital One Guaranteed Secured Mastercard? This comparative analysis will explore the strengths and weaknesses of each, helping you make an informed decision.

Neo Secured Credit Card vs. Home Trust Secured Visa


  • Neo Secured Credit Card: Requires a low minimum security deposit of just $50, making it highly accessible for individuals on a tight budget or those just starting out.
  • Home Trust Secured Visa: Requires a higher minimum deposit of $500, which could be a barrier for some potential cardholders.

Annual Fee

  • Neo Secured Credit Card: No annual fee, which is a significant advantage for cost-conscious consumers.
  • Home Trust Secured Visa: Also offers a no-annual-fee option, but this version does not allow for any international transactions, which might be a limitation for some users.

Credit Bureau Reporting

  • Neo Secured Credit Card: Reports only to TransUnion, which could be a limitation for those looking to build a comprehensive credit report across multiple agencies.
  • Home Trust Secured Visa: Reports to both TransUnion and Equifax, offering a broader credit-building potential.

Neo Secured Credit Card vs. Capital One Guaranteed Secured Mastercard


  • Neo Secured Credit Card: Offers a very low minimum deposit and is flexible in terms of credit limit increases based on user behavior and profile.
  • Capital One Guaranteed Secured Mastercard: Requires a $300 minimum deposit, which is higher than Neo’s but lower than many other options. It also offers flexibility in credit limits but generally starts higher than Neo.

Rewards and Benefits

  • Neo Secured Credit Card: Offers up to 5% cash back on purchases, a rare feature among secured cards, along with additional benefits for premium plan members.
  • Capital One Guaranteed Secured Mastercard: Does not offer any rewards on spending, focusing solely on credit building.

Strategic Considerations

When deciding between these options, consider the following strategic factors:

  1. Purpose of the Card: If your primary aim is to build credit with a low upfront cost, Neo’s low minimum deposit and no annual fee make it an attractive option. However, if broad credit reporting is crucial, Home Trust’s dual-bureau reporting might be preferable.
  2. Utility and Rewards: For those who value rewards and a minimal initial financial commitment, the Neo Secured Credit Card provides an excellent balance. In contrast, Capital One’s option might be suitable for those who expect to deposit more initially but want a straightforward, no-frills credit-building tool.
  3. Financial Management Tools: Consider the added features like real-time alerts, digital card services, and flexible credit limits with Neo, which can significantly enhance the user experience and help manage finances better.

Is the Neo Secured Credit Card Worth It?

Choosing the right secured credit card is a critical step for anyone looking to establish or rebuild their credit history. The Neo Secured Credit Card, with its unique combination of features, offers a compelling proposition. But is it the right card for you? Let’s distill the information to help you arrive at a well-informed decision.

Key Benefits Revisited

The Neo Secured Credit Card stands apart from many of its competitors with several attractive features:

  • Low Financial Barrier to Entry: With a minimal security deposit of just $50 and no annual fee, it is highly accessible, especially for those on a tight budget or just starting their credit journey.
  • Rewarding Cash Back Program: Unlike many secured cards, Neo offers up to 5% cash back on purchases, making it an appealing option for those who want to earn rewards while they build credit.
  • Flexibility and Convenience: Features like real-time spending notifications, a digital card, and adjustable credit limits enhance the user experience, making financial management both convenient and efficient.

Considerations and Drawbacks

However, there are a few considerations that might sway your decision:

  • Limited Credit Bureau Reporting: The card reports only to TransUnion, not Equifax. This could be a drawback for those who need broad-based credit reporting across multiple agencies.
  • Potential High Costs: While the card itself does not have an annual fee, the Premium plan and potentially high APR can add up if not managed correctly. These factors need careful consideration, especially if you tend to carry a balance.

Competitive Edge

When compared to alternatives like the Home Trust Secured Visa and the Capital One Guaranteed Secured Mastercard, the Neo Secured Credit Card offers more flexibility and rewards, which are great for everyday use and maximizing returns on spending. However, for those who prioritize broad credit reporting or a lower APR, other options might be more suitable.

Final Verdict

For individuals starting out or looking to rebuild their credit, the Neo Secured Credit Card offers a unique advantage with its rewards program and low entry barriers. It is particularly suited for:

  • Young professionals and students who are new to credit.
  • People recovering from financial setbacks who want to rebuild their credit history effectively.
  • Anyone who appreciates added value in the form of cash back and other benefits from their credit-building tools.

Ultimately, the decision to choose the Neo Secured Credit Card should align with your personal financial goals, spending habits, and credit needs. If the card’s features resonate with your financial strategy, and you are aware of and can manage the drawbacks, it could be a valuable tool in your financial arsenal, propelling you towards better credit and rewarding you along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Neo Secured Credit Card

1. How does a Neo Secured Credit Card work?

The Neo Secured Credit Card operates by requiring a security deposit from you, which serves as collateral and determines your credit limit. Unlike regular credit cards, your spending limit equals the amount you deposit, minimizing risk and helping you build or rebuild your credit by reporting your payment activities to credit bureaus.

2. Is Neo good for building credit?

Yes, the Neo Secured Credit Card is an effective tool for building credit. By making regular purchases and consistently paying off your balance on time, you demonstrate responsible credit behavior. Since Neo reports these activities to TransUnion, it helps establish a positive credit history.

3. Is Neo a real credit card?

Yes, the Neo Secured Credit Card is a real credit card that can be used for making purchases anywhere credit cards are accepted. It requires a security deposit, functions like a traditional credit card, and involves regular reporting to a credit bureau, assisting in credit score improvement.

4. What is the Neo credit card limit?

The credit limit on the Neo Secured Credit Card is directly tied to the amount of your security deposit. It usually starts at $50, which is also the minimum deposit required to open an account, and can increase depending on your financial situation and credit-building progress.

5. Can I earn rewards with the Neo Secured Credit Card?

Yes, one of the standout features of the Neo Secured Credit Card is its cash back rewards program. You can earn up to 5% cash back on purchases in select categories, making it unique among secured credit cards which generally do not offer rewards.

6. Does the Neo Secured Credit Card have an annual fee?

No, the Neo Secured Credit Card does not have an annual fee, making it a cost-effective option for individuals looking to build credit without incurring extra yearly costs.

7. What is the interest rate for the Neo Secured Credit Card?

The interest rates for the Neo Secured Credit Card are relatively high, which is typical for secured credit cards. It’s crucial to try to pay your balance in full each month to avoid accruing interest charges.

8. Does the Neo Secured Credit Card report to all credit bureaus?

No, the Neo Secured Credit Card currently reports only to TransUnion. This may be a limitation if you are looking to build your credit history across multiple credit reporting agencies.

9. What are the requirements to qualify for a Neo Secured Credit Card?

The requirements for the Neo Secured Credit Card are generally less stringent than those for unsecured cards. There is no specific credit score requirement; however, you must provide a security deposit and proof of identity to qualify.

10. How can I apply for a Neo Secured Credit Card?

You can apply for the Neo Secured Credit Card online through the Neo website or app. The process typically involves filling out an application form, providing identification, and making a security deposit. Approval can be instant, allowing you to start using your card right away.

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