Work From Home in Canada: 4 Easy Steps to Take

Want to work from home? Wouldn’t it would be nice to set your own schedule, rest when you’re feeling tired, and only work with people that you like?

Below are four steps to take before trying to work from home in Canada.

These are the steps I took before I found a find a way to work from anywhere.

I’m now part of the digital nomad community. It’s a rising movement of online workers who work and travel the world. There are close to five million digital nomads now, and the number is growing.

I’ve never been happier because of the freedom I have now.

Work From Home

1) See if you can work from home at your current job

Depending on what type of work you do, you might be able to work from home at your current position.

If your employer likes you and thinks you are worth keeping around, they might be open to letting you work from home. There are benefits for the employer, such as cut costs for having one less desk space around the office. 

Unfortunately, right now, there aren’t a lot of companies that are open to the idea of full-time remote work. Especially if the other workers are still stuck working in an office.

The last company I worked for was not open to the idea of working remote, but check to see if yours would be.

2) Leverage your existing skills

Leverage your existing skills

If you have existing skills, use them! I had over 11 years of experience in finance, so I searched for ways to use those skills to work online. I decided on writing ultimately, but you might come up with something else.

It could be a skill that you don’t even think you could do online. For example, I recently met someone who was fantastic at sales.

He has built a six-figure online business mostly by generating qualified business-to-business (B2B) leads for large software corporations.

Sales is not something I would have thought you can do effectively online, but he does most of his lead generation using LinkedIn and email outreach.

I never thought finance was a field I could do online either, but I managed to find a way.

3) Choose between a skilled or unskilled job

Choose between a skilled or unskilled job

Ok, so what should you do if you can’t work remotely at your current job?

Decide whether you want to develop those skills, or find unskilled work. The benefits of going non-skilled are that you can start something very quickly. Maybe you don’t have many existing skills, or you don’t want to build them out yet.

For example, you can probably find a job as a transcriber easily, making at least $12 an hour from your laptop.

All you have to do is listen to recorded speech and type what you hear, which is relatively unskilled. Many transcription companies don’t require any training or education at all.

But there are also many downsides to going unskilled. Here are some of the pros and cons:


  • Can start earning money quickly
  • Won’t need much training
  • Low costs to start
  • Can be a way to earn income while you gain skills for a better job


  • Your earning potential is usually limited.
  • The work can get boring and tedious, as the tasks are usually quite basic.
  • Has a low barrier to entry, meaning there could be higher competition for the roles

There’s nothing wrong with going unskilled. I looked into many ways to make money online, such as teaching English online where you can make around $20-$25 an hour.

I’ve also met many people that have started off with unskilled online work, who were able to build up a great business.

I decided to go the skilled route, since I already had them built up from my career.

But you might not be in the same boat that I was and haven’t developed those skills yet. If you want to get your online career started right away, consider collecting multiple unskilled roles to earn money online, and working towards more skilled roles in your spare time.

4)    Learn new skills

Learn new skills

If you decide to go the skilled route, you’ll have to learn new skills. If you want to find a job working from home in Canada, it makes sense that it should be something that you can do online.

Here are a few examples of work that you can find online that have high-demand remote working opportunities. All of these jobs are possible to get without a full-blown degree:

Web developer – Average Salary: $60,000 – $70,000

Web developer

If you have a knack for solving problems and building things, becoming a web developer could be the career path for you.

You could self-teach yourself how to code, or a twelve-week coding bootcamp at a place like Lighthouse Labs could set you up for a long coding career.

Digital marketer – Average Salary: $55,000 – $65,000

Digital marketer

If you like marketing and have a competitive spirit, becoming a digital marketer could be the right career for you.

While some of the jobs require a degree, a lot of the digital marketers I’ve met have been self-taught.

Copywriter – Average Salary: $45,000 – $55,000


If you enjoy sales, becoming a copywriter could be the right job for you. An online course can help you learn the basics of copywriting. Then it’s a matter of marketing yourself until you can land your first clients.

Content Writer – Average Salary: $35,000 – $45,000

Content Writer

If you like reading and writing, being a content writer could be the right job for you. There are literally millions of blogs and websites out on the internet, all of which need content. Writing content will always be in demand and with a little bit of work, you

If you have no experience, find a niche that interests you, and start a blog to market yourself. This can be your portfolio to show potential clients.

And you can jump from one job to another. My friend I met travelling started out as a content writer, and now has an online design studio with several clients.

For some more ideas about work from home in Canada jobs, check out this great article by Chris the freelancer.


Being able to work from home in Canada has changed my life. I’m not limited to just working from Canada either. I can travel and work from anywhere I want.

I believe that this is the ultimate personal finance hack, because I can live in a beautiful country with a lower cost of living and make a North American wage.

As long as I meet my deadlines with my clients, I will be able to earn money from anywhere in the world.

Starting a side hustle was the first step that I took to make this improvement in my life. But I didn’t just jump in blindly. Follow these steps and you can get to your dream of being able to work from anywhere.

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