5 Best Investing Podcasts in Canada 2024: Tackle Your Finances

Podcasts just keep on growing. According to Media Technology Monitor, one-third of Canadians listened to a podcast within the past month and tune in, on average, around four hours per week.

With such surging numbers, it only makes sense for financial podcasts to join the ranks and try to gain a following and help everyday people out. 

I did my research to recommend these five top podcasts that target Canadian listeners and help you manage your own finances. Here are my picks.

Why Podcasts?

Why Podcasts?

There are plenty of websites, books, and other resources to teach you a new craft or give advice, so why turn to podcasts? Well, it’s pretty simple, really. Podcasts go where you go, meaning listening to one optimizes your time.

You can listen in the car while you’re driving to work or catch an episode while you’re making dinner. The options are endless.

But that’s not the only reason podcasts continue to grow in popularity. According to a 2016 study, listening to narrative stories and consuming information can release certain “feel good” chemicals in the brain, allowing us to feel pleasure and contentment.

So keep downloading those podcasts and while you’re at it, tune in to these top five financial ones.

Top 5 Financial Podcasts In Canada

1. Moolala: Money Made Simple

Moolala: Money Made Simple

Why it works: The host can make or break a podcast, and Sellery’s high energy delivery and insightful tips make this a must listen to podcast.

Hosted by Bruce Sellery, the podcast features expert advice on personal finance, including investing, retirement, and income tax situations.

Sellery started his career in brand management and then became a business journalist and personal finance consultant, regularly appearing on television.

He pegs his podcast as “high energy and low B.S.” and wants to help listeners get a handle on their own money to live the life they want.

2. More Money

Best Investing Podcasts in Canada - More Money

Why it works: Moorhouse’s delivery is upbeat but filled with practical advice, including not being afraid of credit cards and other taboo subjects regularly painted as “bad.”

Looking for a tried and true money podcast? This one, hosted by Jessica Moorhouse, has helped legions of listeners since 2015.

With over 2 million downloads, the podcast features Moorhouse interviewing financial experts and even celebrities to talk about issues like investing, budgeting, and debt management.

Moorhouse is a self-dubbed “millennial money expert” that started with a financial blog that grew into a podcast. She also does speaking engagements and is a huge advocate for women taking control of their own financial paths.

3. Canadian Couch Potato

Canadian Couch Potato

Why it works: Bortolotti is knowledgeable about what he’s talking about, and the advice he gives is easy to understand. Plus, the podcast name is pretty cool.

Looking to invest on your own? You might want to listen to Dan Bortolotti’s advice via his Couch Potato podcast. Bortolotti has a popular following, especially for the DIY investor.

He focuses on teaching new investors how to use index mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) for optimum success.

He even has his own Couch Potato strategy that he details on his blog to introduce investors to build a diversified portfolio at low costs.

Bortolotti started as a journalist, with personal finance quickly becoming one of his niche areas.

During one of his assignments, he worked with PWL Capital of Toronto, a private wealth management firm, and decided to join the company so he could continue advising clients directly.

4. Because Money

Because Money

Why it works: Each host has a different background and viewpoint. Those differences make their conversations more relatable.

This podcast is one of the best because it comes from real-life people, not a slew of financial experts.

Hosted by Chris Enns, Sandi Martin, and John Robertson, the trio comes from a variety of different backgrounds and provides insight into financial problems not always addressed by other professionals.

Enns and Martin are both financial planners, and Robertson is an investor and scientist. Together, they tackle issues common to everyday households, like caring for aging parents, divorce, and investing for beginners. 

5. Young Money With Tracey Bissett

Young Money With Tracey Bissett

Why it works: The podcast is targeted at young adults starting out. There aren’t too many platforms geared towards educating the future with basic financial advice, and Bissett’s podcast features practical guidance and strategies for investing and money management.

The younger generation is often overwhelmed with financial advice. They want to watch spending and debt but sometimes lack the tools to understand basic financial concepts.

Add investing into the mix, and it could be completely crushing to think of everything they have to learn. That’s where Tracey Bissett comes in.

She is a financial analyst specializing in helping young adults grow their wealth and control their finances.

However, this podcast isn’t just for the younger generation – it’s also applicable to anyone looking to learn the basics of money management and investing.

Final Thoughts

Best Investing Podcasts in Canada

It’s enjoyable to listen to a podcast. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, tuning in is simple.

So, why not learn something while you’re at it? The above best investing podcasts in Canada can help anyone from any walk of life better their financial health.

If you’re looking for other ways to up your understanding of investing, check out these beginner tips.

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