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Christopher Liew, CFA

Hey there! I’m Christopher Liew, and I’m the creator of Wealthawesome.com. When I started Wealth Awesome in 2019, I wanted to share tips about my lifestyle of working online and travelling around the world. I also had a lot of personal finance knowledge to share, as I’m a CFA Charterholder that’s worked in the Canadian finance industry for 11 years. To my surprise, it’s turned into one of the fastest-growing personal finance blogs in Canada. Thousands of Canadians visit Wealth Awesome every day to learn more about making the right money choices.

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Qayyum Rajan, CFA

Hey – I’m Qayyum Rajan – otherwise known as “Q”. I started my career at CIBC before becoming a Portfolio Manager at RBC Dominion Securities and working at a few other asset managers. I have a passion for all things finance and making things easy and accessible to everyone! At Wealth Awesome, we strive to make sure that we give you the best investment guides, tips and reviews – so that you can build wealth the awesome way.

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Best Investments

If you’re looking for the best investment opportunities in Canada, you might be overwhelmed – this guide is the roadmap.

Best Trading Platforms

I’ve now developed my own rankings of the best trading platforms in Canada. Here are my top picks for the best trading platforms.

Best ETFs

Are you looking to invest your money through ETFs but have no idea where to begin?

Best Stocks

I’ve prepared a list of the best stocks in Canada spread out across multiple industries.

Best Places to Retire

If you have decided to relocate for your retirement, you might be looking for the best places to retire in Canada.

Best Life Insurance Companies

This guide simplifies what it is and shed some light on what I believe are the best life insurance companies in Canada





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