Hello there! Welcome to Wealth Awesome.

A Canadian personal finance website to help you improve your money skills.

Who Am I?

I’m Christopher Liew and I was born and raised in Canada.

I’ve worked as a financial advisor at RBC, an investment wholesaler at CI Investments, and an energy trader at Enmax. I’ve been a CFA© Charterholder since 2016.

As an author, my work has been published or featured on Yahoo Finance, MSN Money, and The Motley Fool.

In 2019, I left Canada to work and travel the world while writing about my journey.

Chris Liew Laptop My Khe Beach Vietnam

Why I started this site

Even though I graduated with a finance degree,  I didn’t know much about managing my own finances and investing.

Like many Canadians, I started off by investing in mutual funds with extremely high fees, which I have since stopped.

I wasn’t great at saving and wasted a lot of money buying stuff I didn’t need that ultimately didn’t make me happy.

I noticed that in every workplace that I’ve been to (myself included!), many people are unhappy and unfulfilled with their careers.

I struggled with finding the right career path for me, as I suspect many people do. I tried many different finance jobs for a wide range of companies. I even attended a coding bootcamp and became a web developer for a brief time.

I realized that above all, I craved freedom and meaningfulness in my career. 

Today, I’m proud to say I:

  • Can work from anywhere in the world from my laptop 
  • Save at least 40% of my income 
  • Travelled to over 30 countries
  • Am finally content with my career
  • Have multiple sources of income such as freelance writing, a rental property, ETFs, and stocks.

I want to pass along to you what I learned from all my experiences with career, finance, investing, and travelling.


Want to work with me, collaborate on something, or have some questions or comments about this blog? I’d love to hear from you. Shoot me an email at chris@wealthawesome.com.