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No matter where you’re at financially in your life – whether you’re well on your way to becoming wealthy, or struggling to climb out of debt – this website will have some answers for you.

Who Am I?

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My name is Christopher Liew, and I’m the creator of Wealth Awesome. I’ve worked in Canadian finance-related roles for over a decade and am a CFA Charterholder. I’ve worked as a financial advisor, energy trader, and investment wholesaler.

In some of these roles, I saw firsthand that financial education is a huge problem in Canada. This is reflected by the fact that people are still buying mutual funds that are ranked among the most expensive in the world, and by the record debt loads people are currently taking on.

It’s Not Easy

I can understand why there’s a problem though. Learning about money and personal finance can be a confusing and frustrating journey. There are a million different sources of information, and each one is telling you something different.

Running this website for the past few years has made me realize though that there is hope around the corner. Canadians are leaving mutual funds and flocking to lower-priced ETFs in droves, and there are high levels of interest in stock investing. I also get contacted every day by people who want to share a success story about their personal finances.

No matter what your economic background, financial literacy level, or how much money you have right now, you can learn how to get better with your finances.

Working Online

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I’ve been working online and travelling since 2019, which gives me a unique perspective on how to make money online.

I’m passionate about the digital nomad lifestyle, and I’ve met so many interesting people from around the world who run very profitable businesses from their laptops. I know this lifestyle isn’t for everyone, but I’ll share what I’ve learned from these experiences.

Do I have all the answers? Probably not. All I intend to do is to share my experience and my methods for investing, saving, and managing my money. It’s your job to filter out all the information and take the important things you like that apply to you.

The response to Wealth Awesome has been overwhelmingly positive, and I hope that my writing continues to strike a chord with Canadians for many years to come.

– Christopher Liew
Wealth Awesome

Start Here

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