25 Best Work From Home Jobs in Canada (2024): No Degree Needed

Dreaming about working from home in Canada? It’s hard to know where to start.

A whopping 37% of Canadians were working from home during the height of the COVID pandemic in May 2020, according to Stats Canada.

That number fell to 22% by December 2021, but it’s clear that there are a lot of work-from-home opportunities in Canada.

It was always my dream to work for myself. Since 2019, I’ve been working fully remotely and have lived and explored six different countries worldwide. I’ve met so many people that have unique ways of working from home, which I’ve incorporated into this list.

Whether your goal is to work from home to earn a little bit of side income or if you are looking to start a full-time remote working career, this article will have something for you.

Working from Home Pros and Cons

Here are some of the pros and cons that I found of working at home:

  • Freedom to set your own schedule
  • Can work from anywhere in the world
  • No more long commutes
  • Surround yourself with people that you enjoy being around
  • Limitless earning potential
  • Can open yourself up to experiences that a regular 9-5 job wouldn’t have allowed
  • It can be isolating at times, especially if working alone
  • Miss out on some relationships built from work
  • Networking opportunities are tougher to find
  • It can require more discipline to live this lifestyle

Best work-from-home jobs in Canada

work from home jobs in canada infographic

Whether you want to totally switch your career or start earning some side income from home, there’s never been an easier time to make money from home. 

It’s difficult to know where to begin with all these choices. There are so many questions, like how much money you can earn from home? And how difficult is it to find work-from-home jobs?

I tried to answer these questions below in each job description.

Here’s a list of what I think are the most practical and realistic work-from-home jobs in Canada

1. Virtual Assistant

Training Needed: Low-Medium
Pay Range: $15-$40+ per hour

A virtual assistant (VA) provides services to businesses or entrepreneurs online. A VA can wear many different hats. The tasks can include things such as:

  • Content management
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Event planning
  • Email management
  • Digital marketing
  • Proofreading
  • Social media managing

Generally, the more skills you acquire and can perform for a client, the more money you can earn.

You can be a VA that focuses on just one specific task, or you can do all of these different tasks and more. For example, you can become a VA who focuses entirely on Pinterest. If you are working for a larger company, it’s more likely that you will focus on just one or two tasks.

If you work for a smaller company, such as an independent content creator, you’ll likely be doing a little bit of everything. It depends entirely on what your client wants from you.

For example, I work with a VA who helps me with some of my blogging and Youtube channel administrative tasks, and he really seems to enjoy the freedom of the job.

It’s a fantastic job for networking and learning, as you’ll be working with driven people who are business savvy.

Consider this job if you:

  • Enjoy helping and assisting others
  • Want to learn from driven business owners
  • Like learning and trying new things at work
  • Have good communication skills
  • Are good at multitasking

How to Get Started:

  1. Course: My friend Vanessa took this 90 Day VA course and landed a job within 60 days. Check it out here.

2. Proofreader

Training Needed: Low-Medium
Pay Range: $15-$25 per hour

A proofreader will check content for errors such as spelling mistakes or grammar errors and correct any mistakes. They are hired by all types of publications, ranging from blogs and newspapers to magazines and book publishers.

The proofreader works with a content writer and usually develops a close working relationship with them.

Consider this job if you:

  • Enjoy reading
  • Have good attention to detail
  • Good at grammar

How to Get Started:

  1. Course: Proofreadanywhere course by Caitlyn Pyle, who learned how to make over $4,000 per month proofreading while she was travelling.
  2. Resource: Artofproofreading blog

3. Transcriber

Training Needed: Low
Pay Range: $15-$30 per hour

A transcriber is someone who listens to recorded speech and types what they hear. A transcriber will type anywhere between 50-80 words per minute. For one hour of audio, a transcriber usually takes around 4-5 hours to transcribe.

You can choose to specialize in a niche if you have industry knowledge. Some industries will pay higher wages like medicine or law. Transcription is one of the better online jobs in Canada. 

Consider this job if you are:

  • Good at typing.
  • Attentive
  • Good at grammar

How to Get Started: My friend Jeff landed a job within a month of completing this Transcribe Anywhere program. Note for Canadians – don’t do the legal course as that is mostly for Americans, but rather complete the general course to land a good job. You can sign up for a free seven-lesson mini-course here.

4. Content Writer

Training Needed: Low-Medium
Pay Range: $10-$100+ per article

A content writer writes content for blogs or other businesses (typically online, but there are some print jobs available as well).

The type of content you can write is as varied as the internet is. There are millions of different blogs that need content writers with any type of topic that you can dream of. It’s a high-in-demand job.

Content writing is how I got started on my online working career. With the help of my finance background, I landed some fantastic clients in the finance niche. I’ve used those skills to now start this blog!

I would recommend focusing on one niche (for me, it was finance) and marketing yourself in that category. If you don’t have a strong background in a particular topic or if you aren’t sure of what niche you’d like to focus on, start by trying to land any client that will pay you, maybe at a content agency. The pay won’t be great, but it’ll give you the writing skills you need to succeed.

My friend Rob started by writing articles for a blog about squirrels making a measly two cents a word. Today, he landed a full-time writing job which turned into a content management job at a reputable publication making over $80,000 / year.

Consider this job if you:

  • Enjoy writing
  • Enjoy learning about new topics
  • Get satisfaction from having others read your work
  • Are organized
  • Are good at researching

How to Get Started:

  1. Course: Youtube for free courses or Udemy for a cheaper course. Search for a content writing course.
  2. Problogger.com – How I got my first clients

5. Start an Agency


Difficulty: High
Pay Range: Limitless potential

You can start an agency in any industry that has clients. A lot of these jobs on this list can be turned into an agency model. For example, say you’re a really great web developer, and you get more clients than you can handle. If it’s ok with your clients, you can start hiring other developers and overseeing their work.

An agency can grow into a massive business if you get enough clients and people working for you. It is similar to transitioning from a non-management role to a management role within a company.

In my travels, I’ve met people who own thriving writing, design, and web development agencies and earn more than they ever did working for themselves.

But be aware that it’s not always easy to manage people and clients. Owning and operating a business like this can be stressful at times, so know what you’re getting into before attempting this.

Consider this job if you:

  • Are good at sales and landing clients (most crucial component here)
  • Have a knack for managing people
  • Have an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Are able to deal with stress and uncertainty well

6. Use Your Existing Skills to Land a Job

Land a job

Training Needed: None
Pay Range: Dependant on your skills

If you’re looking at this article and thinking, “I don’t want to take months or years to learn a new skill!” You might not have to. There are lots of online opportunities now on job websites that might suit your current skills.

Not every skill will be suitable for online work, but you’d be surprised at what jobs can be performed digitally now. In my travels, I’ve met accountants, analysts, lawyers, and even salespeople doing jobs working from home now.

How to Get Started:

  1. Scope out the different remote work websites and see if anything might match your skills. Here’s a full list of the best websites for remote jobs in Canada.
  2. Most jobs are not posted online. Network on sites such as LinkedIn and see if there are any good contacts you can make.

7. Teach English Online

Training Needed: Low – Medium
Pay Range: $14-$30 per hour

Teaching English online is one of the most common jobs for people who travel and work around the world. You can take a skill that you already have, which is speaking English, and teach it to children in another country online such as Taiwan or Korea, for a decent wage.

Some companies will require a university degree, such as VIPKid and QKid, but others don’t require it, such as Palfish. You can be up and teaching your class within weeks of applying. Teaching can also be a great part-time work-from-home job in Canada.

I used to have teaching English higher on the list, but in recent years China has decided to not allow foreign teachers anymore, which really hurt the online teaching industry.

The online English teachers I met are either really passionate about the job, or they are just using it as a stepping-stone until they find something better. Either way, it’s an easy entry into working from home.

Consider this job if you are:

  • Good with kids
  • Patient
  • Organized

How to Get Started: Teaching English is still a relatively easy online job to break into, but it’s gotten slightly more competitive in recent years. Here’s how I suggest you break into the industry:

  1. I highly recommend getting a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate, as it is an internationally recognized credential, and a lot of companies require it as a prerequisite.
  2. My good friend Alex Stevenson at Ninja Teacher has a course that will not only get you TEFL certified but will also provide in-depth resources on how you can land your first job teaching English online. Check out the Ninja Teacher course here and get 30% off.

8. Online Survey Taker

Training Needed: None
Pay Range: $0-$5 per survey

Taking online surveys might be the simplest way to make money on this entire list. From the comfort of your couch (or even your toilet!), you can make a few extra bucks by simply taking a survey using your laptop or smartphone.

Not all surveys are created equal, and it can be challenging to find a reliable source that will pay you more than a few cents per survey.

Taking surveys won’t make you rich, and on a per-hour basis, you won’t be earning much money, but it requires zero training, and you might find it fun to do in your spare time.

Note that you should never have to pay to take surveys; that’s a sign that it might not be legit. Check out the list below for companies that will let you take surveys for free.

Consider this job if you are:

  • Looking for the simplest way to make money from your couch
  • Like answering questions
  • Want a fun way to earn a little money

How to Get Started:

  1. Swagbucks
  2. Survey Junkie

9. Blogger

Training Needed: Low-Medium
Pay Range: $0-Unlimited per hour

A blogger chooses a topic to write about and shares their content on the internet. Becoming a blogger can involve many skills, including content writing, keyword research, website design, and networking.

A few ways you can make money blogging is by placing ads, doing affiliate sales, sponsored content, or selling your own products. It’s not a job where you will make money overnight and will take time to build up, and will usually take at least a few months.

It’s possible you won’t make money at all, so don’t rely solely on blogging if you need immediate cash flow. 

Blogging can be a fun online part-time job. It’s been one of the most difficult things that I’ve done but also one of the most rewarding.

Consider this job if you are:

  • A decent writer
  • Like sharing your ideas with others
  • Enjoy researching

How to Get Started:

  1. Course: How to start a blog by Ryan Robinson
  2. Resource: Siteground for hosting and GeneratePress for a WordPress theme.

10. Web Developer

Training Needed: High
Pay Range: $20-$100+ per hour 

A web developer builds online websites or apps for businesses. You work on a team or solo to build these applications using your desktop or laptop computer.

It’s a high-paying and high-demand career. If you can tough out the training and become a good enough developer, you’ll have your choice of companies to work for.

It can also be an intense and demanding job, with difficult problems to find solutions for and deadlines to meet. After attending a coding boot camp, I’ve worked briefly as a web developer, and I enjoyed my time doing it.

Consider this job if you:

  • Are a problem solver
  • Are technology savvy
  • Work well on a team
  • Enjoy building things and being creative

How to Get Started:

  1. Self Teach: CodeAcademy for free beginner exercises to try and see if you like it. Self-teaching yourself coding can take over a year or two for you to get good enough to find a job.
  2. Bootcamp: Lighthouse Labs, if you can afford it ($14,000). It’s a quick 12-week path to finding a job in web development. Job placement rates are high, and they have an outstanding career program. I’ve personally taken this course, it was extremely challenging, and I found a job in web development afterwards.

11. UI/UX Designer

Training Needed: High
Pay Range: $15-$100+ per hour

A UX designer designs a “user experience,” while UI stands for “user interface.” A UI/UX designer will design layouts for an application or website that makes it easy and enjoyable for the user.

It’s an interesting combination of art and technology and could appeal to many modern artists.

A UI/UX designer usually works closely with a web or app developer. The designer will sketch out a design, usually on a computer, then communicate the design to a developer who will code it into an app.

Consider this job if you:

  • Are artistic
  • Have a tasteful eye for design
  • Work well on a team

How to Get Started:

  1. Do a course – List of UI/UX courses in Canada
  2. Build a portfolio – Start a website
  3. Find clients – Upworks or Indeed

12. Youtuber

Training Needed: Low-Medium
Pay Range: $1-$5 per 1,000 views

With all the popular Youtube channels out there, you might wonder if it’s too late to start a Youtube channel to make money. You don’t have to be an expert, but pick a topic that you’re passionate about and start making videos about it. You’ll be surprised to see where it can head!

I’ve built a small Youtube channel, and it’s been a blast doing it. I’ve learned so much, and people have been quite responsive to it. There are videos I made a couple of years ago that are still earning some advertising income, which is a nice bonus.

While you might not become a celebrity overnight, even the act of starting a Youtube channel can help you develop skills to make money.

For example, If you decide you don’t like being a Youtuber yourself, you can start video editing for other Youtube channels.

Start by creating content that you are interested in, and learn how to properly use Youtube and do things like proper keyword research.

Consider this job if you:

  • Enjoy making videos of yourself
  • Want to share your knowledge or life with the world

How to Get Started:

  1. Action is key: Start making videos and posting them on Youtube. They’ll eventually get better over time. There are hundreds of free videos you can watch on how to start a Youtube channel (on Youtube, of course!)
  2. Learn the six different ways on how to make money on Youtube here.

13. Website/App Tester

Training Needed: Low
Pay Range: $10-$60 per test

You can earn money by performing tasks on a website or smartphone app and giving your feedback to the developers. The developers use that feedback to improve the product and hopefully give a better experience to its users.

It isn’t much harder than surfing the internet or playing with your phone app for fun, so you might as well try to get paid for it!

Consider this job if you:

  • Enjoy surfing the web
  • Like using phone apps
  • Get enjoyment out of improving things

How to Get Started:

  1. TryMyUI
  2. UserTesting

14. Copywriter

Training Needed: Low-Medium
Pay Range: $10-unlimited per hour

Copywriting is similar to content writing, except your sole purpose for writing the copy is to sell something. Create freshly written text for marketing, advertising, or sales copy.

Copywriters can write things like taglines, email sales letters, online ad descriptions, google AdWords, or landing pages. They can get paid a set salary, and some even get paid huge commissions for having high-converting content that will lead to a lot of sales for their clients.

It’s a job that rewards skill, perseverance, and the ability to market yourself well. After landing a client or two, you won’t have any trouble finding work after that because your portfolio will be strong.

Consider this job if you:

  • Enjoy sales and advertising
  • Like writing
  • Can influence people just by writing
  • Can market yourself well

How to Get Started:

  1. Course: Youtube for free courses or Udemy for a cheaper course. Search for how to become a copywriter. For a more serious approach, AWAI has a full copywriting course here, as well as a web-specific copywriting course.
  2. Problogger.com to find clients.
  3. Set up a website to showcase your work.

15. Social Media Manager

Training Needed: Medium-High
Pay Range: $15-$40+ per hour

Manage a business’s social media accounts. The largest ones are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and others like Pinterest and LinkedIn. TikTok is the fastest-growing social media app, so learn how to make money on the platform.

A social media manager will engage with their audiences, grow fan bases, and post updates regularly to accounts.

Social media managers respond to audience comments, create and share post images and videos, and manage partnerships with other brands.

You can choose to specialize in one or multiple platforms. There is a huge and growing demand for social media managers. You don’t always need a degree for this job, and if you find and take the right course, it can open up opportunities for you.

Consider this job if you:

  • Are savvy with social media
  • Like interacting with people on social media

How to Get Started:

  1. Courses: Free courses from HubSpot
  2. Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant
  3. Upwork to find clients

16. Digital Marketer

Training Needed: Medium-High
Pay Range: $20-$50+ per hour

Digital marketing is a results-based job. A website can have the most amazing content in the world, but without any marketing, nobody will read it.

A digital marketer will figure out how to drive traffic to a website, usually through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to try to rank a website on Google or Bing, or by running things like Google Adwords campaigns. They can also take on some of the social media duties and run things like Facebook Ad campaigns.

Consider this job if you:

  • Are competitive
  • Like working with data and numbers
  • Are good at sales and outreach

How to Get Started:

  1. Courses: Free courses from HubSpot
  2. Start your blog and learn hands-on digital marketing
  3. Upwork to find clients

17. Voice Actor

Training Needed: Low-Medium
Pay Range: $15-unlimited per hour

Voice actors perform voice-overs to represent a character or tell a story. They are used to provide information to their audiences. Voice actors can be used in radio, Youtube videos, movies, animated cartoons, and many more.

Anyone with a voice and a decent microphone can start building a voice-over portfolio on their computer.  Experiment with different voices, and then keep the audio files for your portfolio. You can use this for your portfolio.

The sky’s the limit, with voice actors such as Hank Azaria from The Simpsons raking in millions of dollars per year.

Of course, you probably won’t become a celebrity and earn millions, but you can earn a decent wage and do a fun job!

Consider this job if you:

  • Are interested in acting
  • Like experimenting with your voice
  • Enjoy talking

How to Get Started:

  1. Buy or borrow a decent microphone
  2. Start building a portfolio of your recordings
  3. Voices.com – join 200,000 professional voice-over artists

18. Music Tutor Online

Training Needed: Experience
Pay Range: $20-$60+ per hour

Give music lessons to students online. With the internet, you no longer have to be in the same room as someone to teach them how to play a musical instrument.

Consider this job if you:

  • Know how to play a musical instrument
  • Like teaching things to people

How to Get Started:

  1. Livemusictutor can get you your start to becoming an online music teacher.

19. Sell Physical Products Online

Training Needed: Medium-High
Pay Range: $0-unlimited per hour

There are many ways you can sell products online. A common way is through Amazon’s Fulfilment-By-Amazon (FBA) program. There is also dropshipping and private labelling you can try. Creating your own product from scratch and then selling it on Shopify is another option.

I’ve met people with the most interesting online businesses. You can get really creative with it; for example, my former roommate Jeffrey Pang creates custom titanium yoyos and then sells them on his website Luftverk.

It’s a competitive field and not without some risk, so be prepared to experiment and spend money to become successful. The sky’s the limit in terms of earnings if you can figure out a successful product.

Consider this job if you:

  • Have a fearless entrepreneurial spirit
  • Like buying and selling things
  • Have the ability to stomach a lot of risks

How to Get Started:

  1. Take a course Udemy’s Amazon FBA Courses or free Youtube videos. Search Amazon FBA tutorial.
  2. Set up a store
  3. Start selling
  4. Check out this detailed post on how to make money on Amazon

20. Tax Preparer

Training Needed: Medium-High
Pay Range: $15-$30 per hour

Prepare individuals’ or businesses’ taxes every year. Anyone that earns an income can be your customer every year. It’s a job that there will always be a demand for, and you can do it comfortably online with the software available now.

There will probably be a lot of seasonality in this job. You’ll likely be very busy during tax season (January – April) and with minimal work in the summers.

Consider this job if you:

  • Are good with numbers
  • Want a stable job
  • Are analytical
  • Have good attention to detail.

How to Get Started:

  1. Surprisingly, you don’t need a certificate to start a tax preparation business in Canada.
  2. Highly recommended to go through a course to take to learn more about all the different tax rules – look at Canadian Tax Academy.
  3. Get tax filing software such as EFILE and register with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)
  4. Find customers

21. Dog Walker/ Pet Sitter 

Training Needed: Low
Pay Range: $10-$25+ per hour

This is not exactly a work-from-home job, but some people might find it very appealing. Dog walking is an excellent way to make extra money, as people are willing to spend a lot of money to take care of their pets.

An added bonus is that it’s great exercise also! If you’re an animal lover, this could hardly even feel like work at times.

For a more relaxed way to earn money, you can be a pet sitter and take care of an owner’s pets while they are away on business or vacation. Sometimes, they can even provide the house for you to stay in, but you’ll usually have to use your own. you can check out for more information.

Consider this job if you are:

  • An animal lover
  • Want to exercise while earning money
  • Patient with animals
  • Enjoy long walks

How to Get Started:

  1. Rover (Canada), Rover (America) – Set your rates and pay a 20% commission.
  2. Spot Walker (Canada) – You will get paid fixed rates which can be found here.
  3. See this list of dog-walking apps.

22. Driver

Training Needed: Low
Pay Range: $10-$20+ per hour

Driving apps have exploded in popularity in the last few years. While not exactly a work-from-home job, it will appeal to many people reading this list. Most drivers can qualify to drive for a company like Uber, the ride-hailing app that has taken the world by storm.

Be careful when calculating your real income. It’s not just about how much revenue you earn from each ride. You must subtract the cost of fuel, insurance, and depreciation on your vehicle from what you earn.

Many people love driving, and if you’re one of them, this could be the perfect job for you.

Consider this job if you:

  • Enjoy driving for long periods
  • Own a vehicle
  • Enjoy small-talk with strangers

How to Get Started:

  1. Uber (Canada) – Most provinces in Canada
  2. Lyft (Canada) – Toronto and Ottawa only

23. Written Translator

Training Needed: Must know another language
Pay Range: $15-$35 per hour

You can be an in-person translator, but if you want to work from home, you’ll have to become a writing translator. You will translate things from one language to another language. It can range from blogs and websites to academic journals.

It’s not the most accessible job, as you must be fluent in both languages to be successful at this.

Consider this job if you:

  • Are fluent in two languages
  • Enjoy working with people with diverse backgrounds.

How to Get Started:

  1. Look for translation work on Indeed.ca
  2. Find clients on freelance websites

24. Websites or Domain Flipper

Training Needed: Experience
Pay Range: $0-Unlimited per hour

Purchase online businesses or domain names that you think are undervalued and can sell them for a profit later.

This is similar to someone who buys real estate, fixes it up, then tries to sell it at a profit later.

Consider this job if you:

  • Have money you can invest
  • Have a knack for spotting the proper value in assets
  • Good at analyzing financial statements
  • Have a little bit of experience with online businesses in the past.

How to Get Started:

  1. Empire flippers or Flippa lists online businesses you can buy.
  2. There are many platforms to buy and sell domain names at auction: GoDaddy is probably the most well-known.

25. Course Creator

Training Needed: Knowledge
Pay Range: $0-Unlimited per hour

You can make a course about anything these days and make money from it. Education is a big business, and you can take your knowledge about a subject and make money by teaching a course.

It’s a solid passive stream of income if you’re able to make a couple of good courses.

Consider this job if you:

  • Are knowledgeable about a subject or topic
  • Like teaching things to people

How to Get Started:

  1. Create a course by either doing it yourself or hiring someone
  2. Post the course on a platform like Skillshare


All the jobs listed above could be full-time work-at-home jobs in Canada. 

They could also be part-time work-from-home jobs, depending on how much you want to work.

I hope you learned a few new ways to work from home in Canada. If you want more ideas, check out this comprehensive guide on how to make money online in Canada.

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