Meet the 7 Richest People in Prince Edward Island in 2024

Despite its quaint size, Prince Edward Island (PEI) is home to a cadre of remarkably successful business magnates. As of 2024, the province boasts a diverse array of entrepreneurs who have made their mark, not only within their local communities but also in terms of international business success. Their net worths underscore the global impact of their economic achievements.

From the bustling fast food industry to the pioneering bioscience sector, these seven individuals represent the richest people in Prince Edward Island. Let’s unveil the rich tapestry of wealth and enterprise woven into the fabric of Canada’s smallest province.

RankNameNet Worth (USD)Industry
1Danny Murphy$150 millionFood Service & Hospitality
2Regis Duffy$125 millionBioscience & Investment
3Martie Murphy$95 millionFood Service
4Kevin Murphy$88 millionFood Service & Hospitality
5D’Arcy Murphy$80 millionFood Service
6Stephen Murphy$75 millionFood Service & Hospitality
7Joe Murphy$70 millionFood Service

Who is the Richest Person in Prince Edward Island?

Richest People in Prince Edward Island - Danny Murphy
  • Net Worth: $150 million USD
  • Industry: Food Service and Hospitality

In the world of fast food and hospitality on Prince Edward Island, one name stands out: Danny Murphy. Known colloquially as the “Fast Food King,” Murphy’s foray into the business world was marked by ambition and foresight. In 1980, with the support of his family and personal savings, the then 25-year-old Islander seized the opportunity to introduce Tim Hortons to PEI, opening the province’s inaugural franchises.

This bold move set the stage for what would become a sprawling empire in the region’s food service industry. Over the decades, Murphy has masterminded the growth of his operations to include 20 Tim Hortons restaurants, effectively covering the entirety of PEI. His strategic expansions didn’t end with doughnuts and coffee; Murphy also entered the world of fast-casual dining by acquiring 10 Wendy’s franchises, appealing to a broader demographic and complementing his Tim Hortons establishments.

But Murphy’s entrepreneurial spirit wasn’t confined to the realm of quick service restaurants. Demonstrating a keen sense for diversification, he ventured into the hospitality and retail sectors, adding several hotels to his portfolio and taking ownership of a Leon’s Furniture store. This diversification has not only fortified his financial status but also provided stability against market fluctuations.

Today, with a net worth of $150 million USD, Murphy’s influence extends well beyond the cash registers of his many establishments. His vision has played a pivotal role in shaping the service industry in PEI, creating jobs, and contributing significantly to the local economy. His success is a testament to the potential for high-scale growth and profitability within the Atlantic Canadian market.

Murphy’s business acumen has been recognized through various accolades and has positioned him not only as a leader in PEI’s business community but also as an influential figure in Canada’s broader hospitality landscape. His contributions to PEI’s economic vitality are undeniable, and his legacy is one that budding entrepreneurs in the province and beyond will seek to emulate for years to come.

7 Richest People in Prince Edward Island in 2024 Listed

Martie Murphy

  • Net Worth: $95 million USD
  • Industry: Food Service

Martie Murphy, often referred to as the “Queen of Coffee and Doughnuts,” commands an enterprise that contributes substantially to the Murphy family’s wealth. With a net worth of $95 million USD, Martie’s claim to fame comes from her ownership of two Tim Hortons locations that stand out as the most popular in the entire nation, located in the bustling region of Fort McMurray, Alberta.

Her ascent in the competitive food service industry is not just a personal success story but also a reflection of her savvy business strategies and customer-centric approach. These two locations, under her astute leadership, have set a gold standard for the chain, becoming a favorite among the locals and a must-visit for travelers seeking the quintessential Canadian coffee shop experience.

Martie’s entrepreneurial journey is interwoven with the Murphy dynasty, having married into the family and joining forces with one of PEI’s most prolific business figures, Danny Murphy. Their partnership extends beyond matrimony, representing a powerful union in the business realm that has bolstered the Tim Hortons brand’s prominence in the country.

Her ability to maintain consistent excellence in customer service and store performance has not only won her accolades within the Tim Hortons franchise community but has also bolstered her financial success. Martie Murphy’s role in the industry stands as a shining example of leadership and the potential for franchising success in Canada. Her keen eye for location and market trends has allowed her to achieve an impressive net worth, affirming her status as a central figure in Canada’s food service industry.

 Kevin Murphy

  • Net Worth: $88 million USD
  • Industry: Food Service and Hospitality

Kevin Murphy, carrying a respectable net worth of $88 million USD, has established himself as a Hospitality Virtuoso within Atlantic Canada’s food and service industries. As Danny Murphy’s brother, Kevin has been instrumental in the family’s expansion into the competitive world of hospitality.

His business portfolio includes a substantial stake in 45 additional restaurants that span across the picturesque landscapes of Atlantic Canada, Quebec, and Ontario. These establishments operate under the trusted banner of the Murphy family name and include over 30 Tim Hortons franchises, which Kevin co-owns with his brothers. This extensive network of eateries has not only multiplied the family’s fortunes but has also heightened the Murphy brand’s visibility across provinces.

Apart from his success in fast food franchising, Kevin’s business interests extend into full-service hotels, where his expertise in creating welcoming environments for guests has been a key factor in his ventures’ profitability. This combination of accommodations and eateries has provided synergy, leading to a comprehensive hospitality experience that caters to a wide array of customer needs.

The Murphy hospitality empire, under Kevin’s strategic guidance, has earned a reputation for quality and customer satisfaction, which has, in turn, translated into considerable financial return. Kevin’s sector-spanning endeavors have demonstrated his ability to navigate the complexities of both quick-service and full-service sectors, solidifying his position as a pivotal figure in the region’s economic development.

Kevin Murphy’s accomplishments in expanding the family’s brand while maintaining a commitment to service excellence underscore his title as a Hospitality Virtuoso. With his acumen for growth and understanding of the hospitality sphere, Kevin continues to be a driving force in the industry, shaping the dining and lodging standards in his communities.

D’Arcy Murphy – The Franchise Phenom

  • Net Worth: $80 million USD
  • Industry: Food Service

D’Arcy Murphy emerges as the “Franchise Phenom” of the Murphy family, with a notable net worth of $80 million USD. His business acumen has been a cornerstone in the Murphy family’s commanding presence in the fast food franchise arena, with his efforts significantly contributing to the family’s overall success.

Alongside his brothers, D’Arcy has been a key figure in the strategic expansion and operation of the family-owned franchises. His ability to identify prime locations, navigate the nuances of franchise management, and implement effective growth strategies has been pivotal in the proliferation of over 30 Tim Hortons franchises throughout Atlantic Canada, Quebec, and Ontario.

His insights and leadership have played a critical role in ensuring that the Murphy franchises not only meet the high standards set by the parent companies but often exceed them, fostering customer loyalty and driving consistent business growth. D’Arcy’s initiatives have been instrumental in optimizing operational efficiency and profit margins, which are reflected in the impressive value of the establishments under his guidance.

D’Arcy Murphy’s contributions to the fast food industry have not gone unnoticed. His reputation as a Franchise Phenom is well-earned, marked by his ability to adapt to changing market dynamics and his forward-thinking approach to business development. His efforts have not only bolstered his personal net worth but have also made a positive impact on the economies of the regions in which the franchises operate.

In the demanding world of food service franchising, D’Arcy has distinguished himself through his strategic foresight and unwavering commitment to the family business. His rise to prominence within the industry exemplifies the potential for success through dedication, innovative practices, and a deep understanding of the franchise model.

Stephen Murphy

  • Net Worth: $75 million USD
  • Industry: Food Service and Hospitality

Stephen Murphy, with a net worth of $75 million USD, has carved out a substantial niche for himself within the food service and hospitality sectors. His strategic investments in the family’s network of restaurants and hotels have not only augmented his personal wealth but also reinforced the Murphy family’s dominance across these industries in Eastern Canada.

His approach to investment has been characterized by a keen sense for opportunities that offer both immediate and long-term returns, a philosophy that has guided the family’s ventures to sustained profitability and growth. By collaborating with his brothers and leveraging the collective expertise within the Murphy empire, Stephen has been instrumental in the continued expansion and diversification of their business portfolio.

Being a part of the Murphy family, Stephen has an intrinsic understanding of the brand value that the family’s name carries and has utilized this to great effect in fostering partnerships, enhancing customer experiences, and navigating the competitive landscape of the hospitality industry. His investments have invariably led to heightened experiences for customers and increased market share for their various business interests.

Stephen’s role in the family’s chain of restaurants has involved keen oversight and an ability to innovate in response to industry trends. His contributions to the hospitality aspect of their operations have also been significant, ensuring that the Murphy family’s hotels maintain a reputation for excellence and customer satisfaction. This holistic approach to food service and lodging has contributed to his robust financial status.

With a clear understanding of the dynamics of food service and hospitality investment, Stephen Murphy is a pivotal player in the Murphy family’s financial and operational success. His acumen for smart investment and strategic growth has earned him a place among PEI’s wealthiest individuals and continues to drive the expansion of the Murphy family’s influence in the region’s economy.

Joe Murphy

  • Net Worth: $70 million USD
  • Industry: Food Service

Joe Murphy, known within the business community as “The Expansion Architect,” has a net worth of $70 million USD, which he has earned through his pivotal role in the strategic expansion of the Murphy family’s extensive collection of franchises. His foresight and expertise in market development have been fundamental to the family’s significant presence in the food service sector across multiple Canadian provinces.

Joe’s approach to expansion is meticulous and data-driven, focusing on market research and demographic trends to identify lucrative opportunities for new franchise locations. His initiatives have ensured that the family’s foray into new markets is both calculated and effective, leading to a robust and wide-reaching network of eateries that cater to a diverse clientele.

A key to Joe’s success has been his ability to foster strong relationships with the parent franchise companies, negotiating terms that benefit the growth and sustainability of the Murphy franchises. His understanding of the regulatory landscape and his ability to navigate the complexities of franchise agreements have positioned the Murphy family’s businesses for continued success.

Under Joe’s architectural design, the family’s franchises have flourished, with each new location carefully integrated into the Murphy’s overarching business strategy. This methodical expansion has not only increased the Murphy brand’s footprint but also enhanced the family’s reputation as industry leaders in the competitive world of quick-service restaurants.

Joe Murphy’s reputation as “The Expansion Architect” comes from his consistently successful application of growth strategies that have stood the test of time. His contribution to the family’s wealth and influence is evident, as is his impact on the economic prosperity of the regions where their franchises operate. His dedication to strategic expansion continues to serve as a keystone in the Murphy family’s enduring legacy in the food service industry.


The entrepreneurial tapestry of Prince Edward Island is rich and varied, with the seven individuals showcased here standing as beacons of economic success. Their stories, characterized by astute business acumen and relentless pursuit of growth, underline the vast potential that resides within this small but vibrant province. While each individual has charted a unique path to prosperity, they collectively represent the pinnacle of financial achievement in PEI.

From Danny Murphy’s fast food empire to Regis Duffy’s bioscience innovations, the wealth and influence of these business leaders have left an indelible mark on the island’s economy and beyond. They have shaped the local job market, provided community support, and propelled PEI onto a global platform. Their fortunes, now expressed in USD for an international perspective, serve as a testament to their global reach and the far-reaching impact of their entrepreneurial efforts.

As PEI moves forward, the success stories of these seven richest individuals will undoubtedly inspire future generations of Islanders to dream big and reach for new heights in business. The legacy of these leaders is not solely measured in their net worth but also in the robust economic landscape they have helped cultivate—a landscape that promises opportunity, growth, and innovation for years to come.

FAQ: The Richest people of Prince Edward Island

1. How did Danny Murphy build his net worth?

Danny Murphy built his net worth by purchasing PEI’s first two Tim Horton’s franchises in 1980 and expanding to own 20 Tim Hortons and 10 Wendy’s restaurants, along with several hotels and a Leon’s Furniture store.

2. Are the Murphy family involved in industries other than food service?

Yes, apart from food service, the Murphy family also has investments in the hospitality sector and retail, with Danny Murphy owning several hotels and a furniture store.

3. Who is the richest person in Prince Edward Island in 2024?

As of 2024, the richest person in Prince Edward Island is Danny Murphy, with a net worth estimated at $150 million USD.

4. What industry did Regis Duffy gain his wealth from?

Regis Duffy gained his wealth from the bioscience sector, having founded Diagnostic Chemicals Limited, which became part of BioVectra DCL.

5. Can you tell me more about Regis Duffy’s current business focus?

Regis Duffy is currently focused on bioscience investment and philanthropy within Eastern Canada.

6. What makes Martie Murphy’s Tim Hortons locations special?

Martie Murphy owns the two most popular Tim Hortons locations in all of Canada, which are based in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

7. How many restaurants do the Murphy brothers own collectively?

Together, the Murphy brothers (Kevin, D’Arcy, Stephen, and Joe) own another 45 restaurants between them throughout Atlantic Canada, Quebec, and Ontario.

8. What are some factors behind the Murphy family’s success?

The Murphy family’s success can be attributed to strategic location selection, effective franchise management, and a focus on customer service.

9. Who is known as the “Expansion Architect” and why?

Joe Murphy is known as the “Expansion Architect” due to his significant role in strategically expanding the Murphy family’s franchise businesses.

10. Does the Murphy family’s wealth impact the local economy?

Yes, the Murphy family’s businesses have a positive impact on the local economy through job creation, community support, and economic growth in Prince Edward Island and surrounding areas.

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