7 Best Uranium Stocks In Canada 2022: Invest in Nuclear Energy

Canada is the 39th most populated country in the world, yet it produces about 2% of the world’s electricity.

Despite the fact that we have considerable resources and a lot of uranium, nuclear power only makes up about 15% of our power generation resource mix, thanks mostly to our reliance on clean hydropower.

But even if we might not need a lot of uranium for domestic power production, its exports pick up as more countries around the globe start relying on nuclear power as the “transitional energy source” as they move to cleaner renewables.

This is likely to make the best uranium stocks in Canada powerful holdings in the near future.

Best Uranium Stocks In Canada

Best Uranium Stocks In Canada – A Way To Invest In The Future Of Energy

More countries are now focused on “green” energy and reducing their carbon footprint than ever before. It’s too soon to say whether we are too late or there is still hope of turning the ship around because we’ve already started to experience the adverse effects of global warming.

So, what does clean and green energy has to do with uranium?

Nuclear power, fission reactors, or uranium-fueled power (whatever you wish to call it) has the potential to act as the perfect “transitional resource” as the world goes green.

About two-thirds of the world’s total electricity still comes from fossil fuel, and about 40% comes from coal alone, which is by far the “dirtiest” fossil fuel.

It means that the world has a long way to go before it can fully rely on renewables to support the energy needs of about eight billion people, and till it does, it can use nuclear power to get rid of fossils.

Even if you take into account the mining and refining process, nuclear power has a minimal carbon footprint. And it’s also cheaper compared to fossil and most other renewables.

Many believe that an eventual switch to nuclear power as the transitional energy source between fossil and zero-carbon renewables is inevitable, and if you also believe in the possibility, then your portfolio might need to be augmented with uranium.

7 Best Uranium Stocks In Canada

Best Uranium Stocks In Canada infographic

The total number of Uranium stocks in the country is in the early double digits, giving a decent “size” to this niche material industry. However, since only a handful of these stocks have a market cap above $1 billion, the industry doesn’t “weigh” a lot. The list is in the order of market capitalization of these stocks.

1. Cameco Stock

Cameco logo

Ticker: CCO
Market Capitalization: $12.3 billion

  • This Saskatoon-based company is the second-largest uranium producer in the world.
  •  It has the annual capacity (and permission) to produce 53 million pounds of uranium concentrates.
  • It offers a range of services related to uranium, like refinement, conversion, and fuel manufacturing.
  • It has projects and operations in multiple countries, including the US and Australia.

The stock pays dividends; however, the current yield is very low. The capital appreciation potential of the company looks high thanks to the current spike, but it’s not a consistent grower.

2. NexGen Energy Stock

NexGen Logo

Ticker: NXE
Market Capitalization: $3.49 billion

  • The Vancouver-based mineral exploration company holds 199,576 hectares of uranium-rich land in Saskatchewan.
  • Its discovery, Arrow holds the largest development-stage deposits of heavy metal in the country.
  • The estimated mill capacity (maximum) for Uranium ore of the Arrow deposit is 1,300 tons per day.

NexGen stock has been on its way up ever since the 2020 crash. The stock has already risen over 750% in less than two years. It’s currently quite expensive, so wait for a correction to buy.  

3. Denison Mines Stock

Denison Mines Stock logo

Ticker: DML
Market Capitalization: $1.66 billion

  • Uranium exploration and development operations in Northern Saskatchewan.
  • It has exposure to about 280,000 hectares of land home to high-grade uranium deposits.
  • Some of its projects produce uranium at the lowest costs around the globe.

DML’s growth since the market crash has been about 600%, which has made the company quite expensive. It has no debt, strong financials, and decent exposure through various stakes in a uranium-rich region. It doesn’t pay dividends, but it’s poised for growth if Uranium demand rises.

4. Fission Uranium Corporation Stock

Fission Uranium Logo

Ticker: FCU
Market Capitalization: $679.3 million

  • FCU is based in BC and is focused on developing near-surface (low cost/low carbon footprint) high-grade uranium deposits.
  • Has access to only triple-R (high-grade) near-surface uranium deposits in the region.
  • Projected production costs are expected to be the lowest in the world.

Right now, FCU is a promise. Thanks to its low-surface deposits, the company can complete constructing the mine in three years and start production. If the demand and uranium price rise considerably by then, it can catapult the stock.

5. Global Atomic Stock

Global Atomic Stock logo

Ticker: GLO
Market Capitalization: $679 million

  • Global atomic has exposure to uranium (in Niger) as well as Zinc through its investment in Turkey.
  • It has access to a long-life uranium mine (12 years, based on current projections).
  • The projected production capacity is 44 million pounds a year.

If you are looking for international uranium exposure, Global Atomic might be the stock for you. Its main operations, i.e., uranium production and the other business (zinc production via recycling), are both outside Canada. Its positioning places it closer to Asian, African, and European markets.

6. Uranium Royalty Stock

Uranium Royalty Stock logo

Ticker: URC (Venture Capital)
Market Capitalization: $451.3 million

  • Only pure-play uranium royalty stock in Canada.
  • It has a diverse royalty portfolio, and the diversification is not just geographic but also the type of royalty.
  • It offers exposure to uranium, albeit with a safety “veil” of royalty in between (something that has already been successful for gold).

Uranium royalty is a unique way to gain exposure to heavy metals, and it gives the company more flexibility than direct uranium producers and miners. The downsides might be low, but the upside is decent enough. It grew about 364% in the last 12 months alone.

7. UEX Corporation Stock

UEX Corporation Stock logo

Ticker: UEX
Market Capitalization: $302 million

  • UEX has exposure to both uranium and cobalt-nickel, which gives it access to another clean market segment (batteries for EV and renewables).
  • It has four major and a few small projects with varying stake percentages.
  • It has access to undeveloped uranium deposits/resources, pushing its success prospects way into the future.

UEX also experienced the spike that all the other uranium stocks did after the market crash. The stock grew over 600% since the crash. It’s aggressively expensive right now. That, combined with its long-term prospects, means you should look into this stock at a future date. It’s not a good buy right now.

Uranium ETFs

There are two uranium ETFs in Canada that are worth considering:

Sprott Physical Uranium Trust (TSX:U.UN): One of the largest uranium trusts in the world and offers direct exposure to uranium itself. The MER is 0.35%. The trust grew 177% since the market crash.

Horizons Global Uranium Index ETF (TSX:HURA): It’s made up of some of the largest uranium companies around the globe, including Cameco, which is the largest holding in the trust. The MER is quite high at 0.85%.

Can You Invest In Uranium?

Unless you wish to be declared a nuclear terrorist, you shouldn’t look into investing in uranium directly. It’s both illegal and practically impossible to buy uranium anyway. Even between any two countries, uranium is not traded as a commodity or is available for purchase at a commodities exchange.

As a highly radioactive metal, it’s also not something you would want in your backyard (unless it’s made up of thick lead walls).

You can, however, invest in uranium via some of the best uranium stocks Canada has to offer. It’s a relatively small selection, but it is enough to get your portfolio exposure to the radioactive metal that has already changed the world.

Is There Uranium In Canada?

Yes, and a lot of it. Canada is already the second-largest uranium producer in the world and accounts for 13% of the total production. It’s also home to the largest uranium-producing mine (Cigar Lake).

And even though its uranium production, though quite impressive, can’t hold a candle to Kazakhstan, the largest producer by far, Canadian uranium deposits of high-grade uranium puts the country at the top of the list.

How To Buy Uranium Stocks In Canada

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As the world rapidly moves away from fossil, uranium will become even more critical in the energy space, even more so when electric vehicles become more commonplace and the world needs more clean electricity to “move.”

The post-crash spike that uranium and associated businesses saw might be a sign of things to come. And if you want this radioactive material to become an asset, you might consider adding its “nuclear” power to your portfolio in the form of the best uranium stocks in Canada.

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