20 Stay At Home Mom Jobs (2024): Set Your Own Schedule

It’s hard to balance parenting with a traditional nine-to-five work schedule.

Because of this, many new mothers stop working altogether or drastically cut their hours at work.

There are other alternatives, though, that allow you to earn money from home while still being a full-time parent.

Today, I’m going to show you some of the best stay at home mom jobs that you can perform from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you have no experience or lots of experience, I guarantee you’ll find something that fits your busy schedule below.

The Best Stay-At-Home Mom Jobs: What To Look For

As a stay-at-home mom, there are certain things that you’ll want to consider when looking for a virtual job opportunity. The following items are what you should look for when trying to find the best stay-at-home mom job for yourself:

  • Flexible hours
  • Low-stress position
  • 100% virtual/remote work
  • No late nights
  • Ability to set your own weekly schedule

Thankfully, there are lots of online jobs, freelancing opportunities, and side hustles that fit the bill!

Work At Home Jobs For Moms With No Experience

Not everybody has professional work experience or a college degree, and that’s perfectly fine. There are lots of remote jobs that require little to no experience whatsoever. Many of them even pay as much as other positions that do require advanced skills.

1. Virtual Assistant or Online Secretary

1. Virtual Assistant or Online Secretary
  • Average Pay: $15 – $40 per hour
  • Key Skills Needed: Communication, Microsoft Office tools, organization

Virtual assistants are essentially online secretaries. They wear many hats and can find work in a variety of different industries. There are a lot of virtual assistant positions available working for professional services, such as doctors’ offices and law firms.

You can also find work with tech companies, payment processors, and other businesses that offer specialized services.

As a virtual assistant, you’ll usually help your managers organize materials, send invoices, generate reports, respond to customer messages, and set appointments.

Communication and organization skills are very important, as you’ll need to use these every day. Also, it helps to become acquainted with Microsoft Office tools, such as Excel and Word.

If you want to improve your odds of landing an excellent virtual assistant position, I highly recommend checking out this 90-day VA training program.

2. Data Entry & Transcribing

Data Entry & Transcribing
  • Average Pay: $15 – $25 per hour
  • Key Skills Needed: Typing, basic math, organization

Data entry and transcribing jobs are generally simple, straightforward positions that involve entering numbers into spreadsheets, transcribing voice messages into written messages, or assisting accountants with numbers and invoices.

Depending on the position, I recommend having basic typing skills and math skills (nothing crazy, just basic addition/subtraction, multiplication/division).

You’ll also want to be organized, so you can keep up with the data entry projects you’re working on and ensure that nothing is missed.

If you’re interested in learning more about transcription and data entry positions, the Transcribe Anywhere course is a great way to get started.

3. Appointment Setter

Appointment Setter
  • Average Pay: $15 to $25 per hour
  • Key Skills Needed: Communication, organization

As an appointment setter, you’ll typically work for professional offices, such as doctors, lawyers, and B2B organizations. The position involves answering phone calls and emails, networking with clients and setting up appointments.

If you have a friendly, helpful demeanour and you enjoy talking on the phone, writing emails, and have good communication skills, then this is a decent-paying stay-at-home mom job.

Generally speaking, you’ll work for a few hours in the afternoon or whenever the main office is the busiest.

4. Content Proofreader

Content Proofreader
  • Average Pay: $15 to $28 per hour
  • Key Skills Needed: Reading/writing, grammar, Microsoft Word

Content proofreaders look through web pages, articles, ebooks, and social media posts to make sure that they’re free from errors and are ready to be published. It may seem a bit trivial, but a website’s rankings are heavily determined by grammar and language.

Articles with poor grammar and spelling mistakes may be penalized by Google and can hurt the website.

This means that there are lots of virtual proofreading positions available for stay-at-home moms. The best part about this job is that it’s incredibly easy.

You don’t have to write any of your own content. You just have to look through other people’s content, fix a few errors here and there, and make side notes for the editor.

The Proofread Anywhere course is a great place to get started if you want to learn more about how to find virtual content proofreading jobs.

5. Virtual Tutor

Virtual Tutor
  • Average Pay: $18 to $40 per hour
  • Key Skills Needed: Teaching, communication

If you have patience, a knack for explaining things, and you’re a natural teacher, then becoming a virtual tutor can be a very rewarding job for stay-at-home moms.

You’ll be working one-on-one with students, helping them grasp subjects so they can do better in school. Your tutoring sessions will be conducted virtually over the computer via video chat.

The more technical the subject you’re teaching, the more you can expect to get paid.

Simple tutoring jobs like elementary math and writing generally require no experience or special degrees. You just have to know the basics and be good at communicating them to students.

Virtual English tutors are in very high demand right now, and getting certified is quick and easy.

To learn more about tutoring English, check out Ninja Academy’s TEFL course (teaching English as a foreign language).

Leverage Your Skills: Freelance Jobs For Stay-At-Home Moms

If you’ve spent some time developing professional skills (even if you don’t have a degree), there are lots of freelancing opportunities that you can take advantage of. The best part about freelancing is that you’ll never have to worry about set schedules.

You can work as much or little as you want.

Some of the best resources to find high-paying freelance jobs for stay-at-home moms are:

6. Freelance Graphic Designer

Freelance Graphic Designer
  • Average Pay: $20 to $75 per hour
  • Key Skills Needed: Logo design, drawing, Adobe programs

These days, small businesses rarely hire large marketing firms to design their visuals. Instead, they hire freelancers to design their logos, business cards, album artwork, posters, and other promotional material.

Depending on the size of the project and your personal skill level, you can demand anywhere from $20 to $75 per hour for your services. If you do good work for your clients, there’s also a chance to build long-lasting relationships and earn steady income.

7. Freelance Video Editor

Freelance Video Editor
  • Average Pay: $22 to $50 per hour
  • Key Skills Needed: Videography, social media, video editing software

It takes a lot of content to get recognized on social media platforms. Small businesses and influencers often can’t keep up with their content workload, so they outsource it to freelance video editors.

As an editor, your clients will usually send you multiple video clips along with some basic formatting instructions for how they want the project put together.

You may also be asked to take longer pieces of content (such as YouTube videos) and break them down into small snippets for platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

You’ll need to be well acquainted with video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro or Apple’s Final Cut software, along with mobile editing software to produce social media clips.

8. Freelance Writer or Editor

Freelance Writer or Editor
  • Average Pay: $20 to $50 per hour
  • Key Skills Needed: Writing, communication, Microsoft Word

While bloggers try to write as much of their own content as possible, they often rely on freelancers to produce and edit some of their content.

Foreign e-commerce sites often rely completely on English-speaking writers to create their website content so they can market to American and Canadian audiences.

As a freelance writer, you’ll typically be given a title and subject to write on, some keywords that need to be mentioned throughout the article, and some links that should be referenced.

Short articles may only be 300 to 400 words, while longer articles may be upwards of 5,000 words or more.

Most writers get paid by the word, and the average starting pay ranges between $20 and $25 per 1,000 words. Fast typers should be able to produce at least 1,000 words per hour.

9. Freelance Web Designer

Freelance Web Designer
  • Average Pay: $30 to $75 per hour
  • Key Skills Needed: HTML, CSS, Javascript, website design platforms like WordPress and Shopify

Freelance web designers are responsible for building beautiful, functional websites that provide a great experience to visitors.

Advanced projects typically require an in-depth knowledge of front-end web development languages and require a significant amount of coding work.

However, there are lots of easy web design and UX design (User Experience) jobs that simply involve editing websites with web design programs like WordPress, Wix, or Squarespace.

The more advanced knowledge is required for the job, the more you can expect to earn.

10. Freelance Product Photography & Videography

Freelance Product Photography & Videography
  • Average Pay: $25 to $95 per hour
  • Key Skills Needed: Photography, videography, photo/video editing, marketing

As a freelance product photographer and videographer, you’ll be responsible for showcasing products using your skills with a camera.

Your clients will usually mail you samples (which you can often keep as partial payment) of the products they want to showcase. They may also provide you with some creative direction for the project and give you some info on their brand.

Then, you’ll take photos and videos of the product, edit them, and create full visual advertisements, promotional videos, and create social media content for the brand.

If you’ve got some skills with a camera and a natural eye for marketing, this can be an excellent way to earn money as a stay-at-home mom.

Side Hustles For Stay At Home Moms

If you don’t want to commit to a full-time job, then a side hustle could be the perfect solution to help you make money online as a stay-at-home mom.

11. Create An Etsy Store For Homemade Crafts

Create An Etsy Store For Homemade Crafts
  • Average Pay: $15 to $100 per day
  • Key Skills Needed: Crafting, marketing

If you have a unique craft or the ability to make things, then why not leverage it by opening up an Etsy store. Etsy is an e-commerce platform designed to give artisans a place to market their handmade crafts.

Whether you make jewelry, custom clothing, or art, Etsy lets you create a free online shop where you can sell your goods. Your online shop can have as little or as many items as you want. All you have to do is fulfill and ship orders.

Social media is a great way to market your handmade crafts and you can place a link to your Etsy shop in your social media profile.

12. Resell Items On eBay

Resell Items On eBay
  • Average Pay: $10 to $100 per item
  • Key Skills Needed: Product knowledge, marketing, thrifting

If you like thrift shopping, then you may be able to turn it into a source of income. Thrift stores and garage sales are often goldmines where you can find rare collector items and designer clothing for far less than they’re worth.

Just last month, my friend Terry found an unopened pack of Pokemon trading cards for $2 at a garage sale. Several of the cards were incredibly rare, and he ended up selling the entire pack for $120!

If you have an eye for consumer trends, know how to find deals, and know what to look for, this can be a great way to make easy money online as a stay-at-home mom.

13. Earn Royalties By Taking Stock Photos

Earn Royalties By Taking Stock Photos
  • Average Pay: $0.25 to $0.50 every time your photo is downloaded
  • Key Skills Needed: Photography

If you have a professional camera, then you can earn some decent side cash for your photos. Websites and brands pay for professional stock photos that they can use for their blogs and marketing materials.

All you have to do is create an account with a stock photo website like Shutterstock, upload photos, and wait to get paid.

Depending on the popularity of your photos, you could earn up to $0.50 every time that your photo is downloaded and used online. It may seem like a little, but imagine if you had 100 stock photos that each got downloaded once a day.

14. Create a YouTube Channel

Create a YouTube Channel
  • Average Pay: $200 to $50,000 per month
  • Key Skills Needed: Videography, video editing

Technically speaking, YouTube is the world’s largest free TV network. Content creators can be rewarded and compensated in multiple ways, including:

  • Ad revenue from ad placements in their video
  • Commission from products they review
  • Brand collaborations

Building a successful YouTube channel can take several years. However, it’s something that you can easily do in your free time as a stay-at-home mom. The key is to find a niche that you enjoy making videos about and post consistently.

Once you build a following, you’ll be able to earn decent money by displaying ads during your video or get paid by brands for promoting their products and services.

15. Affiliate Marketing & Product Reviews

Affiliate Marketing & Product Reviews
  • Average Pay: $100 to $5,000 per month
  • Key Skills Needed: Writing, photography, video editing

As an affiliate marketer, you’ll be reviewing products and services in exchange for a small commission every time somebody buys the product using your customized link. You can earn affiliate commissions in several different ways, including:

  • Making YouTube unboxing videos
  • Posting product photos and reviews on social media
  • Making a website where you review and recommend products

One of the best companies to become an affiliate for is Amazon. You can also work with smaller brands selling specialized products.

Remote Careers For Stay At Home Moms

If you have advanced skills, certifications, or a college degree and you’re looking for a full-time career, these are some high-paying careers that offer flexible schedules and remote work.

16. Software Developer

Software Developer
  • Average Pay: $65,000 to $130,000 per year
  • Key Skills Needed: Computer programming, software engineering, database architecture

Software developers are some of the highest-paid skilled workers in the world. They’re needed all over the world, which means that there are ample opportunities when it comes to finding remote work.

As a software developer, you could be working on a number of projects, including:

  • App development
  • Game development
  • Backend website development
  • Software services
  • … and more

17. Tech Support Professional

Tech Support Professional
  • Average Pay: $27 – $38 per hour
  • Key Skills Needed: Communication, technical support

As a tech support professional, you’ll usually work with large tech firms, assisting customers with their products and services.

To perform well at this job, you’ll need in-depth knowledge about the product or service you’re providing assistance with, which is usually taught on the job.

People skills are a must-have in this career, as you’ll often be dealing with frustrated or disgruntled customers. Your ability to help customers solve their problems will determine your success.

18. Virtual Sales

Virtual Sales
  • Average Pay: $3,000 – $20,000 per month
  • Key Skills Needed: Communication, sales

Sales is one of the highest-paying professions in the world. If you like people and you’re a great communicator, a virtual sales position can be a great opportunity to earn big money from commissions.

As a virtual sales professional, you’ll be calling clients on the phone, checking up on warm leads via email, and even video chatting with clients from time to time.

Most sales positions pay a base hourly rate and pay commission for every product, service, or subscription that you sell.

19. Remote Bookkeeping & Accounting

Remote Bookkeeping & Accounting
  • Average Pay: $30 – $80 per hour
  • Key Skills Needed: Accounting, math, tax codes

Remote bookkeepers record sales, transactions, and expenses for a business, ensuring that their spending is organized and keeping track of where money is coming and going.

If you’re a chartered accountant, then you can increase your income as a remote accountant, helping businesses with their taxes and payroll as well.

20. Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager
  • Average Pay: $30 to $50 per hour
  • Key Skills Needed: Social media platforms, digital marketing, content creation

As a social media manager, you’ll help brands create content strategies, network with followers, respond to online messages, and run social media ads. Larger companies often pay $1,000 per week in salary or more for full-time virtual social media managers.

You’ll usually work alongside content creators who will provide you with a steady stream of photos, videos, and post captions. It will be your job to coordinate posts across platforms and increase the brand’s online presence.

How Can A Stay At Home Mom Get A Job?

Thankfully, Canada offers EI maternity leave and parental benefits to new mothers, which can sustain you for a while. This doesn’t last forever, though.

If you want to continue being a stay-at-home mom and earn money, then you’ll need to find a job that can accommodate your needs.

In the old days, job searchers would have to go job-searching in the city, hand out printed resumes, show up at open interviews, and set appointments for interviews.

Today, things are a lot different. There are more online jobs and careers for stay-at-home moms than there have ever been in the past. You can open your laptop, apply to an online job, conduct a virtual interview, and start work the next day without ever having to leave your house.

Currently, just over 30% of Canadians work online, as there’s little to no need for the traditional office model.


Stay At Home Mom Jobs

As you can see, there are lots of stay-at-home mom jobs that allow you to be a full-time parent and earn money at the same time. Whether you’re looking for full-time, part-time, or gig work, the internet is full of ways to leverage your skills for money.

Are you ready to start your online career?

If so, then be sure to check out this list of the best remote job search websites next!

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