Tangerine Specimen Cheque: How to Print a Void Cheque (2024)

Periodically, it may be necessary to provide your employer, landlord, or creditor with a Tangerine specimen cheque.

Specimen cheques are just blank cheques from your bank that have been voided to ensure that they can’t be used to withdraw money from your account.

They’re primarily used to verify your identity and provide institutions with your bank account details.

Tangerine currently has over 2.5 million Canadian clients and is one of the fastest-growing online-only banks in the country. Below, I’ll show you how to get a Tangerine specimen cheque online and how to read one.

How To Get A Tangerine Specimen Cheque Online

Here’s how to get a Tangerine specimen cheque, if you’re ever asked to provide one.

Step 1: Log Into Your Online Banking Account

Tangerine Dashboard

First, you’ll need to log into your Tangerine online banking portal. You can either do this from your desktop or Tangerine’s mobile banking app.

Once you’re logged in, you’ll be able to view your Tangerine accounts and products. Select the chequing account that you would like to provide a void cheque for.

Step 2: Order A Tangerine Chequebook OR Print A Tangerine Void Cheque

Now that you’re on your chequing account dashboard, you should be able to see all of the information on that account. Under the ‘Account Options’ tab, you should see multiple options including:

  • Account actions
  • Order a draft
  • Order cheques
  • Print a void cheque
  • Apply for overdraft protection

You should be concerned with the two bolded options: “Order Cheques” and “Print A Void Cheque.”

From here you’ll have two options to produce a specimen cheque.

The traditional choice would be to order cheques, and then void your own cheque by hand. Depending on the institution or individual requesting the Tangerine specimen cheque, they may prefer you to produce a traditional void cheque.

Of these two options, though, printing a Tangerine specimen cheque is the easiest and most straightforward. Once you click “Print A Void Cheque,” a pop-up window will appear on your screen displaying an image of a blank Tangerine void cheque.

You can print this the same way as you’d print any other webpage and present it as a void cheque to the individual or organization requesting the information.

  • Note: You won’t be able to print a Tangerine specimen cheque out using the mobile app. To print a cheque from your Tangerine online banking, you’ll need to log into the Tangerine desktop application.

Step 3: Void Your Tangerine Specimen Cheque

If you opted to order cheques from Tangerine, then you’ll have to void your cheque to ensure that nobody uses your cheque to fraudulently withdraw funds from your account.

To void your Tangerine specimen cheque, simply write the word “VOID” in large letters across the front of the cheque. This ensures that the cheque can only be used for informational purposes.

The online PDF version should already have void written on it, but if it doesn’t then write it in also.

  • Note: If you’ve recently signed up for a Tangerine chequing account, then you should have been mailed an initial chequebook with 50 cheques. This can take up to 8 weeks to arrive in the mail, though. If you’re in a rush, it’s easier to print a void cheque online.

Tangerine Void Cheque: Best Practice Tips

If you’re voiding a Tangerine specimen cheque, here are a few helpful tips to ensure that it’s processed correctly and isn’t misused for fraudulent purposes.

Write “VOID” In Large Letters

When voiding your Tangerine specimen cheque, you’ll want to write the word “VOID” in large letters across the front of the cheque.

I’ve seen some void cheques where “VOID” is written in tiny letters in the memo box. While this is technically correct, it’s not the safest.

The small letters could be easily written over or manipulated and used by a thief to withdraw funds from your account. Writing “VOID” in large letters ensures that your Tangerine specimen cheque can never be manipulated.

Use A Pen With Permanent Ink

This probably goes without saying, but never void a cheque with a pencil or an erasable pen. Make sure that you use a black or blue pen with permanent ink, to ensure that the word “VOID” can’t be erased or written over.

Don’t Cover The MICR Encoding Line

When voiding your Tangerine specimen cheque, make sure that you don’t accidentally cover the MICR encoding line on the bottom of the cheque.

These numbers include important account information required by the individual or organization requesting the Tangerine void cheque (see below for more details).

How To Read A Tangerine Specimen Cheque

Tips When Writing a Cheque

Now that you know how to print and void a Tangerine specimen cheque, here’s a quick how-to guide on how to read and understand a Tangerine cheque. The same rules should apply to reading cheques from other banks.

Account Holder Information (Top Left)

The upper-left-hand corner of the cheque should display your personal information, including:

  • Your full name
  • Your mailing address

This is important because it verifies your identity and your address.

Cheque Date (Top Right)

The top-right of your Tangerine specimen cheque should display the date that the cheque is valid to be cashed on. For a void cheque, this is not important.

Payee Line (Center)

The center line (payee line), is where the name of the individual or business that you’re paying should be written. Again, on a void cheque, this is not important, and should be covered with the word “VOID.”

Written Dollar Amount (Center)

Underneath the payee line, you’ll find the written dollar amount line. Here, the amount of the cheque should be written in full words, such as:

  • One-hundred dollars
  • Two-hundred-and-fifty dollars

On a void cheque, this line should be left blank since you’re not using the cheque to pay anybody.

Numerical Dollar Amount (Far Center)

To the right of the written dollar amount, you would normally write the numerical value of the amount of the cheque. Again, this is not necessary for a void cheque, but is important to note if you’re writing a real cheque to somebody.

Memo (Bottom Left)

The bottom left should include a memo for what the cheque is for. Here, you can just write “VOID.”

Signature Line (Bottom Right)

Although it’s not necessary for a Tangerine specimen cheque, you may want to provide your personal signature on this line to prove that you’re the one who sent the cheque.

MICR Encoding Line

The bottom numerical line includes the following important data about your Tangerine bank account:

  • The bank transit number (far left)
  • The bank code (middle)
  • Your Tangerine bank account number (far right)

Endorsement Line (Back Of The Cheque)

If you flip the cheque over, you’ll find the endorsement line. This should be left blank when writing a Tangerine specimen cheque.

Tangerine Specimen Cheque: FAQs

To wrap up, here are a few quick answers to commonly asked questions about Tangerine specimen cheques.

Can I Print A Tangerine Specimen Cheque Online?

Yes! Simply log into your online banking portal through the desktop website, click on your chequing account, select “Account Options,” and then click “Print Void Cheque.”

Is It Safe To Send A Tangerine Specimen Cheque In The Mail?

Generally, it’s safe to send a Tangerine void cheque in the mail. However, since the void cheque has personal information, including your name and address, I recommend sending it in a security envelope that can’t be read by the individuals handling your mail.

Where Do I Find My Tangerine Account Number On Cheque?

If you look at the bottom of your Tangerine specimen cheque, you’ll see a long string of numbers. This is called the MICR encoding line. The 10-digit number on the far right is your account number.

Where Is The Tangerine Transit Number On A Cheque?

The Tangerine transit number can be found by looking at the MICR encoding line at the bottom of the cheque. It’s a 5-digit number immediately to the right of the cheque number (which is on the far left).


Tangerine Specimen Cheque

Tangerine is one of the few online-only banks that makes it simple and easy to print out a Tangerine specimen cheque online.

In addition to Tangerine’s high-interest savings account, I also really like the bank’s no-fee cashback credit card.

You can read my full review of Tangerine’s cashback credit card here!

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