TPT Canada: Teachers Pay Teachers Explained (2024)

In 2006, New York City resident and teacher, Paul Edelman, founded Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) to fill the communication and knowledge gap between teachers throughout North America. Today, the platform is owned by the Scholastic Corporation and is used throughout the United States and Canada.

Teachers Pay Teachers Canada is an online marketplace where teachers and other education professionals can sell lesson plans, homework sheets, and other classroom materials to other educators.

TPT Canada is mostly free to use and is an excellent resource that Canadian teachers can use to save time, earn extra income, and find inspiring classroom projects. Below, I’ll explain how it works and show you how to take advantage of Teachers Pay Teachers in Canada.

What Is Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT)?

Teachers Pay Teachers, otherwise known as TPT, is like eBay for teachers and educators. Simply put, it’s a widespread online marketplace where teachers can sell physical and digital materials related to teaching, such as:

  • Homework sheets
  • Quizzes and assessments
  • Lesson plans
  • Class projects
  • Visual organizers and graphics
  • … and more

Although teachers and professors are the primary users of TPT, anybody can realistically sign up for the platform and start selling their own personalized education materials.

For example, if I wanted to earn some extra income, I could create some visual diagrams about personal finance and sell them to Canadian economics teachers.

That being said, TPT has partnered with public and private schools throughout Canada to allow free, open access to millions of classroom resources. If you teach at one of TPT’s partner schools in Canada, then you may be able to download many of the platform’s digital resources free of charge.

If your school isn’t partnered with TPT, you can refer the principal to the platform where they can overview partnership options.

Otherwise, any educator can create a free account on TPT Canada and purchase education materials from sellers on the platform.

What Type Of Products Can You Find On Teachers Pay Teachers?

Lesson Plans

Teachers Pay Teachers offers everything that a teacher needs to help their students succeed. It can be especially helpful for new teachers who haven’t had time to develop their own original lesson plans yet or who are looking for some creative inspiration.

Here are some of the product categories that you can purchase on TPT Canada.

1. Lesson Plans

TPT allows you to search for resources based on classroom standards and subjects. For example, you could search for ‘Algebra’ and be presented with customized lesson plans teaching core algebraic principles.

Of course, you may need to amend certain details of the lesson plans to fit the curriculum taught at your school. However, the lesson plans you’ll find on TPT Canada can serve as a great skeleton, providing structure and fluidity to your teaching style.

Ultimately, the better planned your lessons are, the more your students will learn and the higher grades they’ll get.

2. Graphical Resources

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been a visual learner. You can talk all day, and I’ll probably get a basic understanding of what you’re trying to say. But if you show me a graphic chart, I’ll understand everything a lot quicker.

Around 65% of the population identifies as visual learners, meaning I’m not alone.

If you’re teaching subjects like science, math, or economics, having a good visual organizer can really help your classroom grasp core concepts.

3. Worksheets

The worksheets found in many public school textbooks are often less than satisfactory. In some cases, they may serve only to confuse and frustrate your students.

Thankfully, creative teachers have put together their own subject-related worksheets that you can pass out during your class.

4. Quizzes

Struggling to put together a pop quiz for your class? Not sure what it should include? Have no fear- you can download subject-specific quizzes and assessment tests on TPT Canada.

Just be sure to review them and make sure that they align with the curriculum you’re teaching so your students aren’t caught off-guard.

5. Project Blueprints

If you want to surprise your students and get them to think outside of the box, classroom projects are a great resource. From chemistry projects to art projects, TPT has tons of great project blueprints and project kits that you can order to encourage your students to learn in a hands-on environment.

6. Homework Packets

Most students abhor homework. Although it’s an inevitable part of being an educator, you can at least make your students’ homework more interesting with creative homework packets found on TPT Canada.

7. Class Activities

One of the best ways to encourage your classroom to get involved with what they’re learning is to have everybody participate in class activities that will help them understand what you’re teaching.

How Teachers Pay Teachers Canada Works

Teachers Pay Teachers Canada is 100% free to use, and anybody can sign up for it. That being said, all of the content and resources sold on TPT Canada are related to education in one way or another.

TPT For Homeschoolers

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of homeschoolers in Canada doubled as many schools had to close their doors or operate with fewer teachers than they required. This gave many parents a chance to step in and help their children learn.

If you’re a homeschooling parent, TPT is a great resource that you can use to find creative teaching resources for your child.

TPT For Educators

If you’re an educator and your school is affiliated with Teachers Pay Teachers, then you’ll have free access to many of the materials that homeschoolers and basic members have to pay for.

Teachers Pay Teachers Membership Tiers

Teachers Pay Teachers has three basic membership tiers:

  • Free membership
  • Basic sellers membership
  • Premium sellers membership

Free TPT Membership

If you just want to browse the TPT online marketplace and purchase resources, you can create a free TPT account using your email address. You’ll also be able to access TPT community bulletin boards and forums, which allow you to network with other teachers.

Free Basic TPT Seller Account

If you plan on creating and selling your own resources on TPT Canada, you can sign up for a free seller’s account on TPT. This gives you all of the consumer benefits of a TPT basic account but also allows you to upload and sell virtual resources.

Premium TPT Seller Account

If you want to maximize your revenue from Teachers Pay Teachers Canada, you can sign up for a TPT premium seller account for $59.95 per year. This membership tier comes with two key benefits over a free TPT seller account:

  • You can upload resources that are larger than 1 GB (i.e. larger lesson plans)
  • You can post video resources.

Premium TPT seller accounts also have access to more marketing tools, allowing them to earn more and track their revenue.

How TPT Makes Teaching Easier

ESL Teachers

Teachers Pay Teachers makes life easier for teachers and allows them to join an online community of like-minded educators. Here are some of the key ways that TPT can make teaching easier.

Inspirational Ideas

As a teacher, you’re expected to stick to the school’s core curriculum. Unfortunately, this can get a bit dull at times for both you and your students. The resources and lesson plans you’ll find on TPT can give you some creative classroom ideas that you can implement while still following your school’s core curriculum.

Saves Teachers Time

If you’re short on time and aren’t able to make a lesson plan, type up a pop quiz, or come up with an applicable homework assignment, TPT can really save you time by allowing you to download pre-made templates.

Allows Teachers To Earn Extra Income

Last but not least, TPT provides an online marketplace where creative teachers can get rewarded and earn extra income by sharing their lesson plans and education resources with other teachers.

Conclusion – Is Teachers Pay Teachers Canada Worth It?

Teachers Pay Teachers In Canada

You can sign up for a free membership or seller account on Teachers Pay Teachers Canada, so there’s no excuse not to at least try it.

If you’re a homeschooler or professional educator in Canada, TPT can provide you with all of the resources you need to ensure your student’s success while also allowing you to earn extra income on the side.

Looking for a way to earn extra income with your teaching skills? If you have a passion for teaching and know a second language, then you could earn extra money by working as an online English tutor.

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