How To Teach English Online In Canada 2024: 4 Simple Steps

With the recent pandemic causing many to lose their jobs, the troubling state of the economy, and soaring prices, finding a side hustle for some extra cash is turning into the new normal.

Inflation rates have been high, making everyday citizens feel the squeeze on their wallets. Because of this, many have looked at ways to supplement their income. One popular idea is teaching English online in Canada.

While this might seem daunting, it’s probably easier to do than you think. Not only will you bring in extra money, but you’ll help aid in the development of those looking to improve their English skills.

So how does it work? What are the steps on how to teach English online in Canada? Before you can start your lessons, here’s what you should know.

  1. Consider the requirements needed to get started.
  2. Get the appropriate equipment.
  3. Find an online teaching job from a trusted source.
  4. Look for online teacher resources to make your class fun and engaging.

1. Consider the Requirements Needed To Get Started

Consider the Requirements Needed To Get Started

Now that you decided to teach, you might wonder what sort of certification or degree you need to get started. First, most reputable English teaching companies don’t require an education degree but are looking for those fluent in the language.

In addition, many require their teachers to have a bachelor’s degree, but it can be in any discipline, not necessarily education or teaching.

While most of the more well-known companies require degrees, it isn’t always necessary to sign up as an English language teacher. Instead, consider obtaining a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certification.

This certification is internationally recognized and provides you with the training and qualifications to become a knowledgeable teacher.

You’ll need to complete 120 hours of training to obtain the certificate. There are many online sites where you can get all your credits in your own time.

While these courses come with all the resources and tutoring, they also cost a few hundred dollars.

However, it’s probably worth it in the long run if you’re serious about teaching English. Not sure where to start? Check out these top TEFL courses.

2.  Get the Appropriate Equipment

Source: Online Teacher Dude

Now that you have the proper certification, let’s talk equipment. Because you’re working online, you’ll need a laptop or PC with a secure internet connection.

The last thing you want is to be in the middle of a lesson and have everything go fuzzy or completely lose your picture.

In addition to a working computer with plenty of available space and a speedy internet connection, you’ll need a high-quality webcam and headset to communicate.

Next, set yourself up in a quiet space, preferably one with a door. That way, you keep out your trusty animal pals that want to bark or meow when it’s class time.

Since you’re working from home, there will be plenty of distractions and having a designated work space helps keep your focus and limits interruptions.

3.  Find an Online Teaching Job from a Trusted Source

Source: English Teacher Ryan

Online English teachers are in demand – just look at all the companies out there hiring. While that’s great news if you’re looking to get into this business, it’s probably also a little overwhelming.

Before deciding on a platform, keep these factors in mind.

  • Are you better with a set schedule, or is this job appealing because of its flexibility? Since many of the students are in other countries and different time zones, how will you handle that? Can you get up super early or work late into the evening?
  • What are your salary expectations? If you plan on making this a full-time gig, figure out how many classes you’ll need to teach to reach your weekly income goal. While hourly rates vary by company and experience levels, this salary calculator can help give you insight into what you could earn based on your availability.
  • Consider your potential students – are you interested in teaching elementary-aged kids or older? What about adults? Not all platforms cater to every age group, so when you’re researching companies, keep the age range in the back of your mind.

Once you figure out your non-negotiables and what you need to succeed, check out these top-rated companies.

1.   VIPKid


Consistently touted as one of the top English teaching platforms, VIPKid hires potential teachers from Canada and the US. The company already has a set curriculum designed by their in-house team, so all you need to do is teach.

In addition, the schedule is flexible, letting you choose how often you want to work, and the pay is at the top end of all English teaching platforms.

2.   QKids


Another company similar to VIPKid, QKids looks for teachers out of Canada and the US that hold a bachelor’s degree in any subject and a teaching license or valid certificate such as a TEFL.

QKid’s teachers receive a base pay of $16 per hour with the chance to earn up to $20/hr. Teachers need to work a minimum of 6 hours per week with class schedules coming out each Sunday.

3.   iTutorGroup


Where the above two companies cater more toward teaching children, iTutorGroup expands its client base and includes adults and professionals looking to bolster their conversation skills.

But if you’d rather work with younger kids, there’s a junior age group from six to eighteen also available.

According to its website, teachers need to work at least six hours a week during peak hours.

4.   Cambly


The above companies all require a bachelor’s degree and teaching certificate, but Cambly doesn’t. Instead, you just need to be a native English speaker and have a good grasp of the language.

Cambly provides you with guided course material, and unlike other platforms, the lessons are one on one. 

If you’re looking for more options and companies that are currently hiring, check out these trusted platforms.

4. Look for Online Teacher Resources To Make Your Classroom Fun and Engaging

Source: Cambly Tutors

While most of the platforms include already prepared lesson plans and interactive classrooms to make things easier on both you and the students, you’re still the teacher.

That means you need to know your stuff and be confident in your delivery. Plus, you get graded on your performance. That means higher marks receivers stronger bonuses.

Most platforms have a resource section with activities and ideas to help enhance learning. However, the most successful teachers in any company go above and beyond. That means employing props and engaging content to make the content fun and easy to learn.

Many teachers also use a virtual reward system to motivate students to do their best. If you’re looking for more ideas, check out this online teacher resource, where you can buy educational items from other online teachers. 

Final Thoughts

How To Teach English Online In Canada

Teaching English online to children or adults can be a fulfilling and lucrative side hustle or full-time job. If you already have a bachelor’s degree and teaching certificate, you’re more than halfway there.

While half the battle is picking a company to work for, once you decide, you’ll just need to commit to the hours and learn the material to become an engaging and effective teacher.

Looking for other ways to earn money from the comfort of your house? Check out these other work-from-home options.

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