14 Best Money Making Apps in Canada (2022): Earn Money With Your Phone

Looking for unique ways to make extra income in 2022?

Well in today’s connected age, you can make money just by using an app on your cellphone.

There are so many ways to make money, especially in 2022. I’ve been using my smartphone and several money-making apps to make a little extra income on the side.

I use several of the apps below. Here are some interesting money-making app in Canada that you can try.

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1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is an online points-for-gift-cards platform where users can earn a little extra money in exchange for performing simple tasks. You can qualify for certain surveys based on your demographics and accumulating enough points can net you gift cards to various large retailers. I’ve redeemed quite a few gift cards just by taking surveys using this app.

How it works:

  • Join Swagbucks by creating an account online here.
  • Earn points. You can easily earn points by shopping online, answering surveys, watching videos, searching the web, and more.
  • Redeem your points for free gift cards from retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Paypal.

Did I mention they have an A-rating by the BBB? The bottom line is: it’s fine to make a little extra side cash, but don’t expect to make a fortune using Swagbucks.

Try out Swagbucks and receive a $5 credit here.

2. Survey junkie 

Survey Junkie is another survey-taking app I use that rewards users in exchange for points. The clean user interface, 10 million member community and varied number of surveys make this an attractive money-making app.

How it works:

Average payout for each survey is around $1 to $3, so it’s a good idea to not depend on this app for good income. As a side hustle, however, it’s worth a shot.

How to open an account: Sign up for Survey Junkie here.

3. Mistplay

Earn money by playing games. As a gamer myself, this app is heaven. Whenever I’m feeling bored, I’ll choose a random game on the list and earn a little extra, too. The longer you play, the more you earn. 

How it works:

  • Download the app and sign up. The process is simple, and you can start earning points immediately after account activation.
  • Browse the list of available games and start playing.
  • Earn points by playing for a designated length of time (usually 2 to 5 minutes), or by accomplishing specific tasks.
  • Redeem for rewards. You can redeem for gift cards, such as Visa gift cards.

The ultimate dream job you had as a kid is here. While playing games for money usually isn’t something you can make a fortune with, you can at least earn a maximum of $50 a month for doing something you love.

Download Mistplay for Android.

4. Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is an app where you make money just by buying groceries. You can get small rebates on things like tomatoes, bananas, eggs, and milk.

How it works:

  • Download the app and sign up for free.
  • Browse the list of cash back options.
  • If in-store, simply purchase products with corresponding offers on the app.
  • Redeem your offers by taking a picture of your receipt.
  • Build up your cash. Once you hit $20 you can cash out through PayPal or a mailed cheque.

If you’re spending a lot on groceries, it’s a good idea to use Checkout 51 for that little bit of extra cash.

Download Checkout 51 for Android or iOS.

5. Postmates

This app offers delivery jobs of groceries, food, and alcohol to various customers in your city. I’ve never personally used this app before, but I have friends who’ve picked this up as a side gig.

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How it works:

  • Signing up requires you to be 18 years of age or older, have a driver license and insured vehicle (if driving a car), and to pass a background check.
  • After being approved, you’ll be ready to start delivering. Using the Postmates app, you will be able to receive delivery orders and fulfill them.
  • Once you’ve fulfilled orders, the money will be deposited into your bank via direct deposit.

With Postmates, you’ll be able to work whenever you want. This is one of the better ways of earning money if you are a qualified driver (or cyclist). 

Download Postmates on Android or iOS.

6. Doordash

Work as a delivery driver for Doordash, choosing your own hours and delivering food. While I’ve been a customer of Doordash for over a year now, drivers can earn quite a bit of cash working for this company.

How it works:

  • To sign up, you need to be 18 or older and have a car, scooter, or bicycle along with a driver’s license and social security number. Submit your application and consent to a background check.
  • Once you’ve been accepted after one or two weeks, you are able to start working. Accept local orders in your area, and pickup the food and drop them off at customers’ locations. 
  • Your money earned is deposited into your bank account each week. 

You don’t need any prior work experience to start working with Doordash. Nor do you need a fancy car. It’s a win-win, right? 

Sign up to be a Doordash driver here.


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Uber is the widely-used ridesharing platform where driver and rider can easily connect. The handful of times I’ve used Uber Driver, I’ve earned money worth my time. I’ve earned tips on top of the pay, too. 

How it works:

  • Download the Uber Driver app and sign up. You’ll need a driver’s license and vehicle registration for your car.  You’ll also need at least a year’s worth of driving experience.
  • Consent to a background check and make sure your car meets the minimum requirements. 
  • Get your vehicle inspected, as Uber requires a vehicle inspection at least once a year.
  • After all is finished, you’re good to go! Start driving with Uber and use the app to deliver riders.
  • Once you start driving, you’ll be able to earn money weekly via direct bank deposit.

If you’re interested in driving for Uber, look out for the various sign up bonuses they offer. Driving with Uber is possibly one of the best money making apps out there, as you can make a decent income as a full-time driver.

Download Uber Driver for Android or iOS


8. eBay

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Buy and sell stuff online using eBay. You can sell your used goods, such as textbooks, video games, cellphones, and more using this online marketplace. I’ve listed and sold dozens of items on eBay, and it’s my go-to app for selling my old stuff.

How it works:

  • Once you’ve signed up for an account, you can start selling right away.
  • Create a listing for your item, which includes adding pictures and a description of the item you are selling. You can set a “Buy it Now” or “Auction” option for your item.
  • Confirm your details and wait for the item to sell.
  • Cha-ching! Once your item sells and the money has been funded to you, it’s time to ship the item. Package it nicely and ship it to your buyer.

If you have a lot of used stuff to sell, eBay is a great app for you. You can also scour local places for used items and list them on eBay for some extra cash.

Download eBay for Android or iOS

9. Upwork (for Freelancers)

If you’ve got freelancer skills, such as copywriting, programming, graphic design, or video editing, Upwork is a great place to earn extra cash or even make a livable income. I’ve tried it a few times myself and even landed some paying clients.

How it works:

  • Sign up for Upwork with a free account. After setting up your billing method and filling out details such as website URL (this isn’t required), you’ll move on to the more specific stuff.
  • Fill out your profile. This includes inputting your specialization, such as “mobile development.” Input your experience and photo as well as other identifying features. This is your chance to make your profile shine for potential clients.
  • Once you’re ready, start applying. There are a variety of jobs posted on Upwork, and you can apply to each position as you see fit.

Freelancers on Upwork can make thousands of dollars in one week. However, you need to be really skilled and in high demand for this to happen. Otherwise, Upwork is a great way to use your special skills or start your freelance career.

Download Upwork for Freelancers for Android or iOS.

10. Airbnb  

Airbnb is an app you can use to share your home or room to travelers. Throughout the years, Airbnb has been my go-to app to make a little extra cash if I have extra space in my house. I also have an Airbnb rental in a hot tourist destination in Asia that I rent out. 

Airbnb might be a bit more work than other apps on this list, but your potential to make more money is a lot higher. 

How it works:

  • To sign up to become a host, you’ll need to create a profile, add a picture, and get verified using your phone number and ID (for safety purposes).
  • Next, you’ll need to register your room (or entire place) on the app. Add photos and a neat description to attract potential guests. You can also set your price, schedule, and requirements for guests.
  • Done! Your place is up for listing. All that’s left is to wait for someone to book your room

The best part about Airbnb? The freedom. It’s the app that makes being a landlord easy, without all the extra hassle.

Download Airbnb on Android or iOS.


TaskRabbit is an online, mobile marketplace where buyers and sellers of services are connected. Services include handyman jobs, moving, home repair, cleaning, and more. As a user of TaskRabbit, my home was cleaned spick-and-span with no compplaints at all.

How it works:

  • In order to work for TaskRabbit, you must be 21 years of age, have a social security number, pass a background check, have a Facebook or LinkedIn page, and have an account to deposit your funds. 
  • After signing up, which includes confirming your identity and signing up for a background check, you’ll have to go through a training session to start working. 
  • Set your hourly rates and type of work you do. 
  • Start working! As a Tasker, you can accept jobs posted by clients and clients can also reach out to you.

As a Tasker, you can use your skills to earn a little extra money. Breaking in may be difficult at first, but once you start getting in good reviews, finding clients will become easier.

Download TaskRabbit for Android or iOS.

12. Wag!

Do you love dogs? Why not try out Wag! where you can earn money by walking other people’s dogs. 

How it works:

  • To sign up for Wag!, you need to submit an application which consists of a quiz and short Bio. After one to three days, you’ll know if you’ve been accepted or not. 
  • You need to pay a fee of $25 for the application process. Once done, you’ll be asked to provide more information such as photo, identification, and social security number.
  • After a final review and approval, you’re ready to walk! Turn on the app to find dog walk requests in your area. You can choose between 20-minute, 30-minute, and hour-long walks.

You can use Wag! as a side hustle. You’ll earn money while also walking and enjoying the company of dogs. Top walkers can even earn hundreds of dollars a week.

Download Wag on Android and iOS.

13. SlideJoy

Want to just install an app and earn money by doing nothing? You can with Slidejoy. When you install the app you’ll be “renting” out your lockscreen, as ads will appear here and you’ll earn money as a result. If you don’t mind ads, like me, this app is perfect for you.

How it works:

  • Simply install the app and sign up for an account. From now on, you’ll see aesthetically-pleasing ads on your lock screen.
  • Earn carats by viewing the ads. Whether you decide to learn more about the ad or just skip it, you’ll earn carats either way.
  • You can get paid in PayPal cash, gift vouchers, and mobile top-ups when you redeem for carats.

\While some people may find this app off-putting, if you can handle the ads then it might be worth checking out SlideJoy. On the downside, the payout isn’t very good. On the plus side, you’re basically doing nothing for a little extra cash.

Download SlideJoy on Android.

14. Sweatcoin

You can literally earn money by walking. Sweatcoin tracks your steps and pays you in ‘digital currency’ that you can use to redeem for rewards. Since I often walk around the city, the feeling I get when I earn coins simply by walking makes me happy beyond belief. The more steps you take, the more you earn.

How it works:

  • Sign up for Sweatcoin here. You’ll have to accept the terms and conditions, which include being okay with the company tracking your movement without the app being open.
  • Once you’ve signed up, you’re ready to walk! Generally speaking, you’ll earn about one Sweatcoin for every 1,000 steps you take.
  • Once you earn enough Sweatcoin, you can browse the Sweatcoin marketplace for things like audiobooks, fitness apparel, cellphones, and even televisions.

If you’re active and walking every day, Sweatcoin is a great free way to earn while on the move.

Download link for Sweatcoin here.

Wealthsimple Trade (Canada) and Robinhood (U.S)

Robinhood is the most popular mobile trading app for good reason. It’s a US-based app that offers 100% commission-free stocks, options, cryptocurrency and ETF trades. Oh yeah, did I also mention that it’s completely free? There are absolutely no commissions which is why I love this app for investing. 

Wealthsimple Trade is Canada’s version of Robinhood that was launched in 2019. It also provides 100% commission free stock and ETF trades, but not options and cryptocurrency yet.

How it works:

  • Submit your application form to open an account with Robinhood or Wealthsimple Trade.
  • Transfer your funds to the Robinhood or Wealthsimple Trade account
  • You’re all set! You can now buy stocks and ETFs commission free.

As an added bonus for signing up, you’ll receive one free random stock from their “inventory of settled shares.” I don’t know about you, but I’m not the type of guy that turns down free money! 

Download Robinhood for Android or iOS.Download Wealthsimple Trade for Android or iOS


Does this list of money making apps for 2022 encourage you to step up your mobile money making game?

My experience with these 15 apps has been positive. Even using one or two apps can earn or save you income in the long run.

If you want more ideas about how to make money from your couch, check out this ultimate guide on how to make money online in Canada

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