6 Best Sports Streaming In Canada Options for May 2024

The latest reports from the Media Technology Monitor indicate that 77% of Canadians keep up with sports.

While we can all appreciate a good live game, most of us don’t have the time (or ticket money) to watch all of our favourite matches in person.

Thanks to sports streaming services like DAZN, Sportsnet Now, TSN Direct, and FuboTV, it’s easier than ever to keep up with all of your teams, watch the latest highlights, and full, ad-free matches.

Below, I’ll compare and contrast the best sports streaming in Canada, so you can see which platform is best for you.

It’s game time!

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Overview: The Best Sports Streaming Services In Canada

The nice thing about sports streaming services is that you don’t have to worry about recording games with a DVR, as you would with a traditional cable or satellite TV network.

You simply need to log into your online account and you can watch an entire season’s worth of games on your own time (often without ads).

When it comes to the best sports streaming in Canada, most subscribers choose from the following top-four major platforms:

  • DAZN
  • Sportsnet NOW
  • TSN Direct
  • FuboTV

While there are other free sports streaming sites (such as CBC Gem and CTV Sports), dedicated sports streaming platforms offer the best in terms of variety, ad-free viewing, and high-definition streaming quality.

Free sports streaming sites are good if you want to watch less popular games or catch up on highlights. But you’ll also have to sit through ads and won’t have anywhere near as much sports availability.

Here’s a quick table comparing the best sports streaming in Canada side-by-side:

Sports Streaming PlatformMonthly CostFree Trial Period?
Sportsnet NOW$14.99Yes
TSN Direct$19.99No

Now, here’s a quick chart comparing the cost of the best sports streaming in Canada:

Best Sports Streaming In Canada Chart

Looking at the chart above, you can see that Sportsnet NOW has the lowest monthly rate, followed by TSN Direct. FuboTV and DAZN are, by far, the two most expensive competitors on the market.

From my personal experience, though, FuboTV offers an incredibly wide selection of global games and sports, which is likely why it costs more than others.

The Best Sports Streaming In Canada: In-Depth Review

If you’re just looking for the best sports streaming in Canada, then the data above should be enough for you to make an informed decision. However, monthly subscription costs aren’t the only factor in the equation.

Each of these four platforms has various subscription packages, offers differing sports availability, and has its own perspective features differentiating it from its competitors.

Keep on reading if you want to see a more in-depth review of the top sports streaming platforms in Canada.


DAZN Canada Logo
  • Free Trial Period: Yes
  • Available Sports: Tennies, MMA, Boxing, Hockey (KHL), Cricket, Fishing, Darts, Basketball (FIBA), eSports, Billiards, Wrestling
  • Day Pass Available: No
  • Monthly Subscription Cost: $24.99

DAZN is one of the newest sports streaming platforms in Canada and just launched its service in 2018.

Over the past few years, DAZN has quickly developed into one of the top sports streaming platforms for boxing and MMA. Compared to the other streaming platforms on this list, DAZN has, by far, the widest variety of fights.

DAZN offers a simple pricing model that starts at $24.99 per month, with the ability to cancel your subscription at any time.

The main drawback of DAZN is that the platform doesn’t offer major league hockey (NHL), which is likely going to be a deal-breaker for many of my Canadian friends.

That being said, DAZN does offer KHL international hockey, which allows you to keep up with matches hosted by countries like Russia, Belarus, China, and others.

DAZN also doesn’t offer NBA matches in Canada, so it’s not a great platform for basketball fans, either. Overall, I’d say that DAZN is best for MMA and boxing fans. But it’s not the best for those who follow professional big-league sports.

If you’re into fighting, though, DAZN can save you a lot of money that you’d otherwise have to fork out for expensive pay-per-view matches and bouts (many of which cost upwards of $20/match). If you watch just a few fights per month, DAZN could very well pay for itself and then some.

Is There A Free Trial?

Not sure whether or not DAZN is right for you? Thankfully, the platform has a free trial period that allows first-time users to test out DAZN’s selection for 30 days.

Like most free trials, you’ll have to register your debit or credit card. If you don’t plan on signing up for the subscription, just make sure to cancel your trial before the 30 days are up so you aren’t automatically billed.

Note – if you’ve previously been a member of DAZN, you won’t be able to take advantage of the free trial period. It’s only available to those who are creating brand-new accounts.

How Is The Video Quality?

If you’re watching DAZN on your tablet, smartphone, or web browser, the default streaming quality is 720p. This is considered high-definition. If you’re streaming on a larger screen, such as a TV or large laptop, DAZN also supports 1080p ultra-HD streaming.

At this time, though, DAZN does not support 4k or 5k video streaming, which may be disappointing to some of you who have the latest cutting-edge TVs.

What Are The Subscription Tiers?

In addition to its free 30-day trial, DAZN offers two subscription tiers:

  • Monthly subscription: $24.99
  • Annual subscription: $199

As you can see, the annual subscription makes the service significantly cheaper. You just have to agree to pay the full year’s subscription cost upfront.

At the annual rate, DAZN is easily the cheapest sports streaming service in Canada, as the monthly cost equates to just over $16.50. You’ll save $100 compared to what you’d pay monthly for a year’s subscription.

Before you decide on a tier, though, I recommend trying the one-month trial to see if it’s something that you’ll use often enough to justify a year-long subscription.

Sports Availability: How Is It?

DAZN is primarily centred around boxing and MMA. However, the platform has a growing portfolio of other professional and semi-pro sports. It has a wide variety of alternative sports, such as:

  • Darts
  • Billiards
  • Fishing
  • Cricket
  • Wrestling
  • eSports

However, DAZN Canada currently doesn’t offer NHL or NBA matches to Canadian subscribers, which is a bit disappointing.

As a hockey fan myself, DAZN wouldn’t be my top choice. However, it’s incredible for boxing, MMA, and wrestling.

2. Sportsnet NOW

Sportsnet NOW Canada Logo
  • Free Trial Period: Yes
  • Available Sports: Hockey (NHL), Basketball (NBA), Baseball (MLB), Wrestling (WWE), Rugby (NRL), Indy Racing, Curling, and more
  • Day Pass Available: No
  • Monthly Subscription Cost: $14.99 (Standard), $34.99 (Premium)

Sportsnet Now offers some of the most affordable sports streaming in Canada, with the monthly plan starting at just $14.99, which is $10 less per month than DAZN. Additionally, Sportsnet NOW offers major league streaming, like NHL, NBA, NRL, and more.

So, if you’re one of the readers who was turned off by DAZN’s lack of professional sports, then you’ll definitely want to consider Sportsnet NOW as an alternative.

Like DAZN, Sportsnet NOW does offer boxing and MMA matches. However, you won’t find a wide range of fights as you will on DAZN.

Is There A Free Trial?

Yes, Sportsnet NOW offers a 7-day free trial period. It’s not quite as long as DAZN’s, but it’s just enough time to see whether or not the platform is for you or not. Sportsnet NOW also offers a 24/7 free live streaming channel to non-members, where select matches, games, and highlights are aired.

How Is The Video Quality?

Sportsnet NOW currently offers high-definition streaming in 720p and 1080p. The platform eventually hopes to offer 4k sports streaming, but it’s not available at this time.

What Are The Subscription Tiers?

Currently, Sportsnet NOW offers two primary subscription tiers as well as monthly and annual pricing (for those who wish to save a bit with a full-year membership:

  • Standard: $14.99/month or $149.99/year
  • Premium: $34.99/month or $249.99/year

Additionally, Sportsnet NOW also offers a WWE bundle that you can package with the Standard subscription for $24.99.

Sports Availability: How Is It?

Overall, Sportsnet NOW is one of the most affordable platforms to stream professional league sports on. You won’t find quite as wide of a variety of international sports and local leagues, but if you’re more interested in the NBA, NHL, and MLB, then it’s a solid choice.

3. TSN Direct

  • Free Trial Period: No
  • Available Sports: FIFA World Cup, Hockey (NHL), Baseball (MLB), Basketball (NBA), Boxing, Horse Racing, Indy Car Racing, and more
  • Day Pass Available: Yes
  • Monthly Subscription Cost: $19.99

When it comes to the sheer variety of professional, semi-professional, and alternative sports, it’s hard to beat TSN Direct.

Founded in 1984, TSN (The Sports Network) is, by far, one of the largest and oldest sports TV networks in Canada and is similar to ESPN, which is available in the US.

Is There A Free Trial?

Unfortunately, there is no free trial period for TSN Direct. The only way to get TSN Direct for free is if you’re already subscribed to the channel through your existing cable or satellite TV membership.

How Is The Video Quality?

TSN Direct offers both 720p and 1080p high-definition streaming.

What Are The Subscription Tiers?

TSN Direct offers the following subscription tiers:

  • Day pass: $7.99 for 24 hours worth of access
  • Monthly subscription: $19.99/month
  • Annual subscription: $199.90/year (equates to $16.66/month)

Sports Availability: How Is It?

The platform offers a similar variety of professional league sports to Sportsnet NOW, including MLB, NHL, NBA, and more. You can also view sports like lacrosse, auto racing, the Masters, horse racing, and more.

The only drawback is that TSN Direct’s NHL hockey matches aren’t quite as broad as Sportsnet NOW or FuboTV. The NHL matches you’ll be able to view are limited to the particular team’s broadcast region.

4. FuboTV

  • Free Trial Period: No
  • Available Sports: Soccer (local and international leagues), Baseball (MLB), Boxing, MMA, Rugby, Auto Racing, Hockey (NHL), and more
  • Day Pass Available: No
  • Monthly Subscription Cost: $24.99

FuboTV has the widest selection of soccer matches and leagues included in its base subscription package. Unlike other networks primarily focused on sports, FuboTV is a full online replacement for traditional cable television.

You can purchase add-on channels to your base subscription if there are certain specialty sports you want access to (such as more NHL games).

Is There A Free Trial?

Unfortunately, FuboTV does not offer a free trial period for its service. The best way to see if the platform is right for you is to purchase a one-month subscription and test it before deciding whether you want to sign up for the annual membership.

How Is The Video Quality?

In addition to 720p and 1080p HD streaming, FuboTV is one of the only sports streaming platforms that offers 4k streaming.

What Are The Subscription Tiers?

FuboTV offers the following subscription tiers to its members:

  • Essentials (with 36 channels): $24.99/month, $59.97/quarter, $200.04/year
  • Premium (with 57 channels): $39.99/month,  $104.97/quarter, $380.04/year

Sports Availability: How Is It?

With 36 channels included with the Essentials package, you’ll be able to stream most major league matches that you’ll find on major cable TV networks.

If this isn’t enough, you can upgrade to the Premium package to access more channels and more games.

If there are specialty sports or matches that you want to watch, you’ll also be able to add individual channels to your base subscription for an added monthly fee.

5. NBA League Pass

  • Free Trial Period: No
  • Available Sports: Basketball (NBA)
  • Day Pass Available: No
  • Monthly Subscription Cost: $29.99

Are you a die-hard basketball fan? If you spend the majority of your free time watching NBA games, then the global NBA League Pass is an easy choice. While the platform is based in the US, it’s also available in many other countries around the world, including Canada.

The only downside is that there are periodic blackouts, meaning that you won’t be able to watch all of the NBA games in Canada that you would be able to in the US.

This is because NBA League Pass doesn’t have exclusive streaming rights for all games in Canada. Some local channels may buy rights to stream certain NBA games. However, these restrictions can be bypassed by using a low-cost VPN like ExpressVPN.

Overall the NBA League Pass has excellent game availability, though, so Canadian viewers shouldn’t experience blackouts all that often.

Is There A Free Trial?

Unfortunately, there is no free trial period for the NBA League Pass.

How Is The Video Quality?

Compared to the quality offered by some of the cheaper streaming services in Canada, NBA League Pass has incredible video quality. All games are available in full HD, and some are even available in 4k.

What Are The Subscription Tiers?

There are two subscription tiers for the NBA League Pass:

  • Standard League Pass: $29.99/month (one device)
  • League Pass + Premium: $36.99/month (watch on two devices)

Sports Availability: How Is It?

Unlike DAZN or FuboTV, which allow members to stream multiple sports, your NBA League Pass only allows you to watch NBA games. Unlike the “broad-spectrum” streaming services, though, you’ll be able to watch everything from training matches to pre-season games with your NBA League Pass.

6. Prime Video

  • Free Trial Period: 30 days
  • Available Sports: Soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey, and others
  • Day Pass Available: No
  • Monthly Subscription Cost: $9.99 ($4.99 for students)

Amazon Prime Video came to Canada in 2016 and has since become one of the most popular streaming services in the country. It has a great lineup of TV shows, documentaries, and movies.

However, Prime Video also offers sports streaming.

Although the availability is nowhere near as large as you’ll find on DAZN, Sportsnet Now, or FuboTV, it’s enough to keep the casual sports watcher entertained.

You can also subscribe to other TV channels through your Prime Video app, which will open up a greater range of matches and games. These third-party subscriptions will be added on top of your Prime Video subscription and can be cancelled anytime.

Your subscription also includes access to Amazon Prime’s shipping benefits (free two-day shipping).

Is There A Free Trial?

Yes, Amazon Prime offers a free 30-day trial to all Canadian residents, with the exception of Quebec. During your trial, you can view all Prime Video content and take advantage of shipping benefits.

If you’re a student, you’ll be eligible for a free six-month trial, which is outstanding.

How Is The Video Quality?

Prime Video has reliable video quality, and most sports games are available in full HD.

What Are The Subscription Tiers?

Amazon Prime offers several subscription tiers, depending on your payment frequency:

  • Annual: $99/year
  • Monthly: $9.99/month
  • Student: $4.99/month (after initial free six-month trial)

Sports Availability: How Is It?

I’ll be honest; Prime Video doesn’t have the greatest sports availability. Sure, you’ll be able to view some of the more popular games and even watch live sports. But true sports fans may find the selection a bit disappointing compared to dedicated sports streaming platforms like DAZN or FuboTV.

That being said, Prime Video is cheaper than both and has enough content for the whole family.

Is NHL Live Available In Canada?

NHL Live is one of the best sports streaming services for hockey fans, and features a subscription that allows fans to keep up with every game, training match, or more that their favourite teams play in.

Although the service was available for the 2021-2022 season, NHL Live is no longer available to Canadians for the 2022-2023 season.

NHL Live’s streaming rights in Canada were bought out by Sportsnet NOW, which is now the go-to hockey streaming platform in the country.

Although this came as a disappointment for some, I think a SN Now subscription is a better overall choice since you can stream other sports as well. Plus, since NHL Live sold its streaming rights to SN Now, SN Now offers even more NHL games than it did previously.

What’s The Cheapest Sports Streaming In Canada?

The cheapest sports streaming platform in Canada is Sportsnet NOW. The platform has a very affordable monthly subscription rate of just $14.99 per month, which is cheaper than DAZN, TSN Direct, and FuboTV.

That’s just considering the monthly membership, though. If you really want to save, then the annual subscriptions offered by each of the platforms I mentioned above are the way to go.

For instance, an annual DAZN pass allows you to save $100 over the course of the year.

The only drawback of an annual pass is that you’re locked in for a full year and have to pay the full amount of your annual membership upfront.

  • Pro Tip: If you want to save even more, you can put your membership on a cashback rewards credit card like the CIBC Dividend Platinum Visa! This will automatically put a percentage of your purchase back towards your card, which can be used to pay down the balance or help cover another eligible purchase.

Which Streaming Service Is Best For Live Sports?

All the streaming platforms I listed above allow subscribers to view live sports. However, if you’re looking for the widest variety of live sports, I recommend FuboTV.

The platform is a bit more expensive than its competitors, but you’ll have access to a greater variety of live sports matches, including both semi-professional and professional leagues.

Additionally, FuboTV allows you to customize your subscription so that you’re only paying to stream the sports and channels that you want to watch.

FuboTV easily integrates with any smart TV or device in your home, making it the closest and most familiar alternative to cable.

Why More Canadians Are Cutting Cable & Streaming Sports Instead

Are you still unsure of whether or not sports streaming is right for you? If you’re still paying for cable or satellite TV, then you may still be on the fence.

I’m not here to convince you either way, but what I can tell is that the best sports streaming platforms in Canada give you more flexibility than traditional cable.

Here are some of the major reasons why more Canadians are cutting their cable subscription and switching over to sports streaming platforms instead:

  • Stop paying for unused channels that you don’t watch
  • No (or at least, fewer) ads and interrupting commercials
  • Ability to watch matches anytime on your mobile device
  • Greater variety of sports and games

You’re Not Paying For Unused Channels

Traditional cable TV plans offer you a long list of channels, many of which you’ll rarely (or never) watch.

If you and your household primarily use your TV for sports, the extra amount you’re paying for HGTV, Food Network, and various news channels is pretty much wasted.

By signing up for a sports streaming service, you’ll only be paying for what you already watch – sports.

Today, you can realistically watch the news online for free. Additionally, you likely already have a subscription to a streaming service like Netflix or Disney+, which allows you to watch all of the movies and TV shows you could want.

At that point, a cable subscription is just money that you’re throwing away. If you’re a sports fanatic, I’d say that the money spent on traditional cable is better invested towards a sports streaming platform that caters to the leagues you enjoy watching the most.

No Annoying Ads & Commercials

Unless you’re watching games on an ad-supported streaming platform, the best sports streaming in Canada is all ad-free.

Most of the matches hosted by traditional cable networks are going to have lengthy commercials that you have to sit through, which wastes time and takes away from the viewing experience.

Watch Anytime

The best thing about a dedicated sports streaming service is that you can watch matches anytime. While platforms like Sportsnet NOW and DAZN offer live sports, they also allow subscribers to replay and view previous matches anytime.

Plus, you’ll be able to watch sports on your mobile device.

Whether you’re waiting on your flight at the airport, eating lunch at the office, or commuting to work, you’ll have plenty of time to catch up on the games, matches, and races that matter most.

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Access To A Greater Variety Of Sports & Matches

With the best sports streaming in Canada, you’ll be able to access a far wider variety of games and leagues than you’d otherwise be able to with a cable subscription.

For example, to get the same variety of games offered by a Premium subscription to Sportsnet NOW on cable, you’d have to add on a bunch of extra packages, which would likely cost triple what you’d pay for an online sports streaming subscription.

Cons Of A Sports Streaming Subscription In Canada

I wouldn’t be giving you my unbiased opinion if I didn’t also mention some of the cons of paying for a sports streaming subscription. For dedicated sports fans, these platforms are a dream come true.

However, if you’re just a casual sports viewer, then you may not need to subscribe to the best sports streaming in Canada.

Some of the cons of subscribing to a sports streaming service include:

  • Costly monthly subscription
  • Not all platforms offer all games
  • Regional blackouts (some games may be network-exclusive)
  • Connection/server issues from the streaming platform

Sports Streaming Platforms Can Be Expensive

If you’re already drowning in subscriptions, then it may not be in your best interest to add yet another one to your long list of monthly expenses.

If the platform you’re looking at offers a free trial period, I recommend taking advantage of it. During your trial, note how often you use the service to see if it’s worth the extra money you’re forking out.

You May Not Be Able To Able To Watch Every Game

Not all streaming platforms offer every match. For example, DAZN is an incredible platform when it comes to boxing and MMA.

However, it’s not a great platform for professional sports. Similarly, Sportsnet NOW has a great selection of professional league sports but fewer boxing and MMA matches.

Before selecting a streaming service, figure out which offers the sports that you watch the most.

Regional Blackouts & Network Problems

Periodically, the game you want to watch could be affected by a “network blackout.” These occur when sports leagues make special deals with local cable networks and agree not to host the match on streaming services. This is how the cable companies stay in business and push pay-per-view revenue.

One way to get around these regional blackouts is to use a VPN service like ExpressVPN.

This will “trick” the platform into thinking that you’re accessing the internet from a different region, preferably one that’s not affected by the regional blackout.

Sometimes, even the best sports streaming service in Canada can fall victim to network and service errors.

As a result, you could experience streaming glitches. That being said, cable networks are just as vulnerable to glitches and problems (especially during poor weather).

Conclusion – What’s The Best Sports Streaming In Canada?

Best Sports Streaming In Canada

It all depends on what you’re looking for in the best sports streaming service. For example, DAZN is the best for fights, while Sportsnet NOW and TSN Direct are best for professional league sports.

In my opinion, FuboTV offers the best selection of soccer leagues and international matches.

I recommend doing a bit more research and figuring out which streaming service offers the most in terms of your favourite sports and leagues.

These sports streaming services are a great way to keep up with your favourite teams and may even help you save money compared to a traditional cable TV subscription.

Looking for more great ways to save money? Keep on reading to check out the best ways to save money on groceries in Canada!

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