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Aberdeen International Inc trades with the ticker AAB on the TSX and is in the Asset Management industry.

Aberdeen International Inc., a resource investment and merchant banking company, focuses on small capitalization companies in the rare metals and renewal energy sectors. The company intends to acquire equity participation in pre-IPO and early-stage public resource companies with undeveloped or undervalued resources and assets; companies in need of managerial, technical, and financial resources; companies undervalued in foreign capital markets; and companies operating in jurisdictions with low to moderate local political risk. The company was formerly known as International Catalyst Ventures Inc. and changed its name to Aberdeen International Inc. in November 2001. Aberdeen International Inc. was incorporated in 1987 and is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

Aberdeen International: Pioneering the Future of Clean Energy

Aberdeen International positions itself as a leading force in the clean energy sector, dedicated to nurturing a sustainable and renewable future.

Hydrogen Innovation at Aberdeen

  • Investment Focus: Aberdeen International is deeply invested in hydrogen technology, acknowledging its critical role in paving the way for a renewable and sustainable economy.

Advancing with Ammonia

  • Strategic Investments: The company extends its investment portfolio to ammonia technology, celebrated for its effectiveness as a green fuel and its safety as a hydrogen carrier.

The Backbone of a Green Economy: Battery Metals

  • Key Investments: Aberdeen International’s portfolio includes significant investments in lithium and platinum, essential metals for the progression towards a more sustainable, green economy.

Introducing Aberdeen International

A global resource investment corporation at the vanguard of the clean energy revolution, Aberdeen International is committed to the advancement of clean energy sources. These include renewable, zero emission sources that contribute to a pollution-free atmosphere, as well as energy conserved through efficient practices. Aberdeen International’s focus on clean energy is motivated by a rapidly increasing global demand, highlighting the urgent need for sustainable solutions worldwide.

A Closer Look at Aberdeen’s Investments

  • Future-Focused Fuels: Green hydrogen and ammonia stand out in Aberdeen’s investment strategy as indispensable fuel sources for the future.
  • Sustainable Metals: With investments in platinum and lithium, Aberdeen International champions the crucial role these metals play in the transition towards a sustainable green economy, from healthcare innovations to air quality improvements.

The Imperative of Clean Energy

Aberdeen International believes in the game-changing potential of clean energy to foster a sustainable future. The company’s commitment to clean energy, demonstrated through its investments in green hydrogen, ammonia, platinum, and lithium, signifies its active participation in the global stride towards sustainability.

AAB.TO Stock Price and Key Stats

ETF Key Stats

Exchange: TSX

Market Cap : $2.898MM

PE Ratio:

Price: 0.02 (Updated: 3/12/2024 0:47:16)

Aberdeen International Inc (AAB) vs Competitors in Asset Management

Lets see how AAB.TO stacks up against others in the Asset Management asset management industry. We have identified its main peers as:

AGF Management Limited, Aimia Inc, Brookfield Asset Management Inc, Canadian Banc Corp, CI Financial Corp


Asset Management Industry Comparisons

Company Market Cap ($MM) P/E Ratio EV/EBITDA Dividend Yield
Aberdeen International Inc (AAB) $2.898 N/A 1.021 N/A%
AGF Management Limited (AGF-B) $518.497 6.238 4.162 5.4%
Aimia Inc (AIM) $274.455 N/A 3.924 N/A%
Brookfield Asset Management Inc (BAM-A) $96,441.909 20.732 12.159 1.6%
Canadian Banc Corp (BK) $281.484 N/A 0.0 17.4%

EV/EBITDA: Enterprise Value to Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization – this ratio compares the value of a company, including debt, to the company’s cash earnings less non-cash expenses
Industry: companies that have a lot in common
Market Cap: Market Capitalization – the total value of all a corporation’s stock
N/A: Not Applicable or Not Available
P/E: Price-to-Earnings – this ratio relates a corporation’s share price to its earnings per share
Price: Stock Price – current value to buyers and sellers
Dividend Yield: Dividend or Distribution Yield  

Comparisons within Asset Management

  • Aberdeen International Inc (AAB) vs AGF Management Limited (AGF-B)
    • AGF-B has higher EPS (1.3 vs -0.12). AGF-B provides dividends, while AAB does not. AAB has a P/E under 0, indicating AGF-B (P/E 6.238) is in a better position.
  • Aberdeen International Inc (AAB) vs Aimia Inc (AIM)
    • AAB has higher EPS (-0.12 vs -1.8). AIM and AAB both have P/E’s under 0.
  • Aberdeen International Inc (AAB) vs Brookfield Asset Management Inc (BAM-A)
    • BAM-A has higher EPS (2.84 vs -0.12). BAM-A provides dividends, while AAB does not. AAB has a P/E under 0, indicating BAM-A (P/E 20.732) is in a better position.
  • Aberdeen International Inc (AAB) vs Canadian Banc Corp (BK)
    • AAB has higher EPS (-0.12 vs -1.81). BK provides dividends, while AAB does not. BK and AAB both have P/E’s under 0.
  • Aberdeen International Inc (AAB) vs CI Financial Corp (CIX)
    • CIX has higher EPS (0.03 vs -0.12). CIX provides dividends, while AAB does not. AAB has a P/E under 0, indicating CIX (P/E 559.333) is in a better position.

Our Recommendation: Hold
Features a lower EV/EBITDA ratio (1.02) than the industry average (2.01), indicating attractive valuation.

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