Ampli Review 2022: The New Cash Back App In Canada

Are you a shopaholic, an impulse buyer, or a compulsive shopper? Or you are a person who shops responsibly and only buys necessary things. Regardless of your shopper “category,” you may want to check out Ampli, the new cashback app in Canada. 

“Every penny matters.” It’s a lesson I was taught from an early age, so I tend to like cashback apps that work. Apparently, Ampli is one of them. If you are looking for a good cashback app and are still uncertain, this Ampli review might help you make up your mind.

Our Verdict
Ampli Review 2021
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Cashback App

A cashback app for your mobile device, for Canadians.


  • Offers cash, not points.
  • Doesn’t clash with your loyalty benefits.
  • Simple cashback offers.
  • Fun and generous prize contests.
  • Powered by the RBC.


  • Limited range of partners.
  • The app is still “buggy.”
  • Offers are pulled without notice (Policy).”

Presenting Ampli – The Cash Back App

ampli review

Cashback offers far out-date mobile apps. They started out in the 90s when major US credit cards started offering cash backs to people who used their cards to buy stuff. The apps we see now are a variation of the same incentives that started more than two decades ago, though the process is much more refined.

Ampli, is the new kid in the “cash back neighborhood,” but it’s already outshining the existing apps. The app has robust footing, but two of its strengths really stand out. The first is the fact that it’s powered by the Royal Bank of Canada, which is a fancy way of saying that the app operates under a wholly-owned subsidiary of the largest bank in the country, RBC Ampli Inc.

The second is that Ampli pays cash. It doesn’t beat around the bush like most point-based cashback apps do (even if they tend to be a bit more generous) and let you accumulate cash when you buy stuff from Ampli’s partner brands, using cards/accounts connected to the app. You can cash out whenever you have more than $15.

The simplicity and authenticity of the app are reasons enough to try it, even for people who typically don’t prefer to connect their financial accounts and cards to different apps.

So if you don’t want to pass on a chance to earn some cashback on your regular purchases, you may want to look into Ampli (on your mobile device only).

Features & Benefits

Ampli isn’t loaded with many features as other apps in a similar domain tend to be, but its simplicity does it credit. To earn regular cashback, you have to do nothing different (like keeping track of the points you earn from different activities and purchases). Though there are additional activities you can do to maximize your returns from the app and chances to earn sizeable prizes. 


Some key features of the app are:

Other Cashbacks

The best feature of Ampli is it allows “double-dipping.” The app doesn’t clash with any of the other benefits you might be receiving from your credit card or a store loyalty program. It lets you earn cashback on top of the benefits you are already receiving. So if you play your “card” right, you might make more cashback/discount. That’s what Ampli offers you.


Judging from the website, this is something the company is proud of. Since the app’s parent organization comes under the umbrella of the Royal Bank of Canada, the app follows RBC’s security practices and powerful 256-bit encryption to protect your data. The best part is that since the app is entirely automated, needing no human intervention on the other end of your smartphone, your data is secure and anonymous. Even your login and transaction details are encrypted.

If you are still worried about linking your cards or accounts to the app, understand that their motive/requirement behind this “linking” is to verify transactions. That’s it. The app can connect to 130 financial institutions in the country safely. 


That’s not a feature that Ampli touts, but to me, it’s one of its core charms. The fact that there is no point system and you earn cash, gets a lot of hassle out of the way. You earn either a percentage of the purchase price back or a fixed dollar amount, and you get your cashback credited to the app within five business days. And though there is more to the app than simply this cashback, its core function is deceptively simple.


Let’s see how Ampli stands out in the benefits department.

Free Cash out

ampli review

Once you’ve accumulated $15 in your Ampli app, you can transfer the money to your bank account using an Interac e-transfer. It’s not instantaneous, and you will have to wait three to five business days to get the cash, but it’s still faster than a cheque and without any additional fee. 

Decent Variety 

ampli review

Another benefit of using Ampli is the “spread” it offers when it comes to vendor variety. From Icecream to fuel stations and car washes, you may be able to find decent cashback offer on products from a wide variety of vendors. The number of vendors you have access to might seem a bit limited, but remember that the app is just a year old, and with a name like RBC backing it up, it might expand its range of partner brands soon.  

Referral Bonus

ampli review

If you refer a friend and they link up their bank accounts with Ampli, you get a $5 bonus. It’s not much, but it’s straightforward.


ampli review

The “Golden Goose” of the cashback apps (it’s the app’s self-proclaimed title as well as apps digital face/mascot) is a legit-enough cashback app without a separate prize section. Nevertheless, it has one, and it’s ambitiously named “Dreamstakes.” 

Dreamstakes is a monthly prize, which you can compete for as an Ampli member. There are different prizes every month. In the month of writing this (Oct 2020), the app is offering ten prizes of $1,000 each to its participants who make a “care package” for someone, buying the individual elements or pre-made packages from Ampli’s partner brands.

The Dreamstakes is another wonderful reason to have Ampli, but it can also become too lucrative an element for impulse buyers. So I would highly recommend participating (especially if it requires spending a significant amount) only when you need or want the things you would need to purchase to enter the contest.

How to Sign Up?

Meet Ampli, the Canadian cash back app that gives you cash, not points. Ampli is offering $5 free for all new users; simply use code AMPLI5 upon signing up.

It’s effortless to sign up for Ampli. First, click this link using your mobile device. But before you jump on the sign-up button on the website, re-check which device you are using. You can’t sign up for Ampli from a computer. You’d need an Android or an Apple device to sign up. And to make it “mistake-proof,” the company ensured that you pressing the wrong device button (Apple download button on Android device or vice versa) will automatically re-direct you to your native-device.

You can also enter your mobile number on the website, and they will send you the link for free. 

Sign up from an Android device here and from an Apple device here

Is the Ampli Safe and Legit?

Yes. Even if we discard the encryption, the RBC tag is enough to lend this app serious credibility. Also, I haven’t found any complaints about security or the app using the banking details and personal info in an illicit way (though there were reviews from some disgruntled customers who didn’t get any cashback). The app doesn’t have permission to monitor your bank account activity per se since it’s programmed to verify just the proof of transaction. 

So yes, the app is safe to use and legit.


Everyone wants the maximum bang for their buck, and if the “bang” also comes with a cashback, it just sweetens the deal. Ampli is new to the cashback sphere, but its credentials and its simplistic approach might be an indicator that the app might become something much grander in the future.

So if you haven’t downloaded it yet, might as well check it out and see how it fits with your shopping habits and what deals you can get in your area. This app gets the Wealthawesome nod of approval. You can check it out here on your mobile device.  

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