22 Best Real Estate Apps In Canada (2024)

Are you in the market for a new house? In 2021, over 667,000 homes were bought and sold in Canada, according to Globalnews.ca and the CREA.

Whether you’re buying, selling, or looking for your next investment property, navigating the complexities of the real estate industry is a lot easier when you use real estate apps that allow you to see data, such as MLS listings, sale status, property type, and market trends.

Below, I’ll be sharing some of the most helpful apps that Canadians can use when buying, selling, and investing in real estate. From calculators to real estate market values, you’ll find more than a few tools on this list of the best real estate apps in Canada.

Why Use A Real Estate App?

Apps can help buyers by showing them the following:

  • Realtor MLS listings
  • Find upcoming open houses
  • Virtual tours
  • Data on property prices
  • Neighbourhood maps
  • Walk scores

Real estate apps can help sellers:

  • List properties
  • Network with potential buyers
  • Track market trends
  • Research the average price in their neighbourhood

By using a real estate app, buyers and sellers can streamline their processes and make more informed decisions, allowing them to save (or make) the most from a real estate deal.

The Best Real Estate Apps In Canada

Although apps are no substitute for working with a local real estate agent, using technology can give users a wealth of information and tools at their fingertips.

Real estate apps can give you insider information that you’d otherwise have to spend hours on the phone with your real estate agent to get. Whether you’re house hunting, trying to figure out how much mortgage you can afford, or just want the latest information on new listings, they can be an invaluable resource.

Here are some of the best apps that I’ve experimented with. Most of them offer an easy-to-use desktop platform. However, some also offer smartphone apps that can be found on the iOS App Store or the Google Play store.

1. Realtor.ca – Official App Of The Canadian Real Estate Association

Realtor.ca Logo
  • Try It: realtor.ca
  • Best For: Browsing local listings and market trends over time

Realtor.ca is the official app of the Canadian Real Estate Association. As such, it’s one of the most comprehensive and accurate real estate apps available to Canadians. They offer an iOS app, but I prefer the desktop version as it shows more listings per page.

Realtor.ca shows all of the residential real estate listings in every major city and province throughout Canada. If the data is available, it also provides data on the listing agent so you can contact them directly.

Another feature that I particularly like about this handy app is that it shows you data on the local housing market, so you can determine whether or not the house you’re looking at is priced favourably.

Edmonton Market

The app also provides a bit of helpful information on the city or town you’re searching in, which is nice if you’re planning on moving to a new area.

2. Google Maps

  • Try It: google.com/maps
  • Best For: Researching local neighbourhoods, street view of houses

Google Maps is a great tool if you’re shopping for a new home or looking for the best area to purchase a commercial property. While it won’t help you figure out your estimated mortgage payment or show you local real estate boards, it provides a ton of data on the locale surrounding a piece of property.

For buyers, Google Maps provides a detailed view of the property location, surrounding neighbourhoods, and nearby locations such as restaurants, grocery stores, and schools.

Additionally, Google Maps provides information on traffic patterns and travel times, which can be valuable for those who commute to work or travel frequently.

All of this data can give buyers a better sense of the area. Since Google is the most-used GPS and street navigation app in the world, the data here is incredibly accurate.

3. Real Estate Dictionary by Farlex

Real Estate Dictionary by Farlex

Do you know the definition of “gross debt service ratio?”

How about “land transfer fees?”

If not, then Farlex’s Real Estate Dictionary is a great place to learn more about real estate definitions. It also doubles as one of the best financial dictionaries for the real estate industry. This handy app will help you cut through the often complicated jargon thrown around by banks and realtors so you don’t get the wool pulled over your head.

Most real estate agents try their best to break things down into plain English (or French) for their clients. However, their definitions often miss the mark, leaving buyers and sellers scratching their heads.

4. AroundMe

AroundMe Logo

AroundMe is a great tool for sellers or landlords who want to make their properties sound more appealing to potential tenants. It’s a simple local search app that uses your GPS location (or a specified address) to identify local amenities, such as restaurants, gas stations, tourist attractions, stores, and more.

Essentially AroundMe is another great tool to help you determine the true value of a home, as its proximity to these key points often determines a property’s cost and rental rates.

5. HouseSigma

HouseSigma is similar to Realtor.ca. Like its competitor, it offers precise search filters and allows you to view new listings in all of Canada’s major markets. Users can filter homes by their square footage, number of rooms, and more.

It features a built-in calculator to help you estimate mortgage payments and determine how much the average rent would be.

You’ll also be able to see homes that have already been sold or have been de-listed, which is great for house hunters looking to cross items off their list.

6. Zolo Canada

  • Try It: zola.ca
  • Best For: Browsing up-to-date MLS listings and homes

Zolo has one of the largest real estate inventory selections in Canada and has all of the latest MLS data from real estate agents and agencies. The app also offers a variety of tools and resources, such as mortgage calculators and home value estimators, and more to help buyers make informed decisions.

Whether you’re looking for the cheapest place to live in Ontario or just want to find a pet-friendly rental unit, Zolo is worth checking out.

Although Zolo is primarily used to showcase residential listings, you can also find commercial listings and rental properties. Overall, it’s a great all-around app for buyers or renters who are trying to browse their local market.

7. Zillow

Zillow is one of the most popular apps and websites for buyers and renters who are looking for their next property. The platform is very similar to Zolo but showcases a wider range of rental properties, along with key information, such as rental rates, security deposits, and local attractions.

Zillow offers a wide range of custom filters so shoppers can find their perfect home. Once you create a free account, you can save listings for later review, which can help you streamline and sort the home-buying process.

8. PadMapper

PadMapper is one of the top-rated real estate apps in North America and is available in both Canada and the US. It offers a comprehensive database showing almost all the available properties, including apartments, condos, houses, and sublets.

The app’s user-friendly interface allows users to effortlessly search for properties based on their preferred location, neighbourhood, or close to a specific address. Results are displayed on an interactive map and a comprehensive sidebar.

Conveniently, users have the ability to inquire about availability by sending an email directly to the real estate agent via the app, which can help you save a good bit of time.

9. Walk Score

  • Try It: walkscore.com
  • Best For: Finding apartment rentals, researching a neighbourhood’s amenities

Whether you’re looking for a new apartment or just want to do a bit of research on a neighbourhood, Walk Score is one of the best apps on the market.

For buyers, Walk Score can help identify neighbourhoods and properties that offer the best combination of walkability, access to amenities, and quality of life. This can be especially useful for those who are looking for a more pedestrian-friendly lifestyle and want to live in a community where they can easily access local shops, restaurants, parks, and public transportation.

For sellers and realtors, Walk Score can help showcase the walkability of a property and highlight its strengths and assets.

Properties with high Walk Scores are often more desirable to buyers and can garner a higher property price or rental rate. On the flip side, buyers and renters may be able to negotiate a lower price if the property indicates a low Walk Score.

10. Rentals.ca

  • Try It: rentals.ca
  • Best For: Finding properties for rent, listing rental properties

Rentals.ca is one of the best real estate apps for finding a deal on rental properties.

The platform showcases almost all rental properties in every major (and minor) city in Canada, including apartments, condos, homes for rent, townhouses, and more. No matter what type of house you want to rent, you’re likely to find it on Rentals.ca.

The app isn’t just for tenants, either. It’s also designed to help landlords list and market their properties to find viable tenants. It’s also available in French, which makes it an especially great resource for Quebec residents.

11. RentSeeker.ca

RentSeeker.ca is very similar to Rentals.ca and allows renters to browse through detailed listings. They can view photos, descriptions, and local amenities, filter properties based on their needs, and contact landlords and property managers directly through the site.

The platform also offers calculators and tools to help renters make informed decisions and navigate the rental process.

12. Zoocasa

  • Try It: zoocasa.com
  • Best For: House hunting and browsing the housing market

With its user-friendly design, Zoocasa allows users to easily search for homes and properties to get all the details they need to make an informed decision.

The app provides up-to-date listings and lets you search for properties based on your desired location, price range, and other filters. Plus, it has a handy mortgage calculator and an open house schedule, so you can arrange a date to view the property in person.

Zoocasa is also designed for sellers as well. The app allows you to showcase your properties and connect with potential buyers. Sellers and realtors can manage their listings with ease, upload photos, and describe your property in detail.

The Best Real Estate Apps For Investors

Want to invest in real estate? These real estate apps can help you find the best investment properties and invest your money in real estate investment funds.

13. Addy

addy Invest Logo

Tired of the ups and downs of the stock market? The past few years have been an incredibly volatile time for both stocks and crypto, which has led many investors to find alternatives to invest in.

Based out of Vancouver, Addy is one of the latest fintech start-ups in Canada. This revolutionary platform has paved a path, allowing everyday retail investors to purchase fractional “shares” of real property and keep track of their investments as they grow over time.

To me, it seems like an interesting twist on investing in traditional Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs).

14. BuyProperly

  • Try It: buyproperly.ca
  • Best For: Investing in real estate rentals and properties

BuyProperly is similar to Addy but uses an AI-powered platform to ensure that investments are more profitable than traditional human-operated investments. To get started, BuyProperly requires users to put a minimum down payment of $2,500 in their account.

No matter how choppy the market gets, one thing is for sure – there will always be tenants to fill large rental units. Your money will be placed into legitimate rental properties throughout Canada, allowing you to earn a small percentage of tenant income and profit as the properties increase in value.

The Best Property Management Tools

Want to manage your property better? These tools are great for realtors, property managers, and leasing agents alike.

15. DocuSign

  • Try It: docusign.com
  • Best For: Sending, receiving, and signing important sales or lease-related documents

These days, most people don’t have the time to meet in-person and hand-sign important documents. Whether you’re a real estate agent trying to sell a home or you’re house hunting and want to simplify the closing process, DocuSign is an invaluable tool. That’s why home professionals across the market use it.

As a seller or leasing agent, DocuSign lets you easily send documents to tenants and buyers, prompting them to sign, date, or initial where needed. Those on the sending end will have to pay a small fee for the service, but it’s completely free for those on the receiving end.

16. Sortly

  • Try It: sortly.com
  • Best For: Organizing property lists (for buyers and sellers)

Sortly is primarily used for inventory management by stores and warehouses. It allows users to create custom barcode labels, track inventory, and more.

However, it can also be a helpful tool for people shopping for a new home or realtors who are trying to manage multiple listings. The app allows you to create custom lists and folders where you can store links to properties, along with notes and data that you’ve found from other real estate apps.

While you could sort and manage your listings with a detailed spreadsheet, Sortly helps you streamline the data and keeps it centred and organized.

17. Jiffy

Jiffy is a great tool for leasing agents, landlords, and real estate agents who need to upkeep their property listings. The app offers a range of features to help streamline the property management process by allowing users to find and request local service providers for:

  • Handyman services
  • Lawncare services
  • Home decorating services
  • Electrician services
  • … and more

The platform has 30 different maintenance categories that you can choose from, depending on your needs. Whether you just need the grass cut, need snow shovelling, or need help installing some new appliances in a property, there’s no shortage of certified pros on Jiffy.

It cuts down on the time that you’d otherwise have to spend browsing through local classified listings and trying to find maintenance pros. The app allows you to screen each service provider to ensure they come well-reviewed and provides a chat platform so that you don’t have to give them your personal contact information.

The only downside is that it’s currently only available in Toronto and Ottawa.

18. Magicplan

  • Try It: magicplan.app
  • Best For: Landlords and sellers trying to create a floor plan for properties

If you’re a leasing agent or a realtor trying to sell a home, showing your customers a detailed floor plan can help you seal the deal.

Although Magicplan is primarily marketed toward contractors and interior designers, its sketching feature is a great resource for real estate professionals who want to create detailed floor models and showcase interior design features to potential renters and home buyers.

It’s free to try, and you don’t have to commit to paying for it until you’ve had a chance to test it out, so why not give it a try?

19. Houzz

Houzz isn’t a housing or property database. Rather it’s a design app that helps homeowners, real estate agents, and sellers develop an interior design and find creative decorating ideas.

Users can showcase high-quality images and offer virtual tours to give potential buyers an inside look at what properties you have to offer, which can make all the difference when it comes to closing a deal.

It’s also a good tool for potential buyers who want to look at a space from a new angle and see where improvements could be made to a fixer-upper property.

The Best Mortgage Calculators

Whether you’re a buyer trying to figure out whether or not you can afford a property or you’re a landlord/realtor trying to manage your property better, these tools are a valuable asset to your arsenal.

20. Canada.ca Canada Mortgage Calculator

Canada.ca Logo
  • Try It: Canada.ca
  • Best For: Calculating personal finance factors when buying a home

The government may have its flaws, but it provides some helpful tools for consumers to manage their budgets and finances.

Some of the most useful tools offered by Canada.ca include a mortgage calculator and a mortgage qualifier tool. It also provides an affordability calculator for those interested in buying and leasing properties and vehicles.

21. Karl’s Mortgage Calculator

  • Try It: drcalculator.com
  • Best For: Simple calculator that helps you calculate your mortgage and down payment

Looking for a simple, no-frills mortgage affordability calculator? If so, then Karl’s Mortgage Calculator is worth looking at. Although the user interface is severely outdated, the information is quite accurate.

The platform provides a comprehensive set of mortgage calculators to help you determine the right amount to borrow, estimate your monthly payments, and understand how much you can afford to spend on a home.

You can also factor in various expenses, such as property taxes and insurance, to get a complete picture of your financial situation.

22. CMHC Homebuying Calculators

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation is Canada’s national housing agency and is responsible for helping Canadians meet their housing needs. They also provide mortgage insurance, which is commonly used for CMHC-backed first-time homebuyer loans.

So, it makes sense that the CMHC would also provide its users with a few helpful budget and mortgage affordability calculators as well. If you don’t like Karl’s Mortgage Calculator and Canada’s federal mortgage calculators aren’t loading properly, the CMHCs are the next best thing.

Conclusion – What’s The Best Real Estate App In Canada?

If you’re trying to buy or sell a home in Canada, you can’t go wrong with Realtor.ca. The Canadian Real Estate Association operates it, which means it has some of the most up-to-date data in the country.

For finding or leasing rental properties, I’d suggest Rentals.ca. It has a huge database of rental properties.

The other property management tools and mortgage calculators I mentioned are all great tools for home buyers, renters, realtors, and property managers alike.

Want to invest in real estate without the hassle of property management? Real Estate Investment Funds (REITs) are an excellent way to get started. They allow you to invest in professionally-managed real estate investment companies, earn money as the fund grows, and collect quarterly dividends.

Keep on reading to see my list of the best Canadian REIT ETFs next!

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