Breezeful Mortgage Review 2024: Digital Mortgage Broker in Canada

Being a homeowner is part of the Canadian dream, and millions of Canadians rely on mortgage lenders to fulfill this dream.

That dream can easily become a nightmare if you get matched with the wrong lender. Good brokers can help you avoid that, but they can also prolong and complicate the process.

Thankfully, we live in the era of the internet, where online mortgage brokers like Breezeful can help you find the best possible deal quickly and efficiently.

In this Breezeful Mortgage review, you will find out how this online broker can make mortgage shopping easier for you.

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Breezeful Mortgage Review 2021
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Breezeful Mortgage

Online Mortgage Broker

Breezeful is an online mortgage broker to compare different mortgage rates in Canada.


  • Fast mortgage approval and process.
  • Easy way to compare multiple mortgage options.
  • Single credit check.
  • Anyone can apply, regardless of credit history.
  • No upfront fee.
  • High mortgage loan range ($2,000,000).


  • Has access to over 30 lenders, but other mortgage brokers could potentially have more
  • Operates 100% online, so there is no face-to-face interaction or in-person meetings with a mortgage broker

Presenting Breezeful Mortgage

Breezeful Mortgage Review

Whenever prospective homeowners start shopping around for a mortgage, they look into their own financial standing (As they should).

This means their credit score, how much they can save (or have saved) for a down payment, income, Debt-to-Income (DTR) ratio, and anything else the lenders might use to assess their credibility as borrowers. 

This is the right way to go about the process. But it also means that many lenders disregard one crucial stop: Comparing different mortgage lenders. People with excellent credit scores and income believe they will get the best rate with whichever lender they choose.

Others with a weak credit profile think they might end up with a bad deal no matter how many lenders they assess and compare. The savvier ones go with a broker to help them compare and come up with the best mortgage deal for their financial standing.

But this usually takes time. Or it used to before online mortgage brokers like Breezeful disrupted the conventional landscape. 

Breezeful Mortgage: A New Solution to An Age-Old Problem

Breezeful Mortgage Review

If you wish to find the best mortgage deal you can get, for your credit score and loan requirement, Breezeful can help. As a digital mortgage broker, the company combines the experience and knowledge of industry experts and technology to find the best solution for you.

It’s not just a search engine and comparison tool but an online broker that helps you every step of the way (except mortgage payment, that’s on you). 

It’s an easy-to-use portal which allows you to apply and track the process of your mortgage application.  It works with over 30 of the most well-reputed lenders in the country, including Toronto-Dominion, Bank of Nova Scotia, and Manulife. 

Your credit history doesn’t suffer too much, since Breezeful just conducts a single credit check. That’s something you don’t get when you shop around on your own and might trigger multiple hard inquiries that can weaken your credit score further.

It’s a powerful and helpful service for anyone looking for a mortgage. Whether you are planning to buy your first home, trying to invest in a rental property, rent to own, get a second mortgage, or want to re-finance your mortgage, Breezeful is for you. It eliminates the need for in-depth research, contacting multiple lenders, and makes the whole mortgage process as breezy as its name suggests.

Products, Features & Benefits

Breezeful Mortgage Review

Breezeful markets itself as an end-to-end online mortgage lender that offers the best rates and unique mortgage solutions (when needed) to its users. The company also offers a decent range of mortgage products.

Breezeful Mortgage Products

While almost all products essentially boil down to a mortgage loan, choosing the right product (as per your requirement) can help you connect with the best possible lender.

Mortgage Pre-Approval: Breezeful can help you get pre-approval from the best mortgage lender (based on your financial situation) from its range of 30 plus lenders, with just one credit check. Home sellers take buyers who have a pre-approval seriously, and it also gives you a realistic idea of your buying capacity.

Mortgage Refinance: The platform helps you figure out whether refinancing to get a better rate (once your term is over) is worth the extra cost. It changes depending upon the market.

Mortgage Renewal: Renewing your home with the same (or different) lender might become necessary if you can’t pay off your property within the given time.

Rent-to-Own: If you can’t come up with the 20% down payment, or an unconventional income source prevents you from securing reasonable interest rates on a mortgage, rent-to-own might be right for you.

Second Mortgage: You can take out a second mortgage for home improvement, debt consolidation, or capitalize on an investment opportunity. 

Private Mortgage: Borrowers who don’t qualify for conventional mortgage loans might need a private mortgage loan. It’s interest-only and has high-rates.

Features and Benefits of Breezeful

There are several things that set Breezeful apart, especially from conventional mortgage brokers that don’t leverage technology as heavily. 

A Comprehensive Website: The website is easy to navigate. And even though the products and helpful resources aren’t split under two separate tabs, they are easy to find. The bulk of information you might need, highlights of how Breezeful can help you, and what sets it apart can be found on the main landing page. 

Fast And Easy Process: As an online mortgage lender and a self-claimed “disrupter” to a very traditional industry, quick and easy are the key selling points of Breezeful. Whether you choose to apply from the second mortgage (or any other product’s page), or the home page, you will get redirected to the same application. Here you need to answer a few questions typical to mortgage applications, some financial questions, and your personal information. This funnels you through to the right mortgage product and lender. You get the best interest rates (Usually three) for both variable and fixed-rate mortgages in just a few minutes.

A Mortgage Expert On Your Side: You don’t need to shop on your own when you are going through a broker. You will get access to a dedicated mortgage expert that will help you during the process of securing your mortgage and negotiating on your behalf. You send a text if you have any queries, and expert advisors there will help you out. 

Decent Range of Lenders: As a new company, Breezeful is starting with a decent range of lenders (30 plus), including two from the big five. The chances are that it might grow this list and allow its users access to an even more comprehensive range of lenders and mortgage products.

Unbiased: As a mortgage broker that connects to and offers rates from multiple lenders, Breezeful is (by design) unbiased. This makes it different from Mortgage experts that are connected to a specific lender.

It’s Free (In a Way): You don’t have to pay anything to Breezeful, for the whole process. As brokers, they get paid by lenders for bringing them the business (a finder’s fee). This might cast some shadow over their “unbiased status,” but rest assured that if a digital broker starts playing favourites in thirty or so of its lenders, they are likely to get tangled by their own web. A fair system is how they get to keep the customer’s and lender’s trust.

Offers Mortgage To (Almost) Everyone: The company claims to find the right mortgage solution for anyone, regardless of their financial standing and background. It specifically mentions self-employed, people with poor credit, recent immigrants, or those denied by banks. Since it offers private mortgage loans, it’s highly likely to make good on its promise.

Is Breezeful Safe and Legit?

Breezeful is a very young online mortgage broker. It was founded in 2019 by Anthony De Guzman, with Ade Labinjo listed as the “other founder.” Breezeful is seeded by Y Combinator, a startup accelerator company that backed projects like Stripe, Airbnb, Dropbox, and Coinbase. A robust financial backer, its association with TD and Bank of Nova Scotia, and the fact that it now operates in eight US states are all points in its credibility’s favour.

Another thing to consider regarding whether or not it’s safe and legit is the fact that it’s not earning any money from borrowers (not directly at least). It makes its commission/fee from large-scale lenders. These lenders have their own reputation to consider, and they have the resources to vet a digital mortgage broker.

It’s not yet accredited with BBB and doesn’t have any Trustpilot reviews, but all of its 29 Google Business Reviews are positive, and it has a perfect rating (five).

So yes, based on other Breezeful Mortgage reviews, and everything else that I could find, the company seems legit.


Mortgage hunting can be a complicated process. And if you don’t choose right and get stuck with higher rates than you could have gotten, it can cost you thousands of dollars in the long run. And if you do your research right, you will have to spend a lot of time, and will most likely trigger multiple hard credit checks.

Breezeful solves both these problems. You get a fast and easy mortgage assessment with one credit check, and an expert closes the deal on your behalf. Only time will tell whether it’s a true disrupter in the otherwise stagnant mortgage industry, but Breezeful gets Wealthawesome’s nod of approval making mortgage shopping easy by leveraging technology. 

You can check the company out here.  

Legal Disclaimer: The rates and loan amount provided by Breezeful are estimates based on the information provided and subject to change upon document, appraisal, and lender review. This pre-qualification should not be considered as a pre-approval and is subject to change.

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