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Docebo Inc trades with the ticker DCBO on the TSX and is in the Software – Application industry.

Docebo Inc. operates as a learning management software company that provides artificial intelligence (AI)-powered learning platform in North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region. It offers Learning Management System (LMS) to train internal and external workforces, partners, and customers. The company’s cloud platform consists of a learning suite, which includes Docebo Learn LMS, a cloud-based learning platform that allows learning administrators to deliver personalized learning; Docebo Shape, an AI-based learning content creation tool, which enables learning administrators to turn internal and external resources into engaging, multilingual, and microlearning content to share across the business; Docebo Content that allows off-the-shelf learning content by partnering content specialist; Docebo Learning Impact, a learning measurement tool that enables administrators to prove and improve training programs; Docebo Learn Data, which gives a comprehensive view on learning data to business results; Docebo Connect that connects Docebo to custom tech stack and making integrations; and Docebo Flow that allows businesses to directly inject learning into the flow of work. It also offers Docebo for Salesforce, a native integration that leverages Salesforce’s application programming interface and technology architecture to produce a learning experience; Docebo Embed that allows original equipment manufacturers to embed and re-sell Docebo as a part of their software; Docebo Mobile App Publisher product that allows companies to create and publish own branded version of Docebo Go.Learn mobile learning applications; Docebo Extended Enterprise which breeds customer education, partner enablement, and retention; Docebo Discover, Coach & Share that enhances the learning experience to create a culture of social learning; and Docebo for Microsoft Teams, that brings learning directly into Microsoft Teams. The company was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

Looking to invest in Docebo Inc? Our analysis brings in the key facts, competitor research and valuation metrics for you to make an informed decision.

DCBO.TO Stock Price and Key Stats

ETF Key Stats

Exchange: TSX

Market Cap : $2115.758MM

PE Ratio: 634.682

Price: 52.39 (Updated: 3/12/2024 0:47:16)

Docebo Inc (DCBO) vs Competitors in Software – Application

Lets see how DCBO.TO stacks up against others in the Software – Application asset management industry. We have identified its main peers as:

Ceridian HCM Holding Inc, Constellation Software Inc, The Descartes Systems Group Inc, Enghouse Systems Limited, Intermap Technologies Corporation


Software – Application Industry Comparisons

Company Market Cap ($MM) P/E Ratio EV/EBITDA Dividend Yield
Ceridian HCM Holding Inc (CDAY) $14,708.378 2334.5 79.285 N/A%
Constellation Software Inc (CSU) $80,397.164 105.268 57.698 0.1%
Docebo Inc (DCBO) $2,115.758 634.682 246.069 N/A%
The Descartes Systems Group Inc (DSG) $10,514.2 69.734 47.478 N/A%
Enghouse Systems Limited (ENGH) $1,917.404 26.489 12.355 2.5%

EV/EBITDA: Enterprise Value to Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization – this ratio compares the value of a company, including debt, to the company’s cash earnings less non-cash expenses
Industry: companies that have a lot in common
Market Cap: Market Capitalization – the total value of all a corporation’s stock
N/A: Not Applicable or Not Available
P/E: Price-to-Earnings – this ratio relates a corporation’s share price to its earnings per share
Price: Stock Price – current value to buyers and sellers
Dividend Yield: Dividend or Distribution Yield  

Comparisons within Software – Application

  • Docebo Inc (DCBO) vs Ceridian HCM Holding Inc (CDAY)
    • DCBO has higher EPS (0.11 vs 0.04). CDAY has a higher P/E ratio (2334.5 vs 634.682) indicating it’s more expensive.
  • Docebo Inc (DCBO) vs Constellation Software Inc (CSU)
    • CSU has higher EPS (36.04 vs 0.11). CSU provides dividends, while DCBO does not. DCBO has a higher P/E ratio (634.682 vs 105.268) indicating it’s more expensive.
  • Docebo Inc (DCBO) vs The Descartes Systems Group Inc (DSG)
    • DSG has higher EPS (1.77 vs 0.11). DCBO has a higher P/E ratio (634.682 vs 69.734) indicating it’s more expensive.
  • Docebo Inc (DCBO) vs Enghouse Systems Limited (ENGH)
    • ENGH has higher EPS (1.31 vs 0.11). ENGH provides dividends, while DCBO does not. DCBO has a higher P/E ratio (634.682 vs 26.489) indicating it’s more expensive.
  • Docebo Inc (DCBO) vs Intermap Technologies Corporation (IMP)
    • DCBO has higher EPS (0.11 vs -0.16). IMP has a P/E under 0, indicating DCBO (P/E 634.682) is in a better position.

Our Recommendation: Hold
Shows positive EPS growth from this year to next, suggesting improving profitability.

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