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Last Updated: 3/12/2024 0:47:16

Gear Energy Ltd trades with the ticker GXE on the TSX and is in the Oil & Gas E&P industry.

Gear Energy Ltd., an exploration and production company, acquires, develops, and holds interests in petroleum and natural gas properties and assets in Canada. Its properties include the Celtic/Paradise Hill property located approximately 40 kilometers northeast of Lloydminster Alberta; the Wildmere field situated approximately 200 kilometers southeast of Edmonton, Alberta; the Wilson Creek property located in Central Alberta; and the Tableland property situated southwest of Estevan in Southeast Saskatchewan. Gear Energy Ltd. is headquartered in Calgary, Canada.

Looking to invest in Gear Energy Ltd? Our analysis brings in the key facts, competitor research and valuation metrics for you to make an informed decision.

GXE.TO Stock Price and Key Stats

ETF Key Stats

Exchange: TSX

Market Cap : $170.462MM

PE Ratio: 21.667

Price: 0.65 (Updated: 3/12/2024 0:47:16)

Gear Energy Ltd (GXE) vs Competitors in Oil & Gas E&P

Lets see how GXE.TO stacks up against others in the Oil & Gas E&P asset management industry. We have identified its main peers as:

Advantage Oil & Gas Ltd, Africa Oil Corp, ARC Resources Ltd, Athabasca Oil Corporation, Birchcliff Energy Ltd


Oil & Gas E&P Industry Comparisons

Company Market Cap ($MM) P/E Ratio EV/EBITDA Dividend Yield
Advantage Oil & Gas Ltd (AAV) $1,577.226 16.729 5.77 N/A%
Africa Oil Corp (AOI) $959.473 8.708 6.836 3.2%
ARC Resources Ltd (ARX) $13,990.234 8.981 4.539 2.9%
Athabasca Oil Corporation (ATH) $2,937.06 N/A 26.708 N/A%
Birchcliff Energy Ltd (BIR) $1,471.439 17.25 4.987 7.2%

EV/EBITDA: Enterprise Value to Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization – this ratio compares the value of a company, including debt, to the company’s cash earnings less non-cash expenses
Industry: companies that have a lot in common
Market Cap: Market Capitalization – the total value of all a corporation’s stock
N/A: Not Applicable or Not Available
P/E: Price-to-Earnings – this ratio relates a corporation’s share price to its earnings per share
Price: Stock Price – current value to buyers and sellers
Dividend Yield: Dividend or Distribution Yield  

Comparisons within Oil & Gas E&P

  • Gear Energy Ltd (GXE) vs Advantage Oil & Gas Ltd (AAV)
    • AAV has higher EPS (0.59 vs 0.03). GXE provides dividends, while AAV does not. GXE has a higher P/E ratio (21.667 vs 16.729) indicating it’s more expensive.
  • Gear Energy Ltd (GXE) vs Africa Oil Corp (AOI)
    • AOI has higher EPS (0.24 vs 0.03). GXE has higher dividend yield (9.1% vs 3.2%). GXE has a higher P/E ratio (21.667 vs 8.708) indicating it’s more expensive.
  • Gear Energy Ltd (GXE) vs ARC Resources Ltd (ARX)
    • ARX has higher EPS (2.61 vs 0.03). GXE has higher dividend yield (9.1% vs 2.9%). GXE has a higher P/E ratio (21.667 vs 8.981) indicating it’s more expensive.
  • Gear Energy Ltd (GXE) vs Athabasca Oil Corporation (ATH)
    • GXE has higher EPS (0.03 vs -0.09). GXE provides dividends, while ATH does not. ATH has a P/E under 0, indicating GXE (P/E 21.667) is in a better position.
  • Gear Energy Ltd (GXE) vs Birchcliff Energy Ltd (BIR)
    • BIR has higher EPS (0.32 vs 0.03). GXE has higher dividend yield (9.1% vs 7.2%). GXE has a higher P/E ratio (21.667 vs 17.25) indicating it’s more expensive.

Our Recommendation: Hold
Shows positive EPS growth from this year to next, suggesting improving profitability. Features a lower EV/EBITDA ratio (2.88) than the industry average (4.55), indicating attractive valuation.

How to Buy GXE stock on the TSX

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