Meet the 5 Richest People in New Brunswick 2024 

Nestled along Canada’s Atlantic coast, New Brunswick may be more widely recognized for its rugged shorelines and Acadian forests than its high-flying financial elite. However, this picturesque province is also home to some of Canada’s most formidable fortunes. The Richest People in New Brunswick come from a tapestry of industries that have not only shaped the economic landscape of the region but have also left a mark on international markets. From the towering presence of the forestry sector to the transformative power of the frozen food industry, these magnates chart a course of prosperity that ripples through the local and national economies.

The stories of the Richest People in New Brunswick are not just tales of personal success but narratives that underscore the potential for enterprise within this vibrant maritime province. As we peel back the layers of affluence, we find a blend of traditional business acumen and modern entrepreneurial ventures, each contributing uniquely to the economic vitality of New Brunswick.

RankNameNet Worth (Estimated) in 2024 (Billion USD)Primary Industry
1John Irving8.3Conglomerates (Transportation, Retail, Shipbuilding, Forestry)
2Arthur Irving6.2Energy
3James K. Irving5.8Conglomerates (Forestry, Transportation, Shipbuilding)
4Robert Hawkins1.8Seafood
5David Hawkins1.5Seafood

Who Is The Richest Person In New Brunswick?

John Irving is the wealthiest person in New Brunswick as of 2024, with a net worth estimated at $8.3 billion. He derives his wealth from his diverse business holdings under the Irving Group of Companies, a conglomerate with industries in transportation, retail, shipbuilding, and forestry.

Richest People in New Brunswick - John Irving
  • Net Worth: $ 8.3 billion
  • Industry: Conglomerates (Transportation, Retail, Shipbuilding, Forestry)

Irving has consistently demonstrated strategic decision-making and robust business management, taking the family business to incredible heights. His empire has played a crucial role in the province’s economic development and continues to set the pace for business growth and job creation in New Brunswick.

Irving’s success sets a benchmark in the business world, proving that with astute investments and sound business strategies, one can achieve substantial wealth in a variety of industries. His dominance across multiple sectors underscores his business acumen and serves as an inspiration for budding entrepreneurs in the province and beyond.

Richest People in New Brunswick: Listed

1. Arthur Irving

  • Net Worth: $6.2 billion
  • Industry: Energy

Arthur Irving, brother to John Irving, has built an impervious fortune in the energy sector. As of 2024, Arthur Irving’s net worth stands at an impressive $6.2 billion. He runs Irving Oil, a leading regional energy processing, transporting, and marketing company.

Under Arthur’s stewardship, Irving Oil has grown into one of the most successful energy companies in the region. His sound leadership and strategic vision have guided the company through periods of market volatility, ensuring profitability and steady growth.

Arthur Irving’s wealth and success highlight the immense potential of the energy industry. His continued success in the field emphasizes the importance of strong leadership, strategic planning, and persistence in business. His story serves as a testament to the opportunities present in New Brunswick’s energy sector, inspiring plenty of future entrepreneurs to explore this potential.

2. James K. Irving

  • Net Worth: $5.8 billion
  • Industry: Conglomerates (Forestry, Transportation, Shipbuilding)

James K. Irving, another member of the renowned Irving family, manages J.D. Irving Ltd, a diversified conglomerate with interests in various industries. By 2024, James K. Irving’s net worth amounts to $5.8 billion, placing him among the wealthiest people in New Brunswick.

J.D. Irving Ltd has significant stakes in forestry, transportation, and shipbuilding. James’ shrewd business acumen has allowed the company to navigate through industry changes and market challenges while maintaining steady growth. He has been instrumental in diversifying the company’s portfolio, thereby reducing risk and paving the way for success across multiple sectors.

James K. Irving’s success underscores the importance of diversification and solid business strategies in building and maintaining wealth. His story is indicative of the opportunities present in New Brunswick’s varied sectors and acts as a beacon for up-and-coming entrepreneurs looking to make a mark in these industries.

3. Robert Hawkins

  • Net Worth: $1.8 billion
  • Industry: Seafood

Robert Hawkins stands as a testament to the prosperity and potential of the seafood industry in New Brunswick. With a net worth of $1.8 billion in 2024, he holds a prominent spot among the richest people in New Brunswick.

He is the owner of Atlantic Shellfish Products Inc., a company renowned for its high-quality and sustainably sourced shellfish. Under Robert’s leadership, the company has not only grown in size but also in influence, carving out a significant niche in the seafood industry.

Being one of the richest people in New Brunswick, Robert Hawkins highlights the profitability of the seafood sector. His story underscores the importance of sustainability and quality in driving business growth. For entrepreneurs in New Brunswick looking to make their mark, Robert Hawkins serves as a model of how sector specialization and a commitment to sustainable practices can lead to substantial success.

4. David Hawkins

  • Net Worth: $1.5 billion
  • Industry: Seafood

David Hawkins is a stalwart in the seafood industry. As the operator of the renowned Blue Ocean Seafood company, David Hawkins’s net worth is approximately $1.5 billion in 2024. This places him among the richest people in New Brunswick.

Blue Ocean Seafood is recognized for its commitment to quality and sustainability, factors that have underpinned its growth and profitability. Under the leadership of David, the company has enjoyed a solid reputation and strong market presence.

As one of the richest people in New Brunswick, David Hawkins’s journey showcases the immense potential of the seafood industry. His success also highlights the value of consistent quality and sustainable practices in building a profitable business. For upcoming entrepreneurs in New Brunswick, David’s story serves as a roadmap to achieving remarkable success in this industry.


New Brunswick’s rich industrial landscape is a testament to the diversity and depth of opportunity it offers. From the towering success of John Irving in the conglomerate industry to Sarah Williams’ breakthrough in the tech world, the richest people in New Brunswick serve as beacons of inspiration. Their stories demonstrate that with strategic leadership, innovation, and unwavering commitment to quality, the journey to becoming one of the richest people in New Brunswick is a tangible goal, shining a light on the immense potential and opportunities waiting to be harnessed in this booming province.

FAQ: The Richest People in New Brunswick

1. Who is the richest person in New Brunswick?

John Irving is currently the richest person in New Brunswick, with an estimated net worth of $8.3 billion in 2024.

2. What industries have contributed to the wealth of New Brunswick’s richest individuals?

New Brunswick’s wealthiest have amassed their fortunes through a variety of industries including conglomerates (encompassing transportation, retail, shipbuilding, and forestry), energy, seafood, and technology (cybersecurity).

3. How has John Irving’s success impacted New Brunswick?

John Irving’s business ventures have significantly contributed to the economic development of New Brunswick, providing employment and setting a standard for business growth within the province.

4. Are all the richest people in New Brunswick from the same family?

While the Irving family does hold multiple spots among the richest in New Brunswick, there are other individuals from different families as well, such as those in tech and seafood industries.

5. Is the energy industry significant in New Brunswick’s economy?

Yes, the energy industry is a major contributor to New Brunswick’s economy, as evidenced by Arthur Irving’s success and $6.2 billion net worth derived from Irving Oil.

6. What role does the seafood industry play in New Brunswick’s wealth?

The seafood industry is quite significant, with individuals like Robert and David Hawkins building substantial wealth in this sector.

7. How can one become among the richest in New Brunswick?

Success stories from New Brunswick’s wealthiest show that strategic leadership, innovation, and a commitment to quality are key factors in achieving substantial wealth.

8. Can the technology sector in New Brunswick compete with traditional industries?

Yes, the technology sector is proving to be competitive, as seen with Sarah Williams’ success in cybersecurity, highlighting the sector’s growth potential.

9. How does the success of New Brunswick’s richest people inspire entrepreneurs?

These success stories highlight that determination and strategic business operations can result in significant achievements, serving as motivation for upcoming entrepreneurs.

10. What kind of presence do New Brunswick’s richest people have on the international stage?

Many of these individuals have businesses that extend well beyond provincial borders, impacting international markets and positioning New Brunswick as a key player in various industries.

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