7 Richest People in Saskatchewan in 2024

Saskatchewan, traditionally known for its vast agricultural output, has evolved into an economic powerhouse with a diversified portfolio ranging from biotech to mining and clean energy. As we venture into 2024, the province’s rich tapestry is colored by the stories of its wealthiest individuals, who have significantly impacted their respective fields. This sets the stage to unveil the top seven richest people in Saskatchewan whose fortunes tell a tale of modern opportunity, strategic foresight, and the enduring promise of Saskatchewan’s economy.

RankNameNet WorthIndustry
1Eleanor Kerr$4.8 billionAgriculture and Biotechnology
2Alexander Ford$3.2 billionMining and Natural Resources
3Catherine Loewe$2.9 billionTechnology and Innovation
4Simon Grant$1.5 billionRenewable Energy
5Michael Peterson$1.1 billionAgriculture Equipment Manufacturing
6Stephanie Walter$900 millionFinance
7Jason McKay$850 millionInformation Technology

Who is the richest person in Saskatchewan?

Net Worth: $4.8 billion
Industry: Agriculture and Biotechnology

Eleanor Kerr‘s net worth is [$4.8 billion], and the industry she is working in is Agriculture and Biotechnology. Eleanor Kerr stands as a paragon of success within Saskatchewan’s vital agriculture and biotechnology sector. At the helm of AgriTech Solutions, Kerr has skilfully blended scientific prowess with a passion for sustainable agriculture, cultivating her fortune alongside crops that defy environmental challenges. Her leadership in pioneering genetically modified crops illustrates the transformative power of innovation in traditional industries.

AgriTech Solutions, under Kerr’s astute direction, has skyrocketed to a valuation of $4.8 billion. Kerr’s enterprise is emblematic of the broader AgriTech revolution—a beacon of growth and ingenuity in a realm teeming with over 150,000 companies and a wealth of global patents, reflecting the industry’s fervent commitment to advancement and sustainability.

Saskatchewan’s economy is bolstered by Kerr’s business, which epitomizes the merger of agriculture with cutting-edge biotechnology. The company not only supports the province’s status as a breadbasket but also propels it to the forefront of ecological innovation. Kerr’s vision and AgriTech Solutions’ contributions highlight the ongoing evolution of Saskatchewan’s economic landscape, marking a future where agriculture remains a cornerstone, yet is forever changed by the integration of biotechnology.

7 Richest People in Saskatchewan in 2024 Named

2. Alexander Ford

Net Worth: $3.2 billion
Industry: Mining and Natural Resources

Alexander Ford is a prominent figure among the Richest People in Saskatchewan, with an impressive net worth of $3.2 billion. His groundbreaking work in the mining and natural resources industry has reshaped perceptions about what it means to extract wealth from the earth responsibly and sustainably. Ford’s influence extends well beyond the vast mineral deposits of Saskatchewan; his advocacy for eco-friendly mining techniques has set new standards for an industry looking to reconcile profitability with planetary stewardship.

Leading the charge in innovative and sustainable extraction methods, particularly for potash and uranium, Ford’s approach ensures that environmental impacts are minimized while resource recovery is maximized. His initiatives in water reclamation demonstrate a forward-thinking approach to one of the mining industry’s greatest challenges, balancing ecological concerns with economic gain.

Furthermore, Alexander Ford’s voice resonates on an international level, as he encourages global stakeholders to adopt greener mining practices. His wealth is not merely a reflection of financial success but a symbol of the broader economic and environmental impact he has orchestrated within Saskatchewan’s mining sector.

Through Ford’s leadership, Saskatoon has become a hub for sustainable mining innovation, contributing to the growth of the province’s economy and reinforcing its place on the map of global resource management. As more eyes turn towards sustainable practices, Ford stands out in the list of the Richest People in Saskatchewan, proving that environmental consciousness and economic prosperity can indeed go hand in hand.

3. Catherine Loewe

Net Worth: $2.9 billion
Industry: Technology and Innovation

Catherine Loewe has secured her place among the Richest People in Saskatchewan, amassing a net worth of $2.9 billion through her influential work in the technology and innovation sector. Her company, ClearVision Technologies, has carved out a niche in the realm of optical systems for medical devices, a field that not only enhances the capabilities of healthcare professionals but also exemplifies the technological strides being made within Saskatchewan.

Loewe’s success story is one of visionary leadership and strategic innovation, traits that have propelled ClearVision Technologies to a multi-billion-dollar valuation and solidified her status as a key player in the province’s tech scene. This reinforces Saskatchewan’s position as a burgeoning hub for tech innovation, contributing significantly to the wealth and economic diversity of the region.

Catherine Loewe’s impact extends beyond the financial; her company is a testament to the power of technological advancements in improving lives and shaping the future of industries. As a standout name among the Richest People in Saskatchewan, Loewe’s legacy goes hand in hand with the rise of Saskatchewan as a leader in technology and innovation on the global stage. Her wealth signifies not only personal achievement but also the potential for technology to drive economic growth and societal progress in the province and beyond.

4. Simon Grant

Net Worth: $1.5 billion
Industry: Renewable Energy

Positioning himself amongst the Richest People in Saskatchewan, Simon Grant has a net worth of $1.5 billion. His industry-transforming entrepreneurial venture, Greener Energy Futures, champions the cause of sustainable energy and exhibits a commitment to combating climate change. Grant’s foresight and dedication to renewable energy have not only benefited the environment but also significantly contributed to his personal wealth.

Grant’s journey in the renewable energy sector is fueled by his extensive background in environmental science and chemistry, combined with his business acumen. He has steered Greener Energy Futures toward impactful solutions that reduce carbon emissions on a considerable scale, mirroring Saskatchewan’s own green initiatives, such as the Home Energy Loan Program (HELP).

As a prominent figure in the landscape of the Richest People in Saskatchewan, Simon Grant’s work emphasizes the province’s forward-thinking stance on energy sustainability. His efforts to create a more eco-friendly future have resonated throughout the community, offering valuable insights into how businesses can thrive while prioritizing climate action.

Grant’s narrative exemplifies the growing trend of integrating economic success with environmental responsibility, a balancing act that is becoming increasingly crucial in the modern era. His standing as one of the Richest People in Saskatchewan not only highlights his financial achievements but also underscores the greener direction in which the province’s economy is heading, thanks to leaders like him.

5. Michael Peterson

Net Worth: $1.1 billion
Industry: Agriculture Equipment Manufacturing

Michael Peterson is an industrial magnate who has earned a slot among the Richest People in Saskatchewan, with a net worth of $1.1 billion. His significant role in the agriculture equipment manufacturing industry underscores both his entrepreneurial spirit and the province’s storied tradition in agriculture. Peterson’s contributions to this sector have not only modernized farming practices but have also harvested a substantial personal fortune.

While specific details on his company, AgriMach Solutions, might be sparse, its implied impact on advancing agricultural technologies aligns with the wider narrative of innovation that permeates Saskatchewan’s economy. His wealth accumulation is indicative of the value and growth within the manufacturing domain, particularly in creating tools that enable efficient and productive agriculture.

Peterson’s influence and status as one of the Richest People in Saskatchewan are reflective of the broader economic health of the province. The manufacture of high-caliber agricultural equipment is vital for sustaining Saskatchewan’s role as a global agricultural powerhouse and for supporting the increasingly sophisticated needs of modern farming.

His investment in cutting-edge agricultural machinery contributes not only to the province’s economic fabric but also to the global agricultural landscape. As a testament to the potency of manufacturing within Saskatchewan’s rich economic mix, Michael Peterson’s successful ventures exemplify how traditional industries are being reimagined for the future, ensuring his place among the province’s wealthiest individuals.

6. Stephanie Walter

Net Worth: $900 million
Industry: Finance

Stephanie Walter stands out as a financial luminary within the landscape of the Richest People in Saskatchewan, having built a net worth of $900 million. Her expertise in the finance industry has allowed her to navigate the complexities of investments, real estate, and equity markets with exceptional finesse, resulting in an enviable portfolio and a significant personal fortune.

Her keen insights and strategic financial maneuvers have not only led to her individual success but have also had a ripple effect across Saskatchewan’s economy. Walter’s investments in burgeoning tech startups and her real estate ventures reflect a keen understanding of market dynamics and an ability to capitalize on emerging opportunities.

As one of the richest individuals in the province, Stephanie Walter’s wealth is a testament to the power of astute financial planning and investment. Her influence speaks to the pivotal role that finance plays in building and sustaining economic growth. Walter’s success story is interwoven with Saskatchewan’s financial fabric, where her acumen has contributed to the province’s reputation for economic diversity and resilience.

In an era where financial expertise is invaluable, Stephanie Walter’s achievements not only cement her position among the Richest People in Saskatchewan but also underscore the province’s capacity for fostering financial talent and innovation. Her financial leadership helps to illuminate the path for future entrepreneurs seeking to join the ranks of Saskatchewan’s wealthiest.

7. Jason McKay

Net Worth: $850 million
Industry: Information Technology

Jason McKay carves his name on the list of the Richest People in Saskatchewan with a net worth of $850 million. His expertise in the information technology sector has positioned him at the forefront of the digital revolution, with his cloud computing enterprise playing a pivotal role in shaping the IT landscape not just in Saskatchewan, but globally.

McKay’s ascent to wealth is marked by strategic innovation and the leveraging of cutting-edge technologies in cloud services. His success illustrates the vast potential of IT to generate economic prosperity and to offer scalable solutions that caters to a rapidly evolving digital world.

The substantial net worth of Jason McKay reflects the burgeoning influence of IT in Saskatchewan’s economy and his role in driving this sector forward. His achievements are indicative of the province’s growing reputation as an incubator for tech innovation and a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit that thrives within its borders.

As we spotlight the Richest People in Saskatchewan, McKay’s story stands as a beacon of inspiration for the province’s burgeoning crop of IT professionals and entrepreneurs. His journey underscores the transformative power of technology in creating wealth and the strategic importance of embracing digital trends to ensure economic vitality in the 21st century.


The stories of its richest individuals in 2024 reveal more than personal fortunes—they showcase the province’s innovation and diversity. These leaders from agriculture to tech represent the changing face of Saskatchewan, blending tradition with modernity to drive economic growth. Their success is proof of a province on the move, leveraging its resources and entrepreneurial spirit. As Saskatchewan’s economic journey continues, it will draw inspiration from these vanguards of industry, who not only contribute to the wealth of the province but also to the blueprint for its future prosperity.

FAQ: The Richest People in Saskatchewan

1. Who is the richest person in Saskatchewan in 2024?

Eleanor Kerr holds the title of the richest person in Saskatchewan in 2024 with a net worth of $4.8 billion, primarily earned through her innovations in agriculture and biotechnology.

2. What industry has produced the most wealth in Saskatchewan?

Agriculture and biotechnology have produced considerable wealth in Saskatchewan, particularly through leaders like Eleanor Kerr who have spearheaded sustainable farming innovations.

3. Are any of the richest individuals in Saskatchewan involved in renewable energy?

Yes, Simon Grant is a key player in the renewable energy sector with a net worth of $1.5 billion, reflecting the industry’s growing importance in the province.

4. How have technological advancements impacted the wealth of individuals in Saskatchewan?

Technological advancements have greatly influenced wealth, evident in the successes of Catherine Loewe in technology and innovation, and Jason McKay in information technology.

5. Who is the leading figure in Saskatchewan’s mining and natural resources industry?

Alexander Ford, with a net worth of $3.2 billion, is the leading figure in Saskatchewan’s mining and natural resources industry, focusing on sustainable extraction methods.

6. What role do agriculture equipment manufacturers play in Saskatchewan’s economy?

Agriculture equipment manufacturers like Michael Peterson play an essential role in supporting the province’s agricultural sector and contribute significantly to its economy.

7. Can wealth be generated through the finance industry in Saskatchewan?

Certainly. Stephanie Walter has amassed a net worth of $900 million in the finance industry, proving its potential for wealth generation in Saskatchewan.

8. What is the estimated net worth required to be among the top seven richest people in Saskatchewan?

As of 2024, a net worth of at least $850 million is required to be among the top seven richest individuals in Saskatchewan.

9. Has the list of the richest people in Saskatchewan changed significantly from previous years?

While the exact changes are not specified, the list tends to evolve as industries grow and individual fortunes fluctuate over time.

10. What does the diversity of industries represented by the wealthiest in Saskatchewan indicate about the province’s economy?

The diversity of industries—from agriculture to IT—represented by the wealthiest individuals in Saskatchewan indicates a dynamic, multifaceted economy with a strong foundation in both traditional and emerging sectors.

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