Top 4 Richest People in the Northwest Territories in 2024

In the heart of Canada’s far North lies the Northwest Territories, a region famed for its majestic natural beauty and abundance of natural resources. This vast and sparsely populated land is not only a beacon for explorers and adventure seekers but also a place where formidable family legacies and shrewd entrepreneurs have been forged amidst the challenging environment.

As we turn our gaze to the year 2024, it becomes clear that the wealth in this region is as varied and captivating as the landscapes themselves. Within this context, a select group of families and individuals stands out for their substantial economic achievements. These are richest people in the Northwest Territories whose fortunes tell a story of resilience, strategic vision, and an unwavering commitment to the development of the Northwest Territories.

1Kurt WainmanConstruction and Engineering
2The Gruben FamilyConstruction
3Guy PembertonConstruction
4The Rowe FamilyHeavy Machinery and Property Management

4 Richest People in the Northwest Territories Named

Kurt Wainman

Richest People in the Northwest Territories - Kurt Wainman

Leading the forefront of economic prowess in the Northwest Territories is Kurt Wainman, the dynamic owner of Northwind Industries is one of the richest people in the Northwest Territories. This company has become synonymous with the Territory’s development, largely due to its significant role in constructing the critical infrastructure that underpins the region’s growth. Northwind Industries has been instrumental in building highways that traverse the unforgiving terrain, ice roads that are the lifeblood of remote communities during the coldest months, and robust oil platforms that tap into the region’s rich natural resources.

While many factors contribute to the economic fabric of the Northwest Territories, Wainman’s endeavors within the construction and engineering sectors have been particularly impactful. His professional journey is marked by the successful delivery of complex projects, which have not only bolstered the company’s portfolio but also facilitated greater connectivity and economic diversification within the region.

Kurt Wainman’s net worth, though not publicly disclosed, is reflective of his company’s prominent status and his industry expertise. With his acute business acumen and the strategic positioning of Northwind Industries, he stands as a testament to the prosperity that can be achieved in one of Canada’s most demanding and rewarding landscapes.

The Gruben Family

Another revered name in the annals of the Northwest Territories’ economic history is the Gruben family, the driving force behind E. Gruben Transport (EGT). This family-owned construction firm has become a cornerstone of regional infrastructure, forging a legacy that mirrors the endurance required to succeed in the North. EGT’s cooperative ventures, particularly the joint effort with Northwind Industries to construct the highway from Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk, have not only cemented their reputation for excellence in large-scale projects but have also facilitated unprecedented connectivity for northern communities.

The Gruben family’s contribution to the territory goes beyond mere construction; it’s a commitment to the economic empowerment of its inhabitants and the enhancement of the local way of life. The family’s expertise is woven into the very roads and foundations of the communities they serve, ensuring that their impact will be felt for generations.

While the Gruben family’s net worth remains private, it is understood to be substantial, indicative of their significant foothold in the construction industry. Their financial success is a direct result of their strategic investments and the enduring quality of their work, which has stood the test of time and nature’s elements. The Grubens continue to shape the infrastructure and economic destiny of the Northwest Territories, contributing to a legacy of growth and resilience.

Guy Pemberton

In the realm of construction and development in the Northwest Territories, few stories are as compelling as that of Guy Pemberton, and he is also one of the richest people in the Northwest Territories. Known for his entrepreneurial spirit and indomitable will, Pemberton made his mark with Dowland Construction—a company that saw great success before facing financial difficulties. However, in a remarkable display of tenacity, he did not allow this setback to define his career. Instead, Pemberton took a strategic leap by purchasing the assets of his former company, heralding a new and prosperous beginning in the industry.

Pemberton’s resurgence is a testament to his deep understanding of the construction business and his capacity to navigate through adversity. His ability to reinvent and relaunch his entrepreneurial endeavors underlines the resilience that is often required in the challenging economic climate of the Northwest Territories.

Guy Pemberton’s net worth has yet to be disclosed to the public, but his successful return to the market is indicative of a significant financial recovery. His story is not just one of wealth but also of rebirth and determination in the construction industry—a sector that demands both grit and innovation. Pemberton’s experience and fortitude continue to inspire new and established entrepreneurs alike, emphasizing the potential for resurgence in even the most challenging of circumstances.

The Rowe Family

The Rowe family stands as pillars of industrial strength and entrepreneurial savvy in the Northwest Territories. Their fortune stems from a robust involvement in heavy machinery—a critical component for the execution of large-scale projects unique to the territory’s challenging geography—and a strategic hand in property management. Based in Hay River, the Rowe family business has been instrumental in providing the essential tools and services required for the territory’s major development projects.

Their expertise in heavy machinery not only signifies the facilitation of construction and mining endeavors but also the enhancement of infrastructure that is vital to the growth and connectivity of the region. On the property management front, the Rowes have demonstrated an intuitive understanding of the local market, leveraging opportunities to bolster their portfolio and contribute to community development.

The undisclosed net worth of the Rowe family underscores their success in industries paramount to life in the North. Their endeavors in heavy machinery sales and property management have not only amplified their financial standing but also provided a stable foundation for the economic health and future expansion of the Northwest Territories. The Rowes’ combination of business acumen and dedication to the region’s needs continues to drive their legacy forward, ensuring their place among the most affluent and influential families in the North.


The economic landscape of the Northwest Territories is as diverse and expansive as its natural one, with a handful of families and individuals standing out for their immense contributions to the region’s prosperity. The Wainmans, Grubens, Pembertons, and Rowes serve as the embodiment of success in this unique part of the world, with their entrepreneurial endeavors sustaining key industries that are the lifeblood of the North.

While the exact net worth of these families and individuals remains undisclosed, their visible impact on the territory’s infrastructure, community growth, and economic resilience speaks volumes. From the construction of vital transportation networks to the management of heavy machinery and properties, these economic leaders harness the Territory’s potential and turn the challenges of their environment into opportunities for growth and innovation.

As the Northwest Territories moves forward into 2024 and beyond, the legacies of these individuals and families will continue to resonate. Their success stories are not only measured by their financial achievements but also by the indelible mark they leave on the Northern economy. They are the driving forces behind a robust and ambitious future, ensuring that the wealth of the Northwest Territories is not merely calculated in monetary terms but also in the steadfast development and enrichment of this remarkable Canadian frontier.

FAQ: Richest People in the Northwest Territories

1. Who are some of the richest people in the Northwest Territories?

Some of the richest people in the Northwest Territories include Kurt Wainman of Northwind Industries, the Gruben family behind E. Gruben Transport, Guy Pemberton in the construction sector, and the Rowe family involved in heavy machinery and property management.

2. What industries contribute to the wealth of the richest families in the Northwest Territories?

The primary industries contributing to their wealth include construction, heavy machinery sales, property management, and infrastructure development.

3. How did Kurt Wainman build his wealth?

Kurt Wainman built his wealth through his company, Northwind Industries, which specializes in the construction of highways, ice roads, and oil platforms in the North.

4. What is the significance of E. Gruben Transport in the Northwest Territories?

E. Gruben Transport, run by the Gruben family, is significant for its large-scale construction projects, including the historic highway connecting Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk.

5. What happened to Guy Pemberton’s company, Dowland Construction?

Dowland Construction faced financial difficulties and folded, but Guy Pemberton bought the assets and reestablished his presence in the construction industry.

6. What types of businesses do the Rowe family own?

The Rowe family owns businesses specializing in heavy machinery sales and property management, based in Hay River.

7. Are the net worth figures for these wealthy individuals and families publicly available?

No, the exact net worth figures for these individuals and families have not been publicly disclosed.

8. Can you describe the economic impact of these individuals and families on the local communities?

These individuals and families have a significant economic impact on local communities by creating jobs, building infrastructure, enhancing connectivity, and contributing to the overall economic development of the region.

9. What roles do these wealthy individuals and families play in the construction industry?

They are involved in various aspects of the construction industry, from building critical infrastructure to providing the necessary machinery and equipment for construction projects.

10. How does the climate and geography of the Northwest Territories influence the businesses of these wealthy families?

The harsh climate and remote geography necessitate specialized infrastructure and equipment, which these businesses provide. Their services are tailored to withstand and capitalize on the unique environmental challenges of the region.

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