Tangerine Promo Code: $400 Cash Signup Bonuses (2024)

Tangerine Bank provides an excellent free chequing and savings account option for Canadians, eliminating the need for monthly fees. It is one of my top choices for the best no-fee chequing accounts in Canada.

By opening a new Tangerine Bank account and inputting a valid Orange Key Code or Tangerine promotional codes, you may be eligible to receive up to $400 in complimentary cash.

The Tangerine’s “Earn 400” Promo Code

If you are a new customer and signing up for Tangerine for the first time, you can enter the promo code EARNMORE at the sign-up window and enjoy two different benefits.

The first is a chance to earn a $400 cash bonus, and to do that, you have to:

  • Sign up as a Client using the promo code EARNMORE.
  • Open your first no monthly fee Chequing Account and Savings Account within 30 days of becoming a Client.

You can get the following perks:

  • 20% cash back when you shop online or in-app for 60 days (up to a maximum cashback bonus of $400)
  • Earn 5.00% interest in your Savings Account for 5 months.

So in order to draw out the maximum benefit of the promo code, you’ll have to open both a savings and a chequing account: One for a high interest rate and another for a cash bonus.

The good news is that this offer is eligible for more than one savings account, and you can use this promotional interest rate on all of them at once. So, if you open a simple savings account and an RRSP account (eligible), you will get the high-interest rate for the first five months on both of them.

Credit Card 10% Cash Back

Another sign-up offer that exists independent of the Tangerine promo code is related to one of the two credit cards it offers, i.e., the Tangerine World Mastercard. If you spend up to $1,000 in the first two months on everyday expenses, you’ll earn a 10% cashback.

That offer is capped at 10% of $1,000, so you’ll earn $100 max, no matter how much you spend in the first two months.

What Is An Orange Key In Tangerine?

The “Orange Key” is a different kind of Tangerine promo code, essentially because it’s not a promo code at all. It’s a referral code/program, and it’s for both new sign-ups and existing members who can refer their friends and family.

For new customers that haven’t opened an account with Tangerine ever, if you use the Orange Key generated and offered by an existing Tangerine customer (most likely your friend or family), you’ll get a $50 bonus if:

  • You sign up for a Tangerine account using a valid “Friend Orange Key”
  • Deposit $250 to your Tangerine account within the first 60 days of opening the account
  • Maintain a sum of $250 or more for 60 consecutive days from the date of the deposit (NOT the date you opened the account)

Existing customers can earn a $50 referral bonus for any three friends or family members they refer each year who complete all the steps stated above and are eligible to earn their own $50 bonus.

The three-referrals-a-year quota is renewed on the first day of each year and doesn’t carry forward.

For Orange Key referral bonuses, the clients (both new and existing) can end up waiting anywhere between three and five months to receive the bonus.

How Do I Get A Promo Code For Tangerine?

There are two ways of getting a promo code for Tangerine:

Official Promo Code

The official promo code that the bank offers to most or all new eligible Tangerine clients is available on the official website for the online bank. Get the code and follow the directions to become eligible for the offer associated with the promo code, and you are good to go.

It’s significantly better to follow the directions present in the original source rather than chasing down second-hand sources because you have to do it right the first time. Once you do become a Tangerine member, you won’t be able to take advantage of the new sign-up promo code benefits.

The Orange Key Promo Codes

If you have a friend or a family member, you can ask them to generate and share an Orange key with you so you can sign up and earn a $50 bonus (if you follow the directions). Unless they’ve already exhausted their three-referrals-a-year quota, that would be the best deal for both of you.

Another source of these referral Tangerine promo codes is the promo code/discount websites like Retailmenot.ca or Dontpayfull.com. Several people post their Orange key on these websites so that new users can get a $50 discount.

And thanks to the new users who’ve used their Orange key to sign up and get the bonus by following all the directions, these people get the referral bonus as well.


Tangerine Promo Code

We hope this article clears any confusion you might have about the Tangerine promo code and gives you a good idea of how to take advantage of these promo codes.

If you don’t want to link your payroll to Tangerine’s chequing account, the Orange key referral might be your best option. Otherwise, the $200 promo code is definitely worth getting.

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