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Brookfield Asset Management Inc trades with the ticker BAM-A on the TSX and is in the Asset Management industry.

Brookfield Asset Management is an alternative asset manager and REIT/Real Estate Investment Manager firm focuses on real estate, renewable power, infrastructure and venture capital and private equity assets. It manages a range of public and private investment products and services for institutional and retail clients. It typically makes investments in sizeable, premier assets across geographies and asset classes. It invests both its own capital as well as capital from other investors. Within private equity and venture capital, it focuses on acquisition, early ventures, control buyouts and financially distressed, buyouts and corporate carve-outs, recapitalizations, convertible, senior and mezzanine financings, operational and capital structure restructuring, strategic re-direction, turnaround, and under-performing midmarket companies. It invests in both public debt and equity markets. It invests in private equity sectors with focus on Business Services include infrastructure, healthcare, road fuel distribution and marketing, construction and real estate; Industrials include manufacturers of automotive batteries, graphite electrodes, returnable plastic packaging, and sanitation management and development; and Residential/ infrastructure services. It targets companies which likely possess underlying real assets, primarily in sectors such as industrial products, building materials, metals, mining, homebuilding, oil and gas, paper and packaging, manufacturing and forest product sectors. It invests globally with focus on North America including Brazil, the United States, Canada; Europe; and Australia; and Asia-Pacific. The firm considers equity investments in the range of $2 million to $500 million. It has a four-year investment period and a 10-year term with two one-year extensions. The firm prefers to take minority stake and majority stake. Brookfield Asset Management Inc. was founded in 1997 and based in Toronto, Canada with additional offices across Northern America; South America; Europe; Middle East and Asia.

Looking to invest in Brookfield Asset Management Inc? Our analysis brings in the key facts, competitor research and valuation metrics for you to make an informed decision.

BAM-A.TO Stock Price and Key Stats

ETF Key Stats

Exchange: TSX

Market Cap : $96441.909MM

PE Ratio: 20.732

Price: #N/A (Updated: 3/12/2024 0:47:16)

Brookfield Asset Management Inc (BAM-A) vs Competitors in Asset Management

Lets see how BAM-A.TO stacks up against others in the Asset Management asset management industry. We have identified its main peers as:

Aberdeen International Inc, AGF Management Limited, Aimia Inc, Canadian Banc Corp, CI Financial Corp


Asset Management Industry Comparisons

Company Market Cap ($MM) P/E Ratio EV/EBITDA Dividend Yield
Aberdeen International Inc (AAB) $2.898 N/A 1.021 N/A%
AGF Management Limited (AGF-B) $518.497 6.238 4.162 5.4%
Aimia Inc (AIM) $274.455 N/A 3.924 N/A%
Brookfield Asset Management Inc (BAM-A) $96,441.909 20.732 12.159 1.6%
Canadian Banc Corp (BK) $281.484 N/A 0.0 17.4%

EV/EBITDA: Enterprise Value to Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization – this ratio compares the value of a company, including debt, to the company’s cash earnings less non-cash expenses
Industry: companies that have a lot in common
Market Cap: Market Capitalization – the total value of all a corporation’s stock
N/A: Not Applicable or Not Available
P/E: Price-to-Earnings – this ratio relates a corporation’s share price to its earnings per share
Price: Stock Price – current value to buyers and sellers
Dividend Yield: Dividend or Distribution Yield  

Comparisons within Asset Management

  • Brookfield Asset Management Inc (BAM-A) vs Aberdeen International Inc (AAB)
    • BAM-A has higher EPS (2.84 vs -0.12). BAM-A provides dividends, while AAB does not. AAB has a P/E under 0, indicating BAM-A (P/E 20.732) is in a better position.
  • Brookfield Asset Management Inc (BAM-A) vs AGF Management Limited (AGF-B)
    • BAM-A has higher EPS (2.84 vs 1.3). AGF-B has higher dividend yield (5.4% vs 1.6%). BAM-A has a higher P/E ratio (20.732 vs 6.238) indicating it’s more expensive.
  • Brookfield Asset Management Inc (BAM-A) vs Aimia Inc (AIM)
    • BAM-A has higher EPS (2.84 vs -1.8). BAM-A provides dividends, while AIM does not. AIM has a P/E under 0, indicating BAM-A (P/E 20.732) is in a better position.
  • Brookfield Asset Management Inc (BAM-A) vs Canadian Banc Corp (BK)
    • BAM-A has higher EPS (2.84 vs -1.81). BK has higher dividend yield (17.4% vs 1.6%). BK has a P/E under 0, indicating BAM-A (P/E 20.732) is in a better position.
  • Brookfield Asset Management Inc (BAM-A) vs CI Financial Corp (CIX)
    • BAM-A has higher EPS (2.84 vs 0.03). CIX has higher dividend yield (4.8% vs 1.6%). CIX has a higher P/E ratio (559.333 vs 20.732) indicating it’s more expensive.

Our Recommendation: Hold
Shows positive EPS growth from this year to next, suggesting improving profitability. Has a lower P/E ratio (20.73) than the industry average (42.24), indicating potential undervaluation.

How to Buy BAM-A stock on the TSX

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