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David Cheriton: The Scholarly Investor Behind Google’s Success

David Cheriton: The Scholarly Investor Behind Google’s Success

David Cheriton, the third richest person in Canada with a net worth of $14.36 billion, is a figure whose influence traverses both the academic and technological landscapes. Known predominantly for his role as a Stanford professor specializing in computer science and electrical engineering, Cheriton’s profound impact on the tech industry, most notably as one of the first angel investors in Google, has marked him as a pivotal player in Silicon Valley’s history. This article explores Cheriton’s academic career, his investments, and his enduring influence on technology and education.

Academic Foundations and Early Career

Cheriton’s journey began in academia. With a strong foundation in computer science and electrical engineering, he embarked on a teaching career that would eventually lead him to Stanford University, one of the world’s leading institutions for technological innovation and research. Cheriton’s work at Stanford has been highly influential, focusing on network and distributed systems architecture—fields that are fundamental to the infrastructure of the internet today.

His research has contributed to several key developments in computer networking, including the creation of the Distributed Systems Group, which has been at the forefront of networking research. Cheriton’s academic contributions have not only advanced the field but have also equipped a new generation of engineers and thinkers with the tools to innovate and transform the tech industry.

The Google Investment

Cheriton’s status as a billionaire is largely due to his early investment in Google. In 1998, Cheriton and his colleague, Rajeev Motwani, provided Larry Page and Sergey Brin, then Stanford Ph.D. students, with the initial funding needed to launch their company. Cheriton’s $100,000 investment in Google, made when it was just a burgeoning idea in a garage, would grow exponentially as the company ascended to become one of the most valuable in the world.

More than just a financial backer, Cheriton served as a mentor to Page and Brin, guiding them through the intricate landscape of the tech industry and academia. His advice and insights were crucial in the early stages of Google’s development, helping to set a firm foundation for the company’s future growth. Cheriton’s role in Google’s success story is a testament to his vision and his belief in the power of technology to change the world.

Continued Investments and Tech Influence

Beyond Google, Cheriton has continued to invest in and support technology startups, focusing on those that drive forward innovations in networking and data management. His investments are characterized by a preference for foundational technology—software and hardware that enable other technologies to evolve. This strategic approach has not only multiplied his wealth but has also contributed to significant technological advancements.

Cheriton’s influence extends beyond his investments. He is known for his frugal lifestyle and his philosophy that wealth should be managed responsibly and with the intention to contribute to society positively. Despite his billionaire status, he maintains a modest lifestyle, driving an older vehicle and living in a home that belies his wealth. This humility in his personal life echoes his professional ethos of focusing on substance over appearance, a principle that he also instills in his students and proteges.

Philanthropic Efforts

Cheriton’s commitment to education and research is reflected in his philanthropic efforts. He has donated millions to educational institutions, including Stanford University, to support research and teaching in science and engineering. These contributions are aimed at fostering an environment where future innovators can thrive, underscoring his belief in education as a critical driver of societal progress.


David Cheriton’s story is one of intellectual curiosity, strategic investment, and a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of technology. As the third richest Canadian, his journey from an academic to a tech investor illustrates the profound impact that thoughtful, informed investing can have on individual wealth and industry innovation. Cheriton continues to shape the technological world, not only through his ongoing investments and mentorship but also through his commitment to the academic community, making his mark as a true pioneer in the integration of academia and industry.

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