25 Free Baby Samples in Canada 2022: Treat Your Kid

Welcoming a new family member can be the most joyous moment in a parent’s life. But with that joy comes a lot of new responsibilities, chores, and expenses. If you are an expecting parent and are looking to lighten some of the load by finding baby freebies, this article is for you.

We have compiled a list of some legit baby freebie samples that might help you out. You won’t see zeros dropping from your expenses, but hey, every little bit helps, right?

Plus, whatever you can save now and put away for future expenses (likely in an RESP), will be a blessing. 

In 2018, the average child care expense in Canada was $9,200. British Colombia topped the charts with $14,200 for the year, while Quebec had the most reasonable yearly average: $4,400. 

25 Places That Offer Baby Samples and Freebies

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 If you are wondering why companies offer baby samples and their products for free in the first place, it’s no mystery. As a new parent, you are a new long-term consumer-to-be. And if a company can snatch up a loyal consumer that will stick with them for at least a few years, then freebies and samples are simply clever marketing.

1. Sobeys Pharmacy: Baby Be Healthy

Free Baby Stuff: Free pharmacist consultation, nutrition, and vitamin supplements during pregnancy

Sobeys believes that healthy mothers are imperative for a healthy baby, so their gift starts from pregnancy. You just have to drive down to the nearest Sobeys pharmacy to be enrolled in the program. It’s also available for mothers that are trying for a baby. A year’s worth of vitamin supplements, information, support, and free consultations they provide can help you plan your baby’s budget even more accurately. Programs like these are especially beneficial for first-time mothers and fathers.

2. The Baby Box Co.

the baby box logo

Free Baby Stuff: Baby gear, exclusive discounts, or $60 gift card for baby shoes among a few other things

This is another freebie along the same vein. It’s more about the parent’s education and how they can develop better parenting skills. Their online classes are taught according to their motto: “Smarter parent. Safer baby.” It includes things like infant brain development and baby’s nutrition etc. by medical experts. 

The advice alone can be cost-saving since their classes may answer a lot of questions you would have otherwise required special consultation. Since its an online class, you may have to pay for the shipping for the gift they send.

3. Babies R Us: Swag Bag

babiesrus logo

Free Baby Stuff: Some of the gifts people got were a baby wash, shampoos, baby cream, bamboo wipes, receiving blankets, etc.

Babies R Us is a specialty retailer for toys and baby products. The company offers you a “baby swag bag” filled with goodies and samples (and advertisements), just for registering with them. You need to buy some of the items to become eligible for a $25 gift card, but for the swag bag, you just need to fill out their online registry. Expecting mothers are eligible for the sign up as well.

The gifts vary from bag to bag, but some of the things that parents got in the past are Latch bottles, Sudocrem (for diaper rash), Pacifiers (for newborns and infants), and spoons, etc. Even if the assortment is random, as a whole, the bag can save you quite a few dollars.

4. Huggies: No Baby Unhugged

huggies logo

Free Baby Stuff: Pack of diapers and wipes. Product coupons if the child is older than four weeks.

Huggies started an initiative to promote hugging your children: An activity that has been scientifically proven to reduce a child’s anxiety and make them feel more peaceful. If you send them your hug photo with your child and sign up for Huggies® Brand Rewards, the company will donate $5 to the “No Baby Unhugged” cause and send you a jumbo pack of diapers for newborn babies and baby wipes. 

5. Nestle Baby and me

nestle baby logo

Free Baby Stuff: Baby pack and free samples

If you sign up for Nestle Baby and my program, the company sends you a baby pack they have dubbed “bundle of goodness.” There are no specifics about what that bundle would contain on their website. Still, from other sources, we have gathered that you may receive a baby bag with a changing pad, Nestle Materna coupons, infant formula and nutrition samples, diapers, and a baby bottle. Apart from the freebies, the program also promises saving coupons and expert advice.  

6. Similac Club

similac club logo

Free Baby Stuff: Samples, coupons and rebate cheques

Similac is the globally recognized brand of infant formula that’s marketed by Abbott Laboratories. Similac Canada has created a club, and if you join that, you will likely receive up to $200 worth of freebies in the form of coupons, rebate cheques, and samples. You may also get exclusive offers in your inbox by Similac, which can come in handy and save you quite a few bucks if you are already using their formula.

7. Enfamil A+: My Family Beginnings

enfamil a+ logo

Free Baby Stuff: Up to $160 in coupons and free samples

Another one you may want to look into is Enfamil A+ when it comes to baby formula offers. By enrolling in their My Family Beginnings program, you can get about $160 in the form of coupons. Additionally, you will receive free formula samples and some other baby products. The formula samples they send are pretty decent-sized. Also, you may keep getting useful coupons throughout the first year of your baby.  

8. Thyme Maternity: Bump Benefits

bump benefits logo

Free Baby Stuff: Pampers 20 diaper pack, Pampers 56 wipes pack, a bottle, and $75 worth of coupons.

Thyme maternity’s Bump benefit program is focused more on pregnant mothers and less around the baby itself. But the welcome gift they send you for signing up for the program is pretty decent (total worth around $150). You can save/benefit from another $250 through their in-store gifts and other coupons. The offer is limited to expecting mothers, parents, or new parents who are no longer than five months old.

9. Indigo – Baby Registry Free Gift

indigo logo

Free Baby Stuff: Indigobaby Memory Book

If you have a large enough friend and family circle, a baby registry is a smart way to let your loved ones help you with some of the stuff you need or want. If you register with a store chain like Indigo, you will also get a free gift: A memory book. Though it might seem a little out of touch in this digital era, it can still be a fun way to record your child’s earliest adventures.

10. Family.One

family one logo

 Free Baby Stuff: A started pack, including a romper and backpack.

Family one is a website designed for Canadian parents to claim as many freebies as possible. By signing up, you may be able to win a starter pack for babies under three months. Apart from the sign-up freebie, you may get chances to win thousands of free prizes, gifts, and samples for your baby. The website claims to give out $51,000 in prizes every month.

11. London Drugs

london drug logo

Free Baby Stuff: Baby wipes, Baby wash, oil, and shampoo, etc.

London Drugs is another store that offers freebies when you sign up with them. They send out a baby welcome-package that may include lotion, Huggies wipes, Cetaphil moisturizing oil, Cetaphil wash and shampoo, and Kleenex sample. You also get a promo code that you can use towards your online shopping from London Drugs. The samples are travel size, but they are free. The contents may vary, but the overall value of the package is likely to be the same for everyone. 

12. Amazon

baby registry logo

Free Baby Stuff: Free gift once $25+ purchased from their registry

If you want a globally scaled baby registry, you may want to sign up with Amazon.ca’s baby registry. For starters, you will have access to one of the largest gift inventory out there, and secondly, if $25 or more worth of gifts is bought off your registry, you will be liable for a free gift. But this offer is only for Prime members, so keep that in mind before signing up.

13. Baby en Route

baby enroute logo

Free Baby Stuff: Goodie bag filled with free samples

Like Amazon, baby en route is another way for you to score a freebie by creating a baby register with baby en route. The company offers a registry welcome-gift that comes in the shape of a goodie bag filled with free samples. If you are expecting twins, you may receive a 10% discount for buying multiple units of the same item.

14. Mambaby

mam logo

Free Baby Stuff: Pregnancy and baby development calendar

Mambaby.com offers new and expecting mothers to join their MAM club. By joining that club, you can get their newsletter that may contain helpful information about the baby. You will also get a pregnancy calendar, full of tips and information. Once the baby is born, you can keep track of its development stages with a baby development calendar.

15. Pampers

pampers logo

Free Baby Stuff: Points to be redeemed for rewards

Diapers are one of the essentials if you have a baby in the house, and the cost can really start to add up. But what if you could use this essential purchase to score a free gift once in a while? Pampers club allows you to collect points by scanning the codes on the pamper packs, collect points, and when you have enough of them, redeem those points for a wide collection of baby products and pamper coupons.

16. Johnson & Johnson: Healthy Essential Program

healthy essentials logo

Free Baby Stuff: Reward points that can be redeemed for baby products

If you have a baby, you may have used Johnson & Johnson’s baby products. If you frequently use products from the company, be sure to sign up for their healthy essentials reward program. The points you earn can be redeemed for a variety of gifts, like 2000 points for Aveeno daily bathtime set, or 1000 points for a $10 Visa reward card.

17. Cetaphil Baby

centaphil baby logo

Free Baby Stuff: $5 coupon for joining

Cetaphil has a wide range of baby products. If you frequently use Cetaphil products or planning to do so when the baby comes, you may want to sign up for the Cetaphil parent club. Apart from a $5 joining bonus in the form of a coupon, you will get exclusive offers, and on-time info about any contests you can join to win amazing stuff.

18. Heinz Baby 

heinz baby logo

Free Baby Stuff: Printable coupons for several baby products

Apart from a range of baby products, Heinz offers several printable coupons that can help you save a few bucks whenever you are buying baby products like diapers. It might not be a sizeable sum, but every little bit helps. 

19. Moms Meet

moms meet logo

Free Baby Stuff: Free baby care products, food, vitamin supplements, etc.

While it’s primarily US-based, Moms Meet is expected to reach across the border. As a Canadian mom, you can contact them to see if they have any product available for you to sample. They focus on organic and eco-friendly products that you can use with your family and send them honest reviews about the products back. That way, you get to use free baby products, and they get detailed feedback.

20. P&G Everyday

p&g everyday logo

Free Baby Stuff: Discounts on certain products

P&G every day also offers some discounts on a few select products. In most cases, the discounts reach up to $3 at most, but again, every single dollar may count. Even if you can’t find specific baby products to save money on, you can save a few bucks on other household items and add the saved amount in the baby’s available budget.

21. Free.ca

free.ca logo

Free Baby Stuff: Discounted coupons for baby products and more

Free.ca is another place to score free coupons, especially for diapers. The website also offers information about other freebies, sample programs, contests, and several other avenues where you can save a lot of money on your baby’s expenses.

22. FreeCycle

freecycle.org logo

Free Baby Stuff: Used baby items that another person in your vicinity is willing to gift

While it’s a long shot, but freecycle.org can help you find some amazing baby stuff near you. It won’t be new, it might be slightly broken in, but you can score stuff like toys, cribs, and other expensive items that otherwise would have cost you a heavy penny, even in the used condition.

23. Family Rated

family rated

Free Baby Stuff: Free samples to test and write reviews on, including baby stuff

If you don’t mind writing honest and helpful reviews after testing cool and new products, you may want to try Family Rated. They have several family and baby products that they might send you as free samples to test out. 

24. Best Buy: Baby Sampler Club

Free Baby Stuff: Free baby and maternity products to test and write reviews on

Best Buy Canada has its own baby sampler club, where they send new and expecting mothers relevant items and products to test and write reviews about. For items costing over $35, the shipping is free, so it would be helpful if you get selected to test out expensive stuff like mattresses or sound machines.

25. Thrifty Foods: 1st Birthday Cake

Free Baby Stuff: Free cake for Baby’s first birthday

You have to wait for your baby to turn one to enjoy this freebie, but it might be worth the wait. Thrifty Foods offer an 8″ x 12″ birthday cake for your child’s first birthday. You can pick one up in green, blue or pink. They only need a 24-hour notice, and you can pick the cake up from any of your nearest Thrifty Foods stores. 


No matter how lucrative they sound, or how good a freebie you can land, these gifts are not alternatives to proper budgeting and saving. 

If you want to make the first few years as comfortable as they can be with an infant, make sure you have a plan to meet any necessary expenses. These freebies can be a part of your baby’s budgeting plan, but not your first or last resort. 

Free Baby Samples in Canada
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