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Helping Canadians reach their financial goals

Wealth Awesome is a collection of tools, guides, resources and services to help Canadians at each step of their financial journey.

“I have been a Wealth Awesome subscriber for the past year, and it has completely transformed the way I manage and think about money.”

Nick Johnson
Nick Johnson

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Finance tips and tutorials. These resources will guide you through starting your financial journey.

About Wealth Awesome

Wealth Awesome is an independant provider of finance content, tools and products for Canadians everywhere

Our goal is to help you improve your money skills at every step of your financial journey. From education on investment accounts, to reviews and ratings of trading platforms and investments, we got you covered.


Wealth Awesome Track is the best way for Canadians to track everything, from everywhere

Wealth Awesome Track

Need to track your assets and budgets across all your different investment, crypto and bank accounts – now you can!

Connect All Your Financials

Investment accounts, bank accounts, credit cards – access everything in one place!

Budgeting Assistant

Aggregate all your financials and create budgets that you can track and maintain

Monitor your financial life

Keep everything in one place and reduce financial anxiety

What our community says

At Wealth Awesome – we are all about community, its how we operate! Here are a few of the things our awesome peeps have to say.

Olivia Wattson
Olivia Wattson

"Wealth Awesome has helped me map out a well-thought-out retirement strategy. I now have a solid plan to try to retire early that I am excited to try out that is largely due to this website."

Natalie Craig
Natalie Craig

"As a small business owner, managing my finances has always been a challenge. But Wealth Awesomes guides made my life easier."

Jack Frost
Jack Frost

"I’ve learned a lot about investing in ETFs and stocks after reading up on those topics on Wealth Awesome. It’s also helped me select a good trading platform and taught me how to use it"

Blake Belladona
Blake Belladona

"I love all the articles about making money online and reading about your interesting digital nomad journey. You’ve inspired me to start an online marketing business."

Marcy Williams
Marcy Williams

"Before discovering Wealth Awesome, I struggled to keep track of my spending and often found myself living paycheck to paycheck. But learning more about budgeting and expense tracking tools, I am now able to save more and worry less about money."

Artem Phoenix
Artem Phoenix

"I never realized how much money I was wasting on unnecessary expenses until I started reading Wealth Awesome."