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Garrett Camp: Uber’s Canadian Co-founder

Garrett Camp: Uber’s Canadian Co-founder

Garrett Camp, with a net worth of $3.90 billion, is the thirty-second richest person in Canada. Best known for co-founding Uber, Camp has profoundly influenced the tech industry, transforming transportation and continuing to innovate with new ventures, including his cryptocurrency project, Eco. This article delves into Camp’s journey, his contributions to technology, and his ongoing impact on the tech landscape.

Early Innovations and Founding StumbleUpon

Garrett Camp’s foray into the tech world began during his time at the University of Calgary, where he co-founded StumbleUpon in 2002. This web discovery platform allowed users to explore and rate web pages, videos, and photos personalized to their tastes. The success of StumbleUpon, which combined social networking and content discovery in an innovative way, marked Camp’s first major breakthrough in the tech industry.

The Birth of Uber

While Camp’s initial success came from StumbleUpon, his most impactful contribution to the tech industry has undoubtedly been Uber. The idea for Uber came in 2008 when Camp, frustrated by the difficulty of hailing a taxi in San Francisco, envisioned a service that could summon a ride with the touch of a button. This simple yet revolutionary idea led to the launch of Uber in 2009, which he co-founded with Travis Kalanick.

Uber rapidly transformed into a global phenomenon, reshaping urban mobility and spawning an entire category of on-demand services across various industries. Camp’s vision for a more efficient and tech-driven approach to transportation not only disrupted the traditional taxi service model but also catalyzed innovations in the broader sharing economy.

Continued Entrepreneurship and Investments

Beyond Uber and StumbleUpon, Garrett Camp has continued to engage with various startups, bringing his innovative mindset and entrepreneurial spirit to new ventures. His investment vehicle, Expa, is a startup studio that works with founders to develop and launch new products. Through Expa, Camp has supported the creation and growth of numerous startups, leveraging his experience and insights to guide new entrepreneurs.

In addition to his startup endeavors, Camp launched Eco in 2018, a cryptocurrency platform aimed at creating a simple, global currency that provides an even playing field for financial transactions across the world. Eco represents Camp’s venture into the fintech space, aiming to address issues of accessibility and efficiency in global economics.

Philanthropy and Social Impact

Garrett Camp’s influence extends beyond business; he is actively involved in philanthropy, focusing on education, science, and the future of cities. His charitable activities are driven by a belief in technology’s role in solving significant global challenges. Through various donations and initiatives, Camp aims to ensure that future generations have the resources and knowledge to continue advancing society in sustainable and equitable ways.

Legacy and Future Directions

As a tech visionary, Garrett Camp’s legacy is marked by his relentless pursuit of innovation and his significant contributions to transforming everyday experiences through technology. His work has not only impacted how people move around cities but also how they interact with the internet and each other.

Looking ahead, Camp continues to explore new ideas and technologies, particularly in areas that blend technology with sustainable and ethical practices. His ongoing involvement in startups and commitment to philanthropy reflect a broader vision for technology’s role in society, emphasizing its potential to drive positive change.


Garrett Camp’s career is a testament to the profound impact that innovative thinking and entrepreneurial drive can have on the world. With a net worth of $3.90 billion, his achievements in technology have reshaped industries and daily life for millions of people globally. As he continues to innovate and invest in new ventures, Camp’s influence on the tech industry and his legacy as a pioneer of digital transformation will undoubtedly continue to grow.

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