How Many Loonies Are in a Roll? 20, 25, or 30?

Like maple syrup, hockey, and poutine, the golden loonie is an iconic symbol of Canada that many love.

I remember the excitement I got as a kid when I broke open my piggy bank to roll my multi-colored coins to deposit it into my bank. It was one of the first lessons I ever received in money.

Despite the rise of digital coins like Bitcoin, the loonie isn’t going anywhere. Like rolling up the rim of Tim Hortons cups, people will continue to roll loonies up for decades to come.

Most people think the answer to how many loonies are in a roll is 20, but they are sadly mistaken!

How Many Loonies Are in a Roll

How Many Loonies in a Roll?

There are 25 loonies in a roll. That’s considering its status as a typical paper or plastic roll, not as a modified or a differently sized collector’s roll.

The $1 Canadian coin, a.k.a. the loonie, gets its name from the picture of the loon found on the back side of the $1 coin, while Queen Elizabeth II adorns the front. The coin has been in circulation since 1987 as a cost-saving measure.

It’s important to note that there have been several versions of the $1 coin, including novelty and commemorative editions. However, the most common and prevalent “variant” of the loonie has a solitary loon. 

There are 25 loonies in a roll, and the roll costs $25 (minus the roll’s cost). The cost of plastic or paper roll isn’t usually included in the price.

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Loonie – Material and Dimensions

A loonie used to be made up of nickel and bronze, but the composition has changed over the years. Nowadays, the loonie is composed of steel with brass plating. It’s not a circular coin but an 11-sided Reuleaux polygon, making it circular-ish.

It’s 26.5 mm in diameter and 1.95 mm thick, and while these numbers might not matter right now, wait until you try and fit 25 loonies in a roll that was made for a different coin.  

How Many Toonies in a Roll?

The $2 coin has a picture of a polar bear, but since no one seemed to be in the mood to call that coin “poly” or “bearie”, it took its nomenclature from the loonie and got dubbed “toonie”.

There are 25 toonies in a roll (just like loonies), and the roll costs $50. The front side has the portrait of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. Another distinctive feature of the toonie is its inner core and outer ring, which are made with different metals.

Toonie – Material and Dimensions

The modern-day toonie is made up of nickel-plated steel, which makes the outer ring. Meanwhile, the inner core is made up of aluminum bronze with brass plating. The toonie is 28 mm in diameter and 1.75 mm in thickness, so you wouldn’t be able to insert the slightly larger toonie in a roll made for loonies.

Canadian Coin Rolls – All Coins Currently Under Circulation

Canada stopped minting pennies in May 2012, and they are slowly being phased out of circulation, though they are still legal tender. 

Coin/DenominationCoins per RollCost of RollDiameter Of the Coin (mm)Thickness Of the Coin (mm)
Loonie ($1)25$2526.51.95
Toonie ($2)25$5028 1.75
Five Cent/Nickel ($0.05)40$221.21.76
Ten Cent/Dime ($0.1)50$5181.22
25 Cent/Quarter ($0.25)40$1023.881.58

This chart can help you realize that unless it’s a flexible or simple polythene roll, one roll for one coin cannot be used for the other because of different diameters.

How and Where to Buy or Cash in Your Loonies in a Roll?

If you have been saving loonies, toonies, and other coins in a jar and want to cash them in, you might be looking for places where you can cash do so. If you want to exchange cash for a roll of loonies because you need them for laundry, you might be looking for a place that offers this service.


Whether you want to buy or cash in loonies, you should first try the bank you have an account in. They usually have pre-made rolls they can give you in exchange, though there might be a limit on how many rolls they can give you in a day, week, or month. If you are cashing in your loonies, you can roll the correct number in transparent plastic.

Coin Dispensers

Coin dispensers can be found in Laundromats and a few other places, and they allow you to exchange dollar bills for loonies.


If you’re searching online, you will mostly find rolls of novelty and commemorative coins. Take note that their rolls would most likely be a bit more expensive.


There are 25 loonies and 25 toonies in a roll. If you have any other questions regarding rolls of loonies or other coins currently in circulation, feel free to drop a comment below. After you save up enough, consider depositing them into an online bank to get the best interest rates.

How Many Loonies In A Roll
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