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Sherry Brydson: Canada’s Wealthiest Magnate

Sherry Brydson: Canada’s Wealthiest Magnate

In the realm of Canadian billionaires, few names are as intriguing and influential as Sherry Brydson. As the richest person in Canada, Brydson boasts a staggering net worth of $17.38 billion, a testament to her savvy investments and her legacy within the Thomson family, one of Canada’s most prominent and wealthy families. This article explores Brydson’s business acumen, her strategic investments in various sectors, and her role in managing the colossal family enterprise, Woodbridge.

Family Legacy and Business Empire

Sherry Brydson, a discreet yet dominant figure in Canada’s economic landscape, is the largest single shareholder of Woodbridge, the Thomson family’s private investment firm. Woodbridge holds a significant stake in Thomson Reuters, where the Thomson family retains approximately two-thirds of the holding company that controls this global media and information firm. This cornerstone of her wealth is not just a product of inheritance but of acute business strategies that have expanded the company’s value exponentially under her stewardship.

Brydson’s involvement in Woodbridge illustrates a deep commitment to maintaining and growing the family’s wealth through thoughtful, long-term investments in various sectors, including technology, media, and financial services. Her ability to navigate the complexities of the global market has helped secure her position not just within her family’s hierarchy but also among the elite business leaders in the world.

Diverse Investments

Apart from her pivotal role at Woodbridge, Brydson’s personal investment portfolio is both diverse and substantial, extending her influence beyond the media and financial sectors into aviation, hospitality, and real estate. Her strategic holdings in these industries demonstrate an understanding of market dynamics and an ability to leverage opportunities in different economic climates.

In aviation, Brydson has invested in several promising endeavors that aim to revolutionize both passenger travel and cargo services. These investments underscore her belief in the growing demand for more innovative and efficient travel solutions, especially in the post-pandemic era, where the aviation industry is ripe for transformation.

The hospitality sector, another area of Brydson’s interest, has seen her invest in luxury properties and unique travel experiences that cater to a niche market. Her portfolio includes high-end hotels and resorts that not only enhance her financial returns but also contribute to the tourism sectors of their respective regions. These investments are strategic, often located in areas poised for significant growth or offering unique cultural or natural attractions that appeal to discerning travelers.

Media Ventures

Media remains a significant part of Brydson’s investment strategy, reflecting her family’s historical connection to this industry. Her stakes in various media outlets are not merely financial but are part of a broader vision to influence and shape the media landscape in Canada and beyond. Brydson believes in the power of media to inform and educate, and her investments are often aligned with promoting journalistic integrity and innovation in content delivery.

Philanthropy and Social Impact

Beyond her business ventures, Brydson is also an active philanthropist, although she keeps these activities relatively low-key, in line with her overall personal and professional demeanor. Her philanthropic efforts are largely channeled through initiatives that support women’s rights, education, and the arts. Brydson is particularly interested in empowering women entrepreneurs, believing that supporting women in business is crucial for societal progress and economic development.


Sherry Brydson’s journey as Canada’s wealthiest person is not just a story of wealth accumulation but one of strategic diversification and significant influence across several industries. Her low-profile demeanor belies the impact she has on the economic and social fabrics of Canada. As she continues to build on her family’s legacy, her actions and investments will likely keep her at the pinnacle of Canadian business, shaping her country’s economic future while also setting a global standard for diversified investment and responsible wealth management.

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