55 Best Birthday Freebies in Canada For May 2024

Who doesn’t like getting free stuff, especially on their birthday?

If your birthday is around the corner, I got you covered with this comprehensive list of the best birthday freebies in Canada.

From free food, drinks, desserts, and dinner to coupons and amazing discounts, this guide will tell you where to get them all.

Some of the offers I have listed will send you your free gifts a few days or even weeks before your birthday. For others, you might need to show up on your birthday to claim your prize.

Free Food & Drinks – Birthday Freebies In Canada

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If you plan to redeem your birthday freebies at one of these restaurants, carry your ID to prove that it is your birthday because many places might ask you for it when you claim your free food.

Alternatively, if you sign up for these companies’ rewards programs and apps before your birthday, your birthday will usually be saved. You should be able to walk in, open your app, and scan it at the register.

Some companies will also email you a voucher that can be scanned.

It’s still a good idea to bring your photo ID, though.

Applebee’s: Applebee’s offers you a free birthday treat. All you have to do is join the company’s email club and receive offers in your email to enjoy a free dessert, app, or entrée on your special day. Note that the offer and its availability may vary depending on which location you visit.

Tim Hortons: Download the Tim Hortons app and create an account to get a free birthday reward, typically a free baked good or beverage. The offer will appear in your app on your birthday.

Starbucks: Starbucks has an amazing Starbucks Rewards Program that entitles you to a free drink, free birthday dessert, or a sandwhich on your birthday. Make sure you apply for the rewards program well before your special day.

The neat thing about Starbucks’ birthday reward is that you can make your free drink as expensive as you want. So, feel free to add all of the extra espresso, flavour shots, and extra toppings you want!

You must be a member for at least seven days before your birthday and earn at least one Star-earning transaction to be eligible for free birthday stuff.

Booster Juice: Join the Booster Nation program to get a free smoothie in-store during your birthday week.

Denny’s: If you can provide proof through a valid picture ID at participating Denny’s locations in Canada on your birthday, you can get a Build Your Own Grand Slam meal for free!

I particularly like Denny’s program because they’re one of the few restaurants on this list that don’t require you to sign up for an app or rewards program. To get your free birthday food, just show up to any Denny’s restaurant, inform your server that it’s your birthday, and show them your ID. That’s as simple as it gets!

TGIF: Signing up as a Perk Member at TGIF will get you a free dessert on your birthday and make your birthday celebration a little sweeter.

Tony Roma’s: If you register to Tony’s Email Club, you can get a free birthday meal from Tony Roma’s. With locations in Alberta, Ontario, and Manitoba, there are plenty of opportunities for you to enjoy some free birthday stuff from this restaurant on your birthday.

David’s Tea: Become a member of David’s Tea’s Frequent Steepers Club, and you can get five free points on your birthday. They used to give a free cup of tea, so it’s a bit disappointing that this change happened.

Boston Pizza: Create a Free MyBP Account, and you can enjoy free dessert at your closest Boston Pizza location to celebrate your birthday. Signing up will also get you a free appetizer, even if it is not your birthday yet.

Buffalo Wild Wings: What’s better than enjoying free buffalo wings on your birthday? Enjoy this offer by signing up for the Buffalo Rewards Program.

Cora’s: Subscribing to Cora’s newsletter will reportedly get you a discount on your birthday.

Dairy Queen: You can get a buy-one-get-one-free coupon when you sign up for the Blizzard Fan Club. You can also receive another one from Dairy Queen on your birthday.

Harvey’s: You can get a free special birthday gift and other coupon offers throughout the year by signing up for Harvey’s newsletter.

IHOP: IHOP’s Pancake Revolution membership gets you free pancakes when you sign up and on the first anniversary of your registration. You can redeem the free meals at IHOP locations in Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta.

Baskin Robbins: Who doesn’t love getting a free scoop of their favourite ice cream from Baskin Robbins? Signing up for its newsletter will get you a coupon for a buy one get one free scoop on your birthday and $3 off any ice cream cake with a minimum purchase of $25.

Hooters: If you’re looking for some free birthday stuff online, why don’t you get a Hooters club membership? You get a certificate for a free birthday meal each year at different Hooters locations in Canada.

Joey’s Restaurants: You get a special offer from Joey’s Restaurants a week before your birthday from its branches in Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Ontario, and Alberta for joining the Marine’s Club.

Godiva Chocolatier: Everyone’s favourite chocolatier offers special birthday discount coupons and other bonuses throughout the year when you join its rewards program.

Jack Astors: Becoming a member of Jack Astor’s VIP club will get you a free dessert on your special day. It has restaurant locations in Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Quebec, Alberta, and Ontario.

Jugo Juice: Jugo Juice makes some of the best juices and smoothies in Vancouver. If your stomach starts feeling a little bubble after all of the free sweets and pizza, an all-natural smoothie from Jugo Juice is just what you need.

When you sign up for its rewards program, you’ll be entitled to a free juice or smoothie on your birthday, which can be customized however you like.

Jungle Jim’s Bar & Eatery: Joining the Jungle Club means that you can get $15 worth of Jungle Bucks from Jungle Jim’s on your birthday. Signing up also gets you a free dessert.

Chatime: Get a free birthday drink on your birthday from Chatime by joining the Chatime Rewards program. Chatime is an international franchise that serves up some exceptional Taiwanese bubble tea (or “bubble tea”).

You can create your own tea by choosing your tea base and boba flavour, and customize the amount of sugar, ice, and milk in your drink. Chatime also offers a variety of herbal teas, smoothies, and juice drinks if milk tea isn’t your cup of tea.

Cold Stone Creamery: Cold Stone Creamery gives you a Buy One, Get One FREE Creation coupon in your account for your birthday when you join its rewards program.

The Keg Steakhouse + Bar: Join the company’s newsletter, and you can get a free birthday surprise when you visit The Keg’s branches in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Alberta.

Lone Star: If you live in Ontario and you like Lone Star, you can sign up to get a free dessert to sweeten your birthday.

Mandarin Restaurant: If you are based in Ontario, and you love great Chinese food, I recommend joining the Mandarin Restaurant’s newsletter so that you can enjoy a complimentary buffet feast on your birthday. Remember to take at least three paying guests with you to enjoy this offer.

Marble Slab Creamery: Who doesn’t like free ice cream on their birthday? Signing up for Marble Mail entitles you to a free $5 coupon that can be applied to any ice cream or milkshake in the store.

Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt: If you love frozen yogurt, you can sign up for a My Smileage membership to enjoy $5 worth of Menchie’s money to celebrate your birthday.

Milestones Restaurant: Signing up for Milestone’s newsletter will get you a free appetizer when you join and a free dessert on your birthdays.

Montana’s: If you love to get your grill on and enjoy some excellent desserts, joining the Grill Lovers Club will get you a free appetizer for joining and dessert on your birthdays at Montana’s.

Moxie’s Grill & Bar: Birthday celebrations are never a tedious affair at Moxie’s. You can enjoy a complimentary dessert while celebrating your birthday.

Olive Garden: Every time I used to eat at Olive Garden, I used to wonder why so many families came there to celebrate birthdays. That is, until I learned about Olive Garden’s free birthday gift.

Simply registering at Olive Garden will get you a free dessert on your birthdays at the restaurant. Olive Gaden has some excellent cheesecake, so that’s my go-to.

Quiznos: Get birthday freebies at Quiznos by joining the Q Club to celebrate your birthdays.

South St. Burger: South Street Burger is known to make some mean burgers. Joining its birthday club will get you a Buy One, Get One FREE Burger coupon so that you can enjoy your birthday with double the burgers for the price of one. You can redeem this deal at any South St. Burger branch in Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta.

Panera Bread: In addition to bread, Panera sells a wide range of soups, sandwiches, and pastries. Whenever it’s cold out, I particularly enjoy getting my soup in Panera’s signature bread bowl.

You can get a free treat on your birthday at Panera Bread by signing up for a MyPanera account. Typically, you’ll be offered a free donut, cookie, or pastry bread.

Red Lobster: Have a hankering for seafood? Although Red Lobster isn’t my favourite place to eat seafood, I have to admit that its appetizers are pretty good. Register for Red Lobster’s Fresh Catch News, and you can enjoy a free appetizer or dessert and a free birthday surprise.

Wacky’s: Joining Wacky’s VIP Club gets you a free appetizer. Being a member of its VIP Club also entitles you to a free dessert on your birthdays.

Wish Restaurant: If you visit your closest Wish Restaurant on your birthday with at least six paying guests, you can get a free birthday dinner at the restaurant.

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Freebies, Discounts, and Coupons – Free Birthday Stuff Online

Restaurants in Canada are not the only businesses giving free birthday stuff to Canadians. You will also find plenty of retail stores that offer excellent birthday treats waiting for you, and I have listed them down below.

Addition Elle: You can get a surprise gift on your birthday from Addition Elle. All you need to do is join Addition Elle’s VIP club.

London Drugs: London Drugs offers a variety of household supplies as well as health and beauty products and even small electronics. When you join the London Drugs’ reward program, you’ll get a $5 birthday coupon.

Additionally, London Drugs also offers a free newborn baby package to new parents. Whenever you register, London Drugs will ship you a box full of everyday essentials like baby wipes, baby soap, diapers, and more.

Chapters | Indigo: While bonus points are not entirely birthday freebies, Chapters | Indigo rewards you with free bonus plum points on anything you buy during your birthday month, provided you have a Free Plum Card.

Cineplex: Join the SCENE rewards program to receive 500 bonus SCENE points during your birthday month. Redeem the points for a free movie or other rewards.

American Eagle: Sign up for American Eagle’s free Real Rewards Program and get up to 25% off on all your purchases during your birthday month.

Quality-wise, American Eagle has some of the best jeans for the price. I still have several pairs of American Eagle jeans that I’ve been wearing for over three years, and they haven’t lost shape at all.

Hudson’s Bay: Hudson’s Bay (now just The Bay) is already a cheap place to shop. However, you can get additional birthday discounts and coupons if you register for its Rewards program.

Old Navy: Get a free birthday gift from Old Navy when you sign up for the retailer’s newsletter.

Payless: Enjoy a free special birthday offer from Payless by signing up for the Payless Rewards program. You won’t get a free pair of shoes, but Payless typically offers some good coupons that you can use to stock up on shoes for the rest of the year.

Sephora: Get a gift on your birthday, like a free beauty package, from Sephora by becoming a Sephora Insider member.

The Body Shop: Get a free gift on your birthday worth $10 from The Body Shop by joining the Love Your Body Club.

Yoga Tree Studios: Have you been thinking about getting into yoga? If so, Yoga Tree Studios is a great place to start. Certain branches offer discounts, such as this 15% off classes offer from this studio.

Lancome: You can enjoy a 10%-15% discount as your birthday reward from Lancome when you sign up for its Elite Rewards Program.

Value Village: You can get even better value from Value Village on your birthday through a special 20% discount coupon. Join the SuperSaver rewards program to qualify for this birthday freebie.

Aveda: Get a free birthday gift from Aveda worth $23 and double your points by joining the Aveda rewards program.

GNC: Whether your birthday goal is to get in better shape or start treating your body better, GNC has no shortage of fitness supplements, protein powders, and all-natural herbal supplements that can help you reach your goals.

Join the GNC Rewards program and receive a $10 bonus birthday gift to use in this health and supplement store.

Kiehl’s: Kiehl’s gives you a free birthday gift every year when you decide to joinKiehl’s reward program.


Best Birthday Freebies in Canada

How about that for a list of birthday freebies that you can enjoy on your special day? Keep in mind that many of these restaurants and retailers may change their birthday freebies each year. So, be sure to check out the sites directly to get the most up-to-date offers.

Learn more about other free and discounted things like baby samples and seniors discounts.

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