12 Best Sites To Get Free Samples And Stuff In Canada (2024)

Are you looking for the best sites to get free samples and stuff in Canada?

The cost of consumer goods has risen substantially, and CTV News recently reported that the cost of groceries rose by 9% between May 2022 and 2023.

In addition to groceries, the cost of health and beauty products, makeup, clothing, and more have also risen.

In today’s economy, every dollar you can save helps out, and many consumers have been finding creative ways to get free samples in Canada.

If you’re ready to jump on the bandwagon and start getting your free samples, try signing up for one of these money-saving sites!

Free Product Samples – What’s The Catch?

I don’t know about you, but whenever I’m offered a free sample, the first question that comes to mind is usually, “Thanks. But what’s the catch?

I’m more than happy to take a free sample, but I’m always wary of the strings that come attached to them.

I always feel this way when I walk into a shopping mall. Countless vendors are offering free samples, and if you accept, they’ll find a way to draw you into a 30-minute sales pitch.

Before you know it, you’ve forgotten why you came into the mall to begin with and have already spent the money you intended to spend elsewhere.

The best (and most hassle-free) way to receive free samples is to sign up for a website or app that offers free samples.

Here’s how most free sample websites work:

  • You sign up for the platform with your name and email
  • You select categories of products that you’re interested in sampling
  • You’ll be mailed individual samples or a box of varied samples
  • In return, you may be asked to complete a brief survey or write a review of the product

The only real “catch” is that sometimes you may be required to write a review, make a social media post, or answer a brief survey to be considered for future samples.

Best Sites For Free Stuff And Samples In Canada

Major brands often conduct product testing campaigns before launching a new product to the public. During this process, they try to get as much feedback as possible from everyday consumers like you and me.

From snacks and food items to free baby samples, makeup, health products, exercise supplements, and more, you can find free samples in just about any category you’re interested in.

With that in mind, here are some of Canada’s best free sample websites for general items.

1. Canadian Savers

Canadian Savers Logo
  • Website: Canadiansavers.ca
  • What You Can Get: Free samples, high-value coupons, contests you can win prizes from

Canadian Savers is a multi-faceted platform that curates a selection of free samples, coupons, and contests for customers to take advantage of. All you need to do to find free samples and start saving is to sign up for Candian Savers’ free daily newsletter.

Once enrolled, the platform will send you daily emails notifying you of the latest free samples, coupons, and contests you can enroll in. If you find a free sample that you’re interested in, you only have to click the link in the email and ask to receive it.

The only downside of Canadian Savers is that there will be quite a few daily emails that won’t offer free samples you’re interested in, which could clutter up your inbox. To prevent this, I suggest creating a separate inbox tab for Canadian Savers’ emails to keep your inbox organized.

2. Save-a-Loonie

Save a Loonie Logo
  • Website: Savealoonie.com
  • What You Can Get: Free coupons, free sample items, free Amazon coupon codes

Save-a-Loonie is another versatile platform that specializes in providing Canadians with a wide range of free samples, coupons, and special promotions. It even includes coupons for Amazon. To enjoy the free samples and savings, subscribe to Save-a-Loonie’s newsletter.

Like Canadian Savers, Save-a-Loonie’s daily emails may not always feature free samples you’re keen on. But the platform is still one of the best places to find deals, coupons, and free stuff in Canada.

3. Sample Source

Sample Source logo
  • Website: Samplesource.com
  • What You Can Get: Free product samples, free beauty items, free household products

If you’re looking for a free product sample, you can’t go wrong with Sample Source.

Sample Source is an all-in-one platform designed to offer Canadians an array of free product samples, ranging from beauty items to household goods.

Once registered, you’ll periodically receive notifications inviting you to claim your free samples. These are seasonally-based “Sample Boxes” filled with an assortment of products for you to try. Click through, pick the items that intrigue you, and they’ll be shipped straight to your door.

Note – These sample boxes are limited and go quickly, so staying attentive to their email alerts is key. If you don’t want to miss out, consider setting up specialized notifications for Sample Source emails.

4. Moms Meet Canada

Moms Meet
  • Website: Momsmeet.com
  • What You Can Get: Free household products, baby samples, and healthy food items

Moms Meet is more than just a free sample website; it’s an online community where users can network and share their product experiences. Despite the name, you don’t have to be a mom to sign up, either.

This platform is aimed primarily at parents looking to discover new, healthy products for their families. To get your hands on free samples, simply register on their website. Once you’re a member, you’ll get invites to try out free samples and even full-size products.

In exchange, you’ll just be asked to offer honest feedback and reviews of the products that you receive.

5. Free Stuff Canada

Free Stuff Canada logo
  • Website: Freestuffca.com
  • What You Can Get: Free household item samples, free coupons, enter contests to win prizes

If you’re looking for a no-hassle way to get Candian free stuff, Free Stuff Canada offers a similar platform to Sample Source and Save-a-Loonie, with one key benefit – you don’t need to subscribe to an email newsletter.

To get started, just visit their website to find an organized list of free products and current offers. Click on the ones that interest you and follow the steps to claim your freebies or discounts.

6. Social Nature

  • Website: Socialnature.com
  • What You Can Get: Free food and supplement samples, free health items, free baby samples

Social Nature connects Canadians with natural and eco-friendly products ranging from food samples to baby samples.

To start receiving free samples and promotional items, sign up on the website and complete your profile by answering the survey questions. This will help Social Nature’s algorithm better match you with offers that suit your lifestyle.

You’ll get email notifications about available free samples; simply click to accept and provide your feedback afterward. It’s a great way to explore new products while contributing to market research on healthier options.

7. Home Tester Club

Home Tester Club Logo
  • Website: Hometesterclub.com
  • What You Can Get: Free food items, free tech, free household products

Home Tester Club is a home testing and sample “club” available to Canadians and US residents alike. After you sign up, you can opt into various product trials ranging from groceries to tech gadgets. Just select the products that pique your interest, and they’ll be sent your way for review.

After receiving the item(s), you’ll be asked to write a brief review of the products.

8. Free.ca

  • Website: Free.ca
  • What You Can Get:

Free.ca has an almost identical website to Save-a-Loonie and is another decent platform for those looking to find free samples and enroll in product testing opportunities.

To start, simply visit their website and browse through the latest offers. Click on those that fit your interests and follow the instructions to claim your freebies.

The nice thing about this platform is that you don’t have to worry about daily emails or spam. You’ll only be notified about the offers that you specifically sign up for.

Best Sites To Get Free Baby Samples In Canada

Having a child can be expensive. From pampers and formula to baby toys and education, the costs can add up fast. These are a few of my favourite brands that offer free baby samples and new baby packages. If you’re looking for even more free stuff, check out my post on the ultimate guide to find free baby samples in Canada.

9. Similac Club

Similac Club
  • Website: Similac.com
  • What You Can Get: Free formula, coupons for formula, rebate codes for formula

Similac is one of the most reputable, well-known brands of baby formula in North America. With the ongoing baby formula shortage in Canadian supermarkets, one of the best ways to find reliable deals on formula is to shop online.

When you sign up for the Similac Baby Club, you’ll have the chance to win up to $200 worth of free baby stuff from the retailer in the form of free samples, coupons, and rebate cheques. All of this can make buying formula for your baby a lot cheaper than it would have been.

Even after you use up your initial $200 worth of coupons and samples, you’ll still receive periodic free samples and coupons from Similac to help you save.

10. London Drugs

London Drugs
  • Website: Londondrugs.com
  • What You Can Get: Free nutritional samples, baby soap, baby wipes, and more

London Drugs offers a number of health-centred products for families and babies alike. When you sign up for its Baby Welcome Package, you’ll receive a free box of samples mailed to your doorstep. This package may include baby soap, wipes, pampers, tissues, and more.

You’ll also receive periodic coupons and rebate codes that you can use online and in London Drugs stores.

Best Sites For Free Perfume Samples And Beauty Products In Canada

The beauty industry is one of the most lucrative industries in the world, and makeup products can cost an arm and a leg. Before you order from your favourite influencer or visit your local beauty shop, though, consider applying for free makeup samples or perfume/cologne from one of the sites below.

This allows you to try new brands for free and find hidden gems you never knew existed.

11. ChickAdvisor

ChickAdvisor logo
  • Website: Chickadvisor.com
  • What You Can Get: Free makeup, free perfume, free beauty samples

Just sign up and complete your profile to score free makeup and beauty samples with ChickAdvisor. You’ll then be eligible to join its “Product Review Club,” where you’ll receive free samples in exchange for your honest feedback and reviews.

12. Influenster App

  • Website: Influenster.com
  • What You Can Get: Free beauty products in exchange for social media posts and reviews

Influenster is an app-based platform that offers free healthy, beauty, and makeup products in exchange for user reviews and social media posts.

Simply download the app, create your profile, and you’re in the loop for “VoxBoxes,” which are filled with free makeup and beauty samples. Participate in challenges and write reviews to increase your chances of receiving these boxes.

Other Ways To Get Find Samples And Get Free Stuff

To wrap up, here are some other great ways to find free samples and get free stuff.

  • Visit Your Local Shopping Mall: Kiosk vendors and restaurants always hand out free samples to lure new customers in.
  • Take Advantage Of Free Birthday Samples: From a free birthday dessert to free birthday meals, be sure to check out my list of the best free birthday stuff here.
  • Sign Up For Cashback Rewards Programs: Cashback rewards apps like Checkout 51 and Caddle allow you to earn cashback from everyday purchases.
  • Apply For Local Charity Programs: If you’re in financial need, you may be able to apply for local programs in your city that offer free food, school supplies, and more.

Taking Advantage Of Free Samples – Final Thoughts

Free samples aren’t always 100% free. Most of the platforms and websites I mentioned above require something small in exchange, such as enrolling in an email newsletter, writing reviews, or making a social media post mentioning the brand that you’re sampling.

That being said, the two minutes it takes to write a genuine review are often worth it for the value that you receive.

Looking for even more ways to save money? Check out my list of the top stores to check for price matching next! 

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