Does Depop Ship To Canada in 2024? Find Out How Here

Depop was recently purchased by Etsy in a $1.6 billion deal. The platform is one of the most popular online marketplaces for clothes in the UK and the US.

Users can buy from individual Depop sellers or buy Depop-branded clothing. But does Depop ship to Canada?

Although Depop is becoming more popular in Canada, Canadian users can’t get Depop-branded items shipped to their home. However, Canadian Depop users can get private items from Depop shipped to their home if the seller provides international shipping.

Below, I’ll explain more about how Depop works in Canada and show you a workaround that lets you ship Depop-branded items to Canada.

Does Depop Ship To Canada?

Although many know Depop as a communal online marketplace, Depop also sells its own branded products. Unfortunately, items sold by Depop are not eligible for shipping to Canada. Similar to brands like Brandy Melville, Depop isn’t logistically situated well enough to provide full service to Canada.

That being said, online shoppers can take matters into their own hands by using a package forwarding service located in the US or the UK to get orders shipped to Canada. Below, I’ll show you a step-by-step guide on how to find the right package forwarder to take advantage of this loophole.

Personal Depop Market Sales vs. Depop Brand Sales

While Canadian shoppers may not be able to shop for Depop-brand items, they can get personal market sales delivered to their Canadian address. As I mentioned, Depop isn’t your typical eCommerce store; it also allows users to buy and sell items similar to eBay or Amazon.

Canada has a growing number of Depop users, many of which are sellers on the platform. If you’re in Canada, then you should be able to purchase and ship items sold by Canadian sellers without any problems. Since you’ll be shipping the order within Canada, shipping costs should be fairly affordable as well.

The same applies to personal items sold by sellers in the US or the UK.

Providing that the seller offers international shipping (not all sellers do), then you can get whatever item you want shipped to Canada. If the seller does not offer international shipping, then you can also use the same “hack” below (using a package forwarder) as you’d use to purchase Depop-brand clothing.

Why Doesn’t Depop Ship To Canada?

Similar to other small brands like ASOS, Depop doesn’t ship internationally to Canada. The main reasons why are:

  • Depop doesn’t have a strong user base in Canada
  • International shipping to Canada can be a headache
  • Depop has distribution deals within the US and the UK

The App Has Little Presence In Canada

Although Depop has a decent user base in Canada, it’s nowhere near as large as it is in the UK and the US. Because of this, Depop hasn’t put effort into creating a Canadian line of clothing. If Depop continues to grow its user base in Canada, then this could change in the future.

International Shipping Fees Make It Difficult

Currently, Depop is based out of the UK and also has distribution centres in the US. Although international trade tariffs and duties have been significantly reduced thanks to the USMCA (United States-Mexico-Canada-Agreement) trade agreement, international shipping still isn’t ideal.

The main reason is that internationally-shipped items are subject to customs processing, which can significantly delay the package. This, in turn, can result in customer service complaints, refunds, and have other unwanted consequences for the business (in this case – Depop).

Depop Distribution Deals

Depop is partnered with large manufacturing companies to produce the majority of its clothing line. The problem is that many of those manufacturers also have partnerships with brands in other countries.

This means that Depop isn’t allowed to sell certain items in certain regions. Otherwise, it could face legal action. This is why Depop’s clothing selection in the US is different from the platform’s clothing selection in the UK.

Where Is Depop Based?

Depop was founded in the UK and began as a simple online eCommerce store operated by the clothing magazine PIG. As the app began to grow in popularity, the designers decided to expand the app’s community by introducing a selling feature that would allow users to list their own items for sale on the platform.

How To Get Depop Shipped To Canada: 6 Easy Steps

If there’s a certain item on Depop’s UK or US-based online stores that you want to get shipped to Canada, you’ll need to use a little-known loophole to get your Depop order delivered. Here’s how you can use a package forwarding service to shop Depop’s full selection in Canada.

Step 1: Choose A Package Forwarding Service That Ships To Canada

Package forwarders provide a type of middleman service for packages. Once you sign up for package forwarding, you’ll be able to use a local address provided by the forwarder to receive orders. Once the warehouse receives your package, you’ll be able to forward it to wherever you want in the world.

Depending on whether you’re trying to buy from the US or the UK, you’ll need to choose a package forwarder that ships from the country of origin to Canada.

If you’re unsure about which company to go with, check out my complete list of the best package forwarding companies that ship to Canada.

Step 2: Obtain Your Virtual Address From The Package Forwarder

Once you create your account with the package forwarding service, you’ll be given a virtual address that you can use while shopping online. This is very similar to renting a P.O. box. The only difference is that P.O. boxes can’t forward packages and can only be used to receive packages.

Step 3: Mask Your Location With A VPN Or Proxy Server

To access Depop’s online store in the US or the UK, you may need to use a proxy server or a VPN to mask your Canadian IP address and make it appear as if you’re shopping online from the US or UK.

I generally recommend ExpressVPN, as it’s simple, low-cost, and highly secure. It allows you to not only mask your IP address but also keeps your connection secure, so that your personal information can’t be intercepted by hackers online.

Step 4: Shop Online With The Depop App


With your VPN connected, it’s time to start shopping online! Start adding your chosen items to your cart. Just keep the native currency in mind, as Canadian dollars convert differently to US dollars and the British Pound.

Step 5: Ship Your Order To Your Virtual Address

When you’re ready to checkout, proceed as you normally would with any other online retailer. The only difference is that you’ll provide your package forwarding address instead of your personal mailing address. Choose your shipping option and wait for the package to arrive with the package forwarder.

Step 6: Forward Your Depop Order To Canada

Once the package arrives at the warehouse, your forwarder will notify you of its arrival and provide you with several options to get the order forwarded to your home in Canada. This can take anywhere from two weeks to two months, depending on the service you’re using and how much you’re willing to pay for shipping.

Conclusion – Should I Shop Depop In Canada

Does Depop Ship To Canada

If you’re shopping on Depop in Canada, I recommend that you only shop with local Canadian sellers to eliminate the need for international shipping.

While package forwarding services give you more freedom to shop internationally, these services aren’t cheap. Financially speaking, you’ll get a far better deal shopping with a local Canadian retailer.

Looking for more ways to save money as you shop? Check out my list of the best couponing apps in Canada next!

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