Swagbucks Canada Review 2022: Make Money From Your Couch

The dream of making easy money on the internet can sometimes lead you into trouble. However, it doesn’t happen if you are playing your cards right and investing your time in legitimate gigs.

It shows that there are scam-free ways to earn some online income, given that you are looking in the right direction.

Swagbucks is one of those online platforms where you can make money in fun ways by taking polls, filling out surveys, and even playing games.

Like any online reward program, Swagbucks has its downsides. But it is a legitimate venture where you can make money online, and I can vouch for its straightforward and rightful payment and reward system.  

Around 28% of Canadians make money through online platforms. 

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Swagbucks Canada Review 2021
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Online Rewards

Swagbucks is a fun way to make a little money online, but don’t count on getting rich with it.


  • Free to join and the sign-up comes with a bonus 
  • Offers a range of activities to earn money 
  • Works with nearly all the leading online retailers
  • An easy-to-reach minimum payout value 


  • It can’t be your primary source to make money
  • To make the most of cash backs, you have to spend a lot
  • Filling out lengthy surveys and watching long video is time-consuming

What is Swagbucks Canada?

Swagbucks is a free online reward platform that offers people tangible and cashable rewards in performing the simplest of tasks. For people looking to earn some extra cash, gift cards, or cash-backs without employing high-level skills, this online reward portal is one of the best bets on the block.

The reward points are called SB (Swagbucks’ acronym), and they are equivalent to various cash rewards and gifts. For instance, you can redeem 2,500 SBs as $25 via PayPal.

The legitimacy of Swagbucks is unquestioned. Its parent company Prodege LLC is a California-based online marketing entity that has been operating with five of its subsidiaries, including Swagbucks, for around 15 years.

Swagbucks is also quite transparent about its reward stats and figures. Since its launch in 2006, it has given out gifts and cash rewards worth over $400 million. As things stand today, the online reward website is sending out 7,000 gift cards on average.

How Do You Make Money with Swagbucks Canada?

How Do You Make Money with Swagbucks Canada?

So, the big question is how one makes money with Swagbucks? Unlike many other online reward programs, Swagbucks’ offers don’t revolve around a single activity. For instance, it is not just about filling out one survey after the other. The creators of Swagbucks have made sure that it doesn’t get monotonous for its members.

This variety and flexibility make Swagbucks a fun activity that ensures you can make money without getting bored. Let’s look at the ways you can make money and earn rewards with Swagbucks.

Fill Out Surveys

Fill Out Surveys

Although Swagbucks is not a survey-based reward platform, polls and surveys still make a big chunk of its cash and reward program. You can complete surveys that are on a range of general topics and the opinions you have formed over the years.

The SB rewards that are given on a survey filling generally depend on the time it takes to complete it. A lengthier survey means more SBs.

This is how surveys appear on Swagbucks. You can see that every listed survey also shows the corresponding reward points and completion time.

Watch Video Content

Watch Video Content

Yes, you can watch videos and earn SBs. From food vlogs to political podcasts and film trailers and reviews, video content on Swagbucks appears from across different niches. The reward-to-time ratio with this activity is not that good. Sometimes, you have to watch a 30 min video just for, say, 3 SBs.

Nonetheless, it is not a bad option for those who kill a lot of their leisure time watching random videos on YouTube and other social media platforms. There is also a hack to take on video tasks for rewards without getting bored and wasting time: play the video and leave it running and take care of other chores.

Online Shopping Via Swagbucks

Online Shopping Via Swagbucks

You do online shopping, right? Do it through Swagbucks and earn cash backs. Swagbucks is in partnership with many popular online retailers from where you are already buying things. So, it is not like you have to choose from a handful of unfamiliar names to purchase things. These cash backs start from 1% (1 SB on $1) and can go as high as 25% with some online retailers.

This is how the Shop and Earn section of Swagbucks looks like. You can find all the big retail names there. 

There are hundreds of online retailers that keep on appearing in this section with their cashback offers.

Play Games

Play Games

If playing flash games is your favourite pastime, give a try to games at Swagbucks. The games listed at Swagbucks may not have the best UI and gameplay, but they can earn you SBs and gift cards.

Swagbucks is currently offering running, jumping, and matchmaking games that require the least mental effort to play.

Make Swagbucks Your Search Engine

Make Swagbucks Your Search Engine

It is another effortless way to earn SBs. All you need to do is to use Swagbucks’ search bar to run your online queries. It might sound so simple. But for most of us, who are hooked to Google for running online searches, this won’t be easy. However, there is a way around it. You can install the Swagbucks browser extension, SwagButton, to make it your default search engine.

The other benefit of installing SwagButton is you get to find discount coupons, cash backs that may not be available otherwise. Also, you get 50 SBs upon the installation of the extension.

Deals from Partners

Deals from Partners

Swagbucks have partnered with several businesses from all different sectors. Many products or services that you are already using might be linked to any of Swagbucks’ trusted partner. Go through this section and search for vendors that you are already doing business with. By reaching out to a vendor through Swagbucks, you can earn a good amount of SBs. In fact, this category lets you earn the biggest chunk of SBs in one go.



Referrals are another great way to make money on Swagbucks. The online reward platform lets you share a customized shareable link with your friends and family. If a person becomes a Swagbucks member, you earn straight $5. Also, you get to earn 10% of their earnings for the lifetime. So, if one of your friends who has become a Swagbucks member through your referral is earning 10,000 SBs in a month, your account will automatically get credited with 1,000 SBs.

Swagbucks Canada Sign Up or Register

Signing up with Swagbucks is pretty straightforward. Go to the Swagbucks website and choose whether you want to sign up with your Facebook account or email address.

When you sign up, you will see this detailed agreement and terms of use page. Don’t rush and mark the check on Agree to all. Read the terms because it entails giving Swagbucks permission to store and share your personal data you are going to put on the platform.  


As soon as you agree with the terms and click Start Earning, Swagbucks immediately offers several of its reward programs.


To explore further reward and earning options, go to the home page.


And that’s it. In three simple steps, you become a member of Swagbucks with 2 SBs already deposited in your account (a sign-up gift).

Swagbucks Mobile Apps

Swagbucks is also available for cell phones. You can download its app Swagbucks Mobile for Android and Apple devices from respective stores.

Swagbucks Answer

This is another mobile app by Swagbucks designed with a streamlined survey section. If you want to focus on earning SBs only through surveys, you can download this app. Its flowing, easy-to-use interface and portable nature allow you to fill out surveys whenever and wherever you want.

Will Swagbucks Canada Really Pay Me?

For a new member, it is natural to question how Swagbucks is going to pay you what you have earned there. This is a genuine concern because many similar online reward platforms make the process of point redeeming so complex that many people just leave it halfway.

So, it is important to discuss how Swagbucks payments work.

SB: The Virtual Currency of Swagbucks

SB is the currency that works on Swagbucks. Deciding the value of SB is at its operators’ discretion. They have the right to change the value of SB at any point in time. Usually, 1 SB equals 1 US cent. However, it has a different corresponding currency value in some cases, particularly in cashback offers.

Gift Cards

Gift Cards

You can buy gift cards with your SBs directly on Swagbucks. From online ventures to restaurants and fashion outlets, Swagbucks offer gift cards for a host of retailers. Once approved, a gift card is sent to you via email that can take ten days max to end up in your inbox.

PayPal Cash

paypal logo

You can also redeem your SBs in hard cash via PayPal. The minimum payout amount is $25.

Visa Gift Card

You can also use your SB points to buy from the merchants that are not listed with Swagbucks via Visa Gift Card.

You can use your earned SBs to make direct donations. Swagbucks lets you donate to charities like Save the Children in its currency where every SB is worth one US cent.

All these various methods to use and redeem your SBs show that Swagbucks doesn’t shy away from paying its members.

You Should Use Swagbucks Canada If:

  • You spend a lot of your leisure time on the web
  • You want to earn some passive income without leaving your comfort zone
  • You are already doing a lot of online shopping where cashback offers can save you a significant amount of money
  • You want to see how the oversold and clichéd “make money online” works

Don’t Use Swagbucks Canada if:

  • You have a control issue while using the internet and can’t restrict yourself to limited use.
  • You think you may spend unnecessarily just to use cash backs
  • You are already doing a job that involves screen (desktop, laptop, cell phones, etc.) and you don’t want to exceed your screen time/exposure
  • You think you can make better use of your free time


Swagbucks is a legitimate platform to earn money and cashback from the comfort of your home. It is a great opportunity for earning discounts and cash backs worth 100-200 dollars every month. You can get rewards just by spending some of your spare time on the web.

If you’re interested in other ways to make money online, check out this list of work from home jobs.

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